CHEQ circulation


1,120,445,284 CHEQ

Total minted coins


922,761,446 CHEQ

Supply (1,120,445,284 CHEQ) Unwithdrawn Validators Commission (1,533,160 CHEQ) Unclaimed Staking Rewards (9,172,781 CHEQ) Locked Community Tokens (1,393,576 CHEQ) Locked Vesting Tokens (185,584,321 CHEQ)

Cheqd vesting tokens unlocks


712,904,216 CHEQ

Locked Vesting Tokens

185,584,321 CHEQ

16.56% of SUPPLY

Unlocked Vested Tokens

527,319,895 CHEQ

47.06% of SUPPLY

Unlocking of CHEQ tokens from vesting pool

Cheqd community tokens unlocks


4,109,166 CHEQ

Locked Community Tokens

1,393,576 CHEQ

0.12% of SUPPLY

Unlocked Community Tokens

2,715,590 CHEQ

0.24% of SUPPLY

Unlocking of CHEQ tokens from community pool

Community Pool Spend Proposal for Animo Solutions Status : PROPOSED Summary It is proposed that 433,900 CHEQ, representing €15,000 be spent from the cheqd Community Pool and sent to Animo Solutions for their successful demo with cheqd and continued support in Animo's future work with cheqd and cheqd resources. Description Animo Solutions have successfully demoed cheqd's integration with Aries Framework JavaScript to issue and verify AnonCreds using cheqd’s resource module. This was a groundbreaking piece of work which decouples the reliance of AnonCreds on Hyperledger Indy. This was done through making some design choices that would not be suitable for production environments. Therefore, there is still some work to do to fully integrate cheqd into Aries Framework JavaScript in a way which is suitable for production environments. As a reward for completing a lot of the heavy lifting, to help Animo continue and complete their work, and to incentivise other companies to come forward and innovate alongside cheqd, it is proposed that the cheqd community allocate a portion of the Community Pool to Animo Solutions, for their existing and continued efforts in supporting cheqd in Aries Framework JavaScript and other Software Development Kits (SDKs). Recipient cheqd1y0p067yqs8sktac487vcqgd40ghggt9qe2dl4n Amount CHEQ value: 433,900 Euro value: ~ €15,000 Consequences This section describes the resulting context, after applying the decision. All consequences should be listed here, not just the "positive" ones. A particular decision may have positive, negative, and neutral consequences, but all of them affect the community and project in the future. Positive Spending this sum from the Community Pool rewards innovation on cheqd and will hopefully incentivise other companies to accelerate their integration with cheqd into other SDKs, wallets and applications. Negative Being roughly half of the Community Pool, this is a large amount of tokens to donate for one organisation. Neutral The work has yet to be fully completed. However, this gesture of good will from the cheqd community will help ensure that the work is completed to a good standard, and the same underlying foundations can be reused in other work and SDKs.

This proposal request for the approval of Community Pool spending for the implementation of the onchain zkCreds revocation check project - allowing cheqd to be further integrated with the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond. Details of the proposal are found [here]( The approval of this proposal will mean that 281,690 CHEQ @ €0.0355 representing €10,000 be spent, as the first of 3 payments (please see proposal payment schedule).

The proposal is to spend 1,000,000 cheq from the Community Pool to establish a cheqd Community DAO. The mission of the cheqd Community DAO is to elevate the profile of the cheqd network and champion the principles of the Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) and Decentralised Identity (DeID) movement. The actions of the Community DAO are to act in good faith with the intent to promote positive discourse and to not bring cheqd and the cheqd team into disrepute. Details of the proposal can be found [here](

We propose a Community Pool spend of 1,000,000 $CHEQ (One Million) to support a mixed approach of direct liquidity provision (CHEQ - USDC/T pairs to Osmosis and Uniswap), and an incentive scheme to lure independent contributions to the target liquidity pool. [Read more about the proposal here](

Cheqd Proof of Stake unlocks


775,032,341 CHEQ

Bonded Tokens

750,543,581 CHEQ

66.99% of SUPPLY

Not Bonded Tokens

24,488,760 CHEQ

2.19% of SUPPLY


10,705,941 CHEQ

Unclaimed Staking Rewards

9,172,781 CHEQ

0.82% of SUPPLY

Unwithdrawn Validators Commission

1,533,160 CHEQ

0.14% of SUPPLY

Cheqd accounts statistics

Cheqd accounts structure

Cheqd accounts number

Cheqd accounts TPS

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