Planq explorer

Bonded tokens

32.2% of supply

42,673,413 PLQ

Not bonded tokens

1.59% of supply

2,106,340 PLQ

Unbonding tokens

0.25% of supply

336,604 PLQ

Unbonding period

21 days

Time before tokens gains liquidity

Planq staking dynamics

Planq unbonding map

Planq staking APR

APR 49.03%

Based on rewards distribution

Planq staking APY

APY 63.23%

Based on daily compounding

Real staking reward

RSR 32.83%

Reward − Actual inflation (16.21%)

Reward share in inflation

RSI 97/100

Stakers get 97.41% of emission

Planq APR chart

Planq inflation coded


Range [7-20%], Δ100/yr

Actual block time

5.63 seconds

6,311,520 blocks per year

Block emission


New coins per block, PLQ

Annual provision


Yearly minting plan, PLQ

Planq inflation chart

Planq emission chart

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