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Supply (25,812,376,255 DVPN) Unwithdrawn Validators Commission (130,914,469 DVPN) Unclaimed Staking Rewards (711,588,796 DVPN) Locked Community Tokens (49,108,623 DVPN) Locked Vesting Tokens (9,507,041,822 DVPN)

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9,507,041,822 DVPN

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49,108,623 DVPN

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Together with Joey, we are proposing the allocation of $2000 USD (5,864,586.69) $dVPN at the time of writing) from the Sentinel Community Fund to fund the development of V2Ray nodes deployed on the Akash Network. This project work will be carried out by @dimokus, a highly skilled and experienced developer on the Akash network. With this proposal, we aim to provide secure and scalable infrastructure for the deployment of decentralized VPN applications. By integrating v2Ray nodes, the network will offer an additional layer of privacy and security to users, making it an even more attractive proposition in an ever-growing and competitive market. This is evident in the Chinese market, the world's largest for VPNs; this proposal is a small part in the journey of attempting to capture some of that valuable market share. Payment to the developer will be made on delivery, ensuring that the funds are utilized efficiently and effectively. Additionally, all transactions related to the project will be published and open for audit, providing transparency and accountability to the Community. The wallet that will receive these funds will be managed by The BlueFrenDAO, which represents our first true test towards the community. Wallet address for funds: sent1up98v3pexk5l0l0vmn485rxdedkqae6pmrkh8k This funding is based on the following quotes : 50 hours of work at a rate of 30$ /hour. $1500 in total. We are requesting an additional $500 to account for fluctuations in the wider market. Once payment is settled, any surplus tokens will be sent back to the community fund. The work performed will include both the implementation itself and guides in Russian and English. With this implementation, users will be able to use the cloudmos deploy tool to select the dVPN template and deploy nodes with a few clicks of the mouse buttons on a decentralized platform. As chief fren of The BlueFrenDAO, I understand the importance of transparency and trust, and I am confident that this proposal will receive the support of the Community. I believe that this initiative will not only benefit the Sentinel Network but will also increase awareness of the BlueFrenDAO and its commitment to innovation and growth. Cough cough, and our upcoming NFT set to be released. Thank you for considering this proposal. We look forward to your support and to working together to reclaim Sentinel's rightful place among the Cosmos. Grandmaster Bepe & Joey By voting YES, you agree for the funding to be released and work to begin deploying V2Ray nodes through Akash. By voting NO, you disagree with the proposal. By voting ABSTAIN, you refrain from voting. By voting NO WITH VETO, you see this proposal as harmful or spam

We are respectfully requesting your support in making this proposal an emergency one. Given the rapidly changing dynamics of the current market and the growing interest in Sentinel, we believe it is crucial to act swiftly and decisively. The current 7-day discussion period and 14-day governance cycle may not be sufficient to stay ahead of emerging trends and community-led initiatives. Therefore, we propose launching this proposal on the chain after only 48 hours of discussion, in order to seize the moment and ensure our collective success. We are confident that with your support, we can make this proposal a reality and drive meaningful progress towards our shared goals. The BlueFrenDAO, led by @Grandmasterbepe and @joey19944 from Badgerbite, is proposing to list dVPN on the Kujuri platform. In order to achieve this goal, the BlueFrenDao team is requesting funding for the following items: 10,000 Kuji tokens to post a proposal for a dVPN listing vote. This would cost 8.125.000 dVPN, which will be returned to the community fund if the vote is successful. Server setup and maintenance costs for two full nodes for a period of one year. The estimated monthly cost of the server and monitoring is $100 which amounts to a total of $1200 or 1.250.000 dVPN. In total, the BlueFrenDao is requesting 10,000,000 DVPN to list dVPN on Kujira. The funds will be managed by BlueFrenDAO and will be paid into the wallet sent1d09kk5rrrf0vsf9jr3rsl3c7qmty2shd8elt2h. We feel it's the moment to levarage the incredible platform of Kujira and believe it will give more exposure and buy pressure to the sentinel dvpn token. Kujira is a decentralized platform that offers different kind of products including a permissionless orderbook. Commonwealth discussion : https://commonwealth.im/sentinel/discussion/9944-listing-dvpn-on-kujira-emergency-proposal

I propose the establishment of a growth dao to manage the community fund and take the lead on various campaigns including, but not limited to: Governance structure Community engagement from a community perspective Wite-label dvpn development Funding, Marketing and Partnerships Research and development Full proposal can be read [here](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XZXl5utodSm48gXwsi2PDlVocpiChFois_N1Q__mWlc). **Funding** I propose a funding allocation from the community treasury of 250 million $dvpn tokens, for the execution of these initiatives. The exact amount will be determined based on the needs and scale of our operations and will be subject to approval by the dao members. A multi-sig wallet has been created and will be maintained by dao members and advisors. multisig wallet: **sent1ug9ene2fkw749nutuzd858r6sqeljt6f6vya33** The signers are : seventh, joey badgerbite , trinity validator , bart chainvibes and sergey quokka stake **Dao communication channel:[https://t.Me/sentinelgrowthdao](https://t.Me/sentinelgrowthdao) vote yes if you support the creation of the Growth Dao and the contents of the proposal. vote no if you think that the Growth Dao should not be established and reject the contents of the proposal. vote abstain if you do not have a strong opinion on the subject. vote no with veto if you think this proposal is harming the network and the depositors should be slashed for submitting it. Thanks for reading the [proposal](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XZXl5utodSm48gXwsi2PDlVocpiChFois_N1Q__mWlc), seventh​

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842,503,265 DVPN

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711,588,796 DVPN

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Unwithdrawn Validators Commission

130,914,469 DVPN

0.51% of SUPPLY

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