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110,310,451,158 HUAHUA

Total minted coins


91,245,505,056 HUAHUA

Supply (110,310,451,158 HUAHUA) Unwithdrawn Validators Commission (261,754,936 HUAHUA) Unclaimed Staking Rewards (3,968,848,121 HUAHUA) Locked Community Tokens (10,634,343,045 HUAHUA) Locked Vesting Tokens (4,200,000,000 HUAHUA)

Chihuahua vesting tokens unlocks


11,583,333,364 HUAHUA

Locked Vesting Tokens

4,200,000,000 HUAHUA

3.81% of SUPPLY

Unlocked Vested Tokens

7,383,333,364 HUAHUA

6.69% of SUPPLY

Unlocking of HUAHUA tokens from vesting pool

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18,973,543,045 HUAHUA

Locked Community Tokens

10,634,343,045 HUAHUA

9.64% of SUPPLY

Unlocked Community Tokens

8,339,200,000 HUAHUA

7.56% of SUPPLY

Unlocking of HUAHUA tokens from community pool

To provide a healthy network environment, the majority of the current set of validators have informally agreed to set their commissions to a rate no lower than 5%. This proposal is to formalise this agreement with all network participants. By voting YES to this proposal, you agree that all validators should set their validator commission no lower than 5%. By voting NO to this proposal you agree that validators should set their commission to whatever rate they see fit. All current validators are operating under a gentlemans agreement and all new validators are expected to do the same, by setting their commission no lower than 5%. If the result of this proposal is YES, a software upgrade will be organised in due course. It is expected that all validators comply with the outcome of this proposal for the good of the network.

Establish a Community Support DAO for Chihuahua. -By voting YES, on this proposal, HUAHUA stakers voice their support in establishing a Community DAO. -By voting NO, on this proposal, HUAHUA stakers voice their dissent in support in establishing a Community DAO. Establish a Community Support DAO for Chihuahua. More information available here: Discussion on the proposal can be found here:

On January 31st 2022, Chihuahua validator Jabbey organized a giveaway event to incentivize and raise awareness of the importance of decentralizing delegations to validators. This event ends March 1st (which gives delegators with an address funded as of Feb. 1st Midnight UTC a month to complete the delegation requirements to qualify for the prize), and there is a prize pool address that can receive additional contributions. There is not just one winner for this prize; there could potentially be more than 2,000 addresses receiving a share of the prize pool. Please see the link below for the full details. This proposal will authorize a 5,000,000 $HUAHUA contribution from the community pool to the prize pool address. By contributing to this event, the Chihuahua Chain has a chance to use it's meme power as a way to raise awareness about how decentralizing validator power is essential to the health of every sovereign chain in the Cosmos ecosystem. _Link for details about the event:_ _Prize pool address:_

Stake.tx is requestion 4,200,000 HUAHUA from the Community Pool to integrate and develop HUAHUA CSVs on their website, supporting it through April 2023 (next tax season). /n /n Scope /n Adding CSVs to, involving: research, CSV implementation, integration and testing. /n /n Time /n HUAUA CSVs should be live on within one month from a start date. /n /n Procedure /n AFTER the integration is complete, the 4,200,000 HUAHUA will be sent to the following address: chihuahua18qpryc2jgwcx7xaw7j7ze6cfausvf4hmdvjg4t /n /n You can see the full discussion proposal on the associated commonwealth:

Goal Develop a virtual world on the Passage platform that gives $HUAHUA token holders and MetaHuahua Holders a place to come together, interact and further build the community (see the commonwealth discussion: Methodology Passage would like to engage in a long term collaboration with the $HUAHUA community that allows us to immediately begin development on a community owned Passage World, while also leaving us room to expand features and functionalities as the Passage Platform matures. Included in this process will be the listing of MetaHuahua NFTs on the Passage Marketplace and the integration of those NFTs into avatars (or Huavatars) within the world. Proposed Features for World Launch ● World Design - We will work with community delegates to create a custom world built from the ground up for the Chihuahua Community. This world could be photorealistic or heavily stylized, but either way will lean into the full power of Unreal Engine. ● Passage Integration - The designed world will then be converted by our team into a functioning Passage world. This means that the community will be able to play in the world on Desktop or Mobile devices through a browser without the need for any downloads. The world will be restricted to owners of MetaHuahua NFTs and $HUAHUA tokens. We will also be customizing the Passage UI to better fit the Chihuahuas brand/community aesthetic. ● Social Functionality - Players will be able to add friends via wallet addresses to self organize and play together while communicating via chat and with custom Chihuahua emotes. ● Avatar Customization - We will create chihuahua Huavatars for the community to use in conjunction with their MetaHuahuas. In addition to this, Huavatars will be customizable with a wide array of 3D accessory NFTs that will be purchasable within the world with $HUAHUA. ● Custom Development of 3D MetaHuahuas - We will offer community members the opportunity to have their MetaHuahua made into a 1 of 1 metaverse avatar for use in the Chihuahua Passage World, as well as other Passage worlds. This avatar will be connected to the original MetaHuahua NFT, meaning it can be considered in the value of future NFT sales. This service would be done on a first-come-first-serve basis. ● 3 Minigames - What is a world full of Chihuahuas without some games to play and compete in? The world will launch with 3 distinct, dog themed minigames that allow players to compete with one another. Think King of the Hill, but with pups running around marking territory. Additional Proposal Considerations ● NFT Minting - The Passage team will complete the minting process with the MetaHuahua team to bring the NFTs into the Passage Marketplace and make them available to the community. ● $PASG Private Sale - We will be bringing forward a second proposal in the very near future to provide the Chihuahua community with a Private Sale allocation of $PASG that will help fund player time and maximize accessibility to the world. ● Security Audit - The Passage team will engage with a Cybersecurity firm familiar with CosmWasm contracts to conduct a full audit of the tech stack used to build the Chihuahua Passage World. While this will utilize our standard tech, there are also a number of features being custom built, so we’ll want to verify the safety and security of all users with a full audit. Future Upgrades This scope of work has been built so that the Chihuahua Passage world can grow with future additions as we add more features to the platform and the Chihuahua community grows. Requested Funds The Passage team is seeking 272,000,000 $HUAHUA (approximately $785,000 USD at the time of writing) in order to fully execute this initial scope of work. Multisig Address: chihuahua1encclv5q4zg0xs6r5aent2j2r9mk5msyqw4ysj Liquidation Schedule While our team will need to liquidate funds in order to pay for development of the Chihuahua Passage World, we also want to be respectful of the $HUAHUA community and not actively damage the price by liquidating too much at once. Below is the liquidation schedule we would propose. Any funds not liquidated each month will be staked to support the network. See attached table: LINK Roadmap (assuming an April 1 Start Date) Q1 March ● $PASG Private Sale Completed (Pending upcoming proposal) Q2 April ● MetaHuahua NFT Mint/Sale May ● World Design ● Huavatar Creation ● MetaHuahua Custom 3D Avatar Waiting List opens & Designs begin June ● Custom Skinned UI ● Passage World Conversion ● Friend List Functionalities ● Avatar Customization NFTs completed Q3 July ● Security Audit Completed August ● Minigames completed ● Final Testing September ● Avatar Customization NFT minting ● World Launch

Allocate 100M total HUAHUA from the community pool to our community multisig address (chihuahua19eyp4rq08030xn4f43dmmw8v7prk7rjajej5rl) to be spent on bootstrapping/growing and expanding Chihuahua community engagement throughout the entire world for Q2 and Q3. -By voting YES, on this proposal, HUAHUA stakers voice their support to extend the Community DAO for 6 months. -By voting NO, on this proposal, HUAHUA stakers voice their dissent in support of extending Community DAO for 6 months. For more details:

StaFiHub has posted the liquid staking solution rHUAHUA for Chihuahua Community and it is actively discussed on the commonwealth thread: /n /n Now we propose to take further action on the 2.5Bn HUAHUA tokens liquidity support. The community should know that the 2.5Bn HUAHUA tokens will be held in a sole multi-sign address in control by the Chihuahua Foundation and StaFiHub. The Chihuahua Foundation has the right to withdraw the 2.5Bn tokens back to the community pool after the 6 months. /n /n The whole details and why we need rHUAHUA has been detailed on the commonwealth thread. Welcome the community to check it again. /n /n Provide 2.5Bn (2% of total based on 125Bn) HUAHUA Tokens to support the rHUAHUA initial liquidity: /n -By voting YES you agree to support rHUAHUA liquidity with 2.8Bn HUAHUA tokens. /n -By voting NO you disagree with this support. /n /n

Please disregard the previous proposal, the amount is missing Chihuahua community DAO has experienced some changes. Officially, the chihuahua community DAO is now 4 members. Currently, the team is made up of 2 co-leads, 1 junior lead, and 1 graphic designer and 1 accountant. We also recruited 2 new mods that belong to the Israel and Persian telegram, they are currently paid as well. We have a Turkish group as well. We’ve experienced a big change in $ value regarding Chihuahua DAO compensation. Currently the monthly amount that is being compensated to the team for their work is: Leads get 1.5M each = 3M Junior + designer get 1M each = 2M Regional comm mods get 1M each = 2M Turkish mod gets paid 600k HUAHUA Our accountant = 240k HUAHUA Which makes total of 7.84M HUAHUA / month. The last 3 months the whole payroll of the team has been in average close to 300 USD worth of HUAHUA. The amount of money we get compensated has been severely lowered. Also the last proposal was an extension for up to six months and we realized that was a mistake due to volatility. Conditions in the market change quickly and due to this, we would like to make a change regarding the funding period. We would like to change the DAO funding request period from 6 months back to 3 months. The two leads will get $1.5K worth of HUAHUA tokens monthly = $3K worth of HUAHUA tokens monthly in total. Junior international managers/designer will get $1k worth of HUAHUA tokens monthly= $2K worth of HUAHUA tokens monthly in total. Accounting manager will be paid 1k$ in HUAHUA tokens monthly. Regional mods will get $500 worth of HUAHUA tokens each monthly = $1.5k$ worth of HUAHUA tokens monthly in total. These payments will be split in half and paid out on the 15th and 30th. So, 3k+3k+1.5k= $7.5K worth of HUAHUA tokens each month (final value adding all the parts). We have accomplished a lot for Chihuahua and continue to push the bar. We have been here for you and will continue keeping our promise, so we would appreciate the community considers this updated proposal. Some of the current stats achieved are: * Multiple different telegrams with multiple languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Italian, Persian, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese). * Over 1200 followers on Reddit. * 3,000 followers in the ChihuahuaDAO Twitter account and even in bear market we are increasing the community. * Multiple social media campaigns achieved. We are moderating all platforms and constantly staying up to date with education and information. We have been trying to support the community as much as our abilities let us. Also we’re currently looking at different ways to connect with the community. Despite market conditions, we stay committed and passionate about the chihuahua community. We consider this isn’t a greedy proposal but a request we would highly appreciate the community understand will help us not only in the personal way but to incentivize more activities related to huahua. The team is also human and wants to be able to do their job without having to worry about volatility. We already have ~92M HUAHUA in the our DAO multisig wallet. The wallet details can be found as under: We want to request additional 108M HUAHUA tokens to be sent to this multisig address: chihuahua19eyp4rq08030xn4f43dmmw8v7prk7rjajej5rl The reason why we are requesting more tokens than currently needed is due to having leeway incase HUAHUA price drops severely so that we can cover all the compensations in proposed dollar worth of amounts. These tokens will be sent to a DAO DAO multi-sig on JUNO network for better manageability. We will share the DAODAO multisig wallet details in coming days. This will be used to cover expenses. Over the burn period, we expect prices to go higher because of the burn, so we decided that whatever amount isn’t used will be returned to the community pool. In the event we run short of tokens in these 3 months due to a drastic HUAHUA price drop, then a seperate proposal will follow for the remaining amount to complete the 3 months period of compensation.

# Chihuahua CommunityDAO Extension proposal Hey community, This Proposal requests **650M $HUAHUA** from the community pool to continue operations for the next **4 months**. Recently the DAO requested **200 million $HUAHUA** to pay for the team of the Chihuahua Community DAO. It's been two months and we are already running out of funding to pay wages for the Chihuahua DAO. The reason, we are running out of funds is downward $HUAHUA price movement. We recently have migrated our DAO funding operations on DAO DAO for the most transparency and efficiency. You can check the multisig via this link of what's been going on and how much $HUAHUA has been paid in $ value. [Chihuahua DAO Multisig]( Now before we requested more funding; Due to the bear market and volatility of chihuahua, everyone was paid a couple dollars for their service on the DAO. We ran into a lot of issues with the pay; where the team was just uninspired. When we decided to make some revision's to the original prop; we also made some changes to the DAO. One Co-lead was replaced and a few junior admins were terminated. We originally felt the volatility of $HUAHUA would be an issue and we were right. There has been some strategizing in the payments going forward to prevent sell pressure. We've decided to make some pay cuts due to over whelming payments in $HUAHUA. We are planning to make changes where ever we see fit. We have decided to request four months in advance; Currently we have not finished the first 3 months, we have only finished two monthly payments and would like to request for the next 3 months on top of our 1 month that is missing payment. Currently, for the next 4 months at current wages; we are looking at more or less 320 million $HUAHUA to be paid out to all mods and admins. We have decided to request the amount of 650M $HUAHUA to make up for the volatility we may face in these times ahead. Now, we pay according to the dollar amount, so if the value of chihuahua goes up in the next 3 months; we will be leftover with a surplus. This surplus will be given back to the community pool no matter what. These are the list members in the DAO that are paid. Co-leads $1500 * Karan $1500 a month * Nick $1500 a month Junior Leads * Callisto $600 a month All regional mods * Turkey mods(utku&hammer)125x125- $250 a month * Persian mod “Nice boy” $250 a month * Israel mod “King” $250 a month Accountant * Mike barb, $750 a month. In our current term, we had nullnames and coldchain with because they are the tech team and helped us a lot with the DAODAO technical issues + multisig integration / txs. Mike barb is our accountant and he takes care of all the payments and monitors our multi sig. ## Accomplishments: In the current term so far, we have successfully organized AMA's with external teams such as StafiHub, done some Business and Development work, and we have continuously provided community management on discord, reddit and telegram along with spreading chihuahua chain awareness in our ecosystem using twitter and medium. The team also provided infographics, userguides for newbies and tutorials through the use of medium and twitter to provide informative content to those new and wanting to explore the chain. The following links are those accomplishments mentioned above: * [AMA with StafiHub]( * Medium Updates - 2 informative and 2 guide articles were added: * [Chihuahua AutoCompunding]( * [A Guide to Chihuahua Chains Liquid Staking]( * [Chihuahua Chain Burning Recap]( * [Transcript Telegram AMA with Chihuahua DAO and Stafi Hub]( * Reddit, Telegram and Discord stats * Reddit: ~1300 Members * Telegram: ~3500 Members * Discord: ~2500 Members * Successful regional telegram groups having almost ~1000 members * [Israel chat]( * [Persian chat]( * [Turkey]( members) We believe, Chihuahua chain has come a long way from becoming USELESS MEME coin to 'a coin with USECASES' as we have helped in giving usecases to our beloved project for eg: rHUAHUA - StaFi liquid staking. More usecase are actively being developed and evaluated. We will continue to strive on adding more amazing usecases in future. After 4 months, of the 650M HUAHUA, we will only use approx. HALF of the funds IF we can manage to hover around these prices; Our intentions is to make sure that we can strategically improve chihuahua through the community DAO. We are also going to make some changes again in the future, if we think they seem fit. We appreciate your guy's support and will do the best we can to preserve the value of HUAHUA. Voting **YES** to this proposal means **you agree with sending 650M $HUAHUA to the CommunityDAO Multisig** (chihuahua19eyp4rq08030xn4f43dmmw8v7prk7rjajej5rl) Voting **NO** to this proposal means you **DO NOT agree with sending 650M $HUAHUA to CommunityDAO Multisig** (chihuahua19eyp4rq08030xn4f43dmmw8v7prk7rjajej5rl)

The Commonwealth discussion can be accessed [here]( # Motivation The most popular and essential applications on L1 blockchains are decentralized exchanges (DEXes) and non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces. These are highly likely to attract new liquidity and increase the number of users on a blockchain and generate the most transactions. They are also essential for users to trade their assets. # Chihuahua's native NFT marketplace As of February 3rd, 2023, Chihuahua Chain already have a DEX (White Whale) where you can trade different assets. Therefore, we believe the next essential application Chihuahua needs to have is a native NFT marketplace. Why is an NFT marketplace a good thing for a L1 blockchain? Just think about what OpenSea is for Ethereum. If we translate this to Chihuahua Chain, $HUAHUA could potentially become the hub of all memes and dogs NFT collections. It can also be the hub of any NFT collections. How does an NFT marketplace creates value for a blockchain? - An NFT marketplace attracts new users and increases liquidity. - Non-fungible tokens have demonstrated to be a crucial element in the formation and strengthening of communities within an ecosystem. Strong communities contribute to a sense of belonging and engagement with projects and blockchains. Furthermore, an NFT marketplace is necessary if we wish to enable artists and projects to launch NFTs on the Chihuahua Chain. Currently, there are several NFT collections related to the [Chihuahua Chain](, but these are not on the $HUAHUA blockchain. By using ICS721 and CW721 compatible contracts, these NFTs could be transferred onto the $HUAHUA blockchain and have direct use cases. Although ICS721 is not yet available, it is expected to be in the near future. In conclusion, a native NFT marketplace on the $HUAHUA blockchain would have multiple positive impacts on the ecosystem. # Racoon Supply (proposer): Who are we? Racoon Supply was launched in January 2022 and has since established a gaming platform on Juno Network and Chihuahua Chain. The platform has been utilized by over 2,700 unique players, with more than 2.5 million USDC played and over 9 million games played on the Racoon.Bet platform. The platform is owned by the $SCRT Racoon NFTs and overseen by a front-end and back-end developer. Racoon Supply also has a CW20 token, 90% owned by its community. In December 2022, Racoon Supply launched "Dog Sanctuary," a play-to-earn game on the Chihuahua Chain. The team also assisted with the $HINU rekt drop by designing smart contracts and a decentralized application for users to claim their NFTs, which can be accessed here: [Mad Huahua]( For more information about Racoon Supply, please refer to the following. - - - - # Our proposition We believe that a native NFT marketplace on the $HUAHUA blockchain would attract new users and liquidity and help forming new communities within the ecosystem. To promote growth in the NFT scene on $HUAHUA, a diverse range of artists and projects is essential, and a dedicated NFT marketplace is necessary to establish and sustain a thriving NFT community. As Racoon Supply is not funded by external sources, we are requesting financial support from the Chihuahua Community Pool to develop an open-source, permissionless NFT marketplace. The marketplace will be accessible for projects to list their collections and for users to purchase and sell NFTs using any Cosmos-native coins with active IBC channels connected to $HUAHUA. # Details of our proposal Given that the Chihuahua Chain is still relatively young and has a small user base, we believe that introducing a basic non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace with essential features would be an effective way to establish an NFT presence on the $HUAHUA blockchain. As the user base grows and demands for new features arise, we can progressively enhance the platform and make adjustments as necessary. ### What the NFT marketplace would look like and how it would be implemented: - **Visual**: - A search feature for collections - A profile page for each user - A section for featured and trending NFTs, as well as new listings - A coming up section, showcasing what's soon to be released on the marketplace - **Unique page for each NFT collection**: - A project description, social media links, and additional information - Information such as total volume, floor price, and number of owners - A search function for NFTs within the collection, with the ability to filter by price and recently sold/listed - **Unique page for each NFTs**: - It will display all of the NFT's information and include buttons for transferring, selling, and buying - **How would it work**: - New collections will need to submit a pull request to have their information added to the frontend - Users will be able to buy and sell NFTs using several native assets that have active IBC channels from and to $HUAHUA. This will bring new assets to the $HUAHUA blockchain. - The marketplace will be permissionless with open-sourced smart contracts # Funding from the community pool In order to build the above NFT marketplace, we are requesting 650M from the Chihuahua Community Pool. This is approximately 65,000 USD as of January 28, 2023. These funds would be used over multiple milestones: ### Milestone #0 - Preparation and planning: (1-2 weeks) - 100M $HUAHUA up-front to start the project and pay the developers - Release of an official plan with deliverables and a roadmap for the community - Sketches of the dApp/UI and how the NFT marketplace smart contract will work ### Milestone #1 - Alpha version of the platform: (4-6 weeks) - 200M $HUAHUA - Local and testnet development - An alpha version of the NFT marketplace smart contract - An alpha version of the dApp/UI - Gathering feedback from the community and users regarding the alpha version - Smart contracts unit and integration testing ### Milestone #2 - Beta version of the platform: (4-6 weeks) - 100M $HUAHUA - A beta version of the smart contract and dApp/UI - Users will be able to try and test the dApp and smart contract to provide feedback - Simulation testing to test the scalability of the frontend and smart contracts ### Milestone #3 - Beta version 2 of the platform: (4-6 weeks) - 100M $HUAHUA - The final version of the smart contract and dApp will be released on the testnet and mainnet - Release of test contracts on the mainnet for users to try and test the dApp and smart contract - Gathering feedback and comments to deliver exactly what users want - Final round of testing on the mainnet and finalizing simulation testing in a real environment ### Milestone #4 - Release: (1-2 weeks) - 100M $HUAHUA - The official release - Gathering comments from users to make potential final updates/improvements ### Milestone #5 - Ongoing maintenance and small improvements: - 50M $HUAHUA - Ongoing maintenance and improvements # Distribution of marketplace revenues We believe that being funded by a community pool requires the beneficiary to implement a mechanism for returning money to the community pool. This makes the pool more sustainable and can be used by others. The revenues for the NFT marketplace are: - 4.20% of all sales - A listing fee of 6.9 $HUAHUA Below is how we propose to return the revenues to the community pool: - Until 420,690,000.00 $HUAHUA is returned to the community pool: - 75% of revenues will be sent to the community pool. - 24% will be burned. If the revenues are in another native denomination, a buy-back of $HUAHUA will be executed to burn the $HUAHUA. - 1% used for a recurring lottery among all wallets that have spent a given amount on the marketplace. For example, each wallet that has 100k $HUAHUA (value is taken as an example) volume on the NFT marketplace for a given amount of time gets a free lottery ticket. - After the 420,690,000.00 $HUAHUA has been sent back to the community pool: - 50% will be used for maintenance and future developments of the platform - 25% will be sent to the community pool - 17.1% will be sent to Racoon Supply DAOs - 6.9% will be burned. If the revenues are in another native denomination, a buy-back of $HUAHUA will be executed to burn the $HUAHUA. - 1% for the recurring lottery (as explained above) # Conclusion In conclusion, we hope our proposal makes sense for everyone and that you understand the value an NFT marketplace brings to the Chihuahua Chain and the $HUAHUA communities. We welcome any feedback and comments to improve our proposal and align it with what the $HUAHUA community thinks would generate the most value.

**Summary** This proposal seeks the Chihuahua Chain community's support for joining the White Whale SAIL Program, ensuring continuous and extended backing from the RIDE group. We can accelerate Chihuahua Chain's growth and expand its ecosystem by injecting four billion HUAHUA tokens from the community pool into the RIDE group's applications. The community will keep custody of these funds at all times. **What is the RIDE Program?** The White Whale RIDE Program is an initiative to enable protocols to operate on multiple chains within the Interchain, thus minimizing the risks and limitations associated with operating on a single blockchain. Projects that join the RIDE Program can launch in new markets, gain access to extensive communities, tap into liquidity, leverage knowledge and expertise from a veteran team, and enjoy vertical integrations and cross-chain capabilities. You can find more information about the RIDE Program here: **What is the SAIL Program?** Building upon the RIDE Program, the SAIL Program aims to assist blockchain ecosystems in achieving rapid growth. It provides ecosystems with access to vital applications, communities, and liquidity. Participants gain priority access to RIDE participants' products, swift deployments of an entire product suite, community expansion, enhanced on-chain liquidity, streamlined token listing, and continued cross-chain support. You can find more information about the SAIL Program here: **Past Achievements** White Whale has remained the leading exchange and flash loan provider on the Chihuahua Chain for almost a full year. Eris Protocol and Backbone Labs introduced two liquid staking tokens, ampHuahua, and boneHuahua. Additionally, Raccoon has established games and an NFT marketplace, further enriching the ecosystem. Together, the RIDE group makes up most of the ecosystem on the chain. **Why Join the SAIL Program?** Joining the SAIL Program will bring continuous innovation and support from the RIDE group to the Chihuahua Chain. If the proposal passes, the Chihuahua community will inject four billion HUAHUA into the applications of the RIDE Group, bolstering liquidity and facilitating the development of innovative products and applications. Specifically, the community will send the tokens to a 3/6 multi-sig (chihuahua10guxn5tnsnjwrky0wc7uj3c33g6l76g83dgug4) consisting of the following key members of the Chihuahua ecosystem: Zdeadex (Chihuahua) Woof (Chihuahua) Chi (Chihuahua) JG (Backbone Labs) Philip (Eris Protocol) Moltres (Racoon) This consortium of individuals has a long track record of supporting the Chihuahua Chain and will always safeguard the community's funds. Once the funds have arrived, the consortium will liquid stake two billion tokens: one billion via the Eris Protocol, receiving ampHuahua, and one billion via Backbone Labs, receiving boneHuahua. In a final step, the consortium will pool the liquid-staked tokens with the remaining two billion tokens from the proposal on the White Whale protocol. With this approach, the community will always keep custody of the funds. The team guarantees that the funds will not be sold on the market. If the community is unhappy with the performance of the RIDE group, it can withdraw from the SAIL program via a governance vote at any time and redeem the utilized tokens. The SAIL Program's broader vision includes supporting HUAHUA within the Chihuahua Chain and across chains. This support can involve listing HUAHUA as collateral for lending and borrowing platforms, thereby integrating Chihuahua Chain into a larger, interconnected blockchain ecosystem. From the perspective of the RIDE group, this proposal increases the TVL of Backbone Labs, Eris Protocol, and White Whale. Higher TVL usually leads to more volume and, consequently, fees generated for the protocols and the Chihuahua Chain. **Call to Action** Integrating Chihuahua Chain into the SAIL Program represents an opportunity for unbridled growth and innovation. By committing to this program, Chihuahua Chain can tap into a vast reservoir of applications, community support, and expertise that can steer the project into new realms of success. We appeal to the Chihuahua Chain community to vote in favor of this proposal, laying the foundation for a vibrant, innovative, and interconnected future for Chihuahua Chain within the blockchain space.

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