Crescent explorer

Bonded tokens

28.61% of supply

154,191,300 CRE

Not bonded tokens

0.38% of supply

2,053,427 CRE

Unbonding tokens

0.15% of supply

817,666 CRE

Unbonding period

14 days

Time before tokens gains liquidity

Crescent staking dynamics

Crescent unbonding map

Crescent staking APR

APR 6.14%

Based on rewards distribution

Crescent staking APY

APY 6.33%

Based on daily compounding

Real staking reward

RSR -22.11%

Reward − Actual inflation (28.25%)

Reward share in inflation

RSI 6/100

Stakers get 6.22% of emission

Crescent APR chart

Crescent inflation


Actual inflation

Actual block time

5.44 seconds

5,793,529 blocks per year

Block emission


New coins per block, CRE

Annual provision


Yearly minting plan, CRE

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