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# Summary Nebular Summit is an event happening in Paris during EthCC Week were Interchain developers, researchers and key stakeholders discuss cutting edge research and issues surrounding interoperability, governance and scalability, as well as the future of the Cosmos ecosystem. This full-day event will feature talks and panels from some of the most respected developers and entrepreneurs of the Interchain and Cosmos ecosystem, including up-and-coming projects from France. The day will close with a roof-top cocktail at the event venue. - Date: Friday July 22nd from 9 am to 7 pm CET in Paris - Participants: ~200 - Speakers: ~40 - Tickets: €35 to €50 - Format: talks and panels - Website: nebular.paris (coming soon) - Presented by: [The Interop Podcast](https://theinterop.show) # Why Evmos Community Pool should fund this proposal Nebular Summit is taking place during EthCC week, the largest gathering of crypto developers in Europe. While thousands of developers, entrepreneurs and investors will be in Paris for the Ethereum Community Conference, Nebular Summit will being together some of the most respected members of the Interchain and Ethereum community. The recent Evmos launch was hailed by the Cosmos and Ethereum communities alike. As the main sponsor of a significant Cosmos conference during EthCC week, Evmos has a a unique opportunity to reach Ethereum developers and attract new projects to the ecosystem. Full details (venue, agenda, organizers): https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/4950-grant-for-nebular-summit-during-paris-ethcc-week-in-july

proposal: https://gateway.pinata.cloud/ipfs/QmfZknL4KRHvJ6XUDwtyRKANVs44FFmjGuM8YbArqqfWwF discussion: https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/4915-evmos-grant-flux-oracle-solution

Full proposal (on IPFS): https://gateway.pinata.cloud/ipfs/Qmf7wwUCzPfBZLcmkv4UkbfVU4xA5SkyjvCxVcpc3jtq5z Prior commonwealth discussion (draft version): https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/4926-1m-evmos-developer-incentive-program-proposal-from-web3scholarship-program Proposal: * Web3Scholarship program, the Web3 funding & incuabtion vehicle, which is funded by Huobi Incubator and with members including Dorahacks, Dao Maker etc., is proposing a $1m hackathon like developer incentive program on Evmos * Web3Scholarhip program is chain agnostic and supporting ecosystem building including Avalanche, Dfinity etc. Web3Scholarship initiate collaborations driven by research, Evmos Included. We’re bullish on Evmos * The goal for the hackathon event is to support ecosystem building after launch at a critical market condition. Incentives include $500k grants, over $500k investment, at least $10m liquidity, express IDO/IEO listing and incubation/advisory support to winning teams deployed on Evmos * It is proposed to have a 50-50 split of grants between Evmos community & Web3scholarship and sponsors, where $250k worth of Evmos tokens are asked for as grants to winning teams. Venture funding and liquidity come from Web3scholarship. * What we ask from Evmos community: 125,000 Evmos tokens (assuming Evmos price of $2USD according to roughly last 14 day average price). The principle is to provide $250k worth of Evmos tokens, therefore the actual number of tokens distributed may depend on future price performance close to (average 30 day Evmos token price prior) initial prize distribution i.e. the winning team announcement date . If > $2, no more tokens are needed and remaining undistributed tokens stay at Evmos community. If less, then vice versa applies(open to revision). * Prize tracks: Grand prize(80k), Defi/Infra/ Web3/Metaverse Track prize (100k*4), EVM Migration prize (20k) Reasoning and Potential Impact: * After Evmos mainnet is live and network is stable, it creates good window for ecosystem building whereas currently there is only Evmos limited grant available for devs. * The goal is to incentivize growth of key pillars of DeFi, NFT and Infrastructure of Evmos ecosystem at early stage, and teams of high aptitude will see a tangible leap in terms of performance and adoption via incentives and incubation. * Web3Scholarship is diverse & strong to provide attractive incentives and valuable incubation. The event is likely to get momentum for the ecosystem and ahchieve network effect. Deliverables and Timeline: The whole event will firstly take 1 month planning starting from now and 1 and half months for the actual event. Event period is planned to be from July 7 to August 22. During which, Evmos specific developer support such as AMA and tutorials will be offered. Success Factors: * Goals: It is expected to have over 1,000 developers signed in, over 60 submissions and produce 3-5 investable projects and 1-2 flagships. * Avoid rug: strict scrutiny; code review; criteria; penalty clause * Quality projects: selective criteria; dev turnout: referrals * Dev turnout: galvanizing 10+ communities including Devpost, Dorahacks * Community engagement: will utilize hack platform to involve community vote in the selection of winning teams. Protection clause: Penalty and protection clause to be made so event host & sponsor are entitled to reject or make conditional fund provision. Distribution transparency: To ensure a proper and synchronized grant distribution from both Evmos and Web3Scholarship, gnosis safe will be established and used for offering grants. At last, features industry wide collaboration & contribution, we hope to spur growth at this critical point of time by this event. Thanks for your time to read this proposal and we apppreciate your support.

View the discussion and full proposal here: https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/5320-grant-request-to-sponsor-evmos-public-rpc-by-pocket-network This proposal is seeking funding to sponsor daaps of the EVMOS community with Pocket Network RPC usage. Developers will be able to mint secure endpoints via https://www.portal.pokt.network/ and benefit from our dev rel support, and endpoint security features. Additionally, we will provide a public-exposed endpoint. ( There is one we are already contributing to at https://evmos-json-rpc.stakely.io/ ). Pocket Network is a decentralized RPC service that enables a permissionless network of independent node operators to be incentivized for running full nodes for blockchains supported by the network. Daaps pay for RPC throughput by staking POKT token, and node operators are compensated in POKT token based on RPC requests served. The beauty of this model is a positive feedback loop that is created: as the usage of the RPC increases, the incentive payout for node runners also increases, thus incentivizing more full nodes to spin up and strengthening the overall RPC service. This model reduces central points of failure within the RPC layer, while increasing geographic distribution, redundancy, and censorship resistance. We currently support over 20 blockchain networks including many popular EVM protocols. We have recently added support for Evmos EVM mainnet. For real-time network data visit: https://www.poktscan.com/ By sponsoring daap’s usage of Pocket RPC within the EVMOS community we are contributing to decentralization, increased resiliency, and censorship resistance of the network.

Summary: This proposal is to fund Evmos external incentives on Osmosis. It requests 600,000 Evmos from the community pool for EVMOS/OSMO Pool 722. The rewards would be distributed over the course of 90 days for 14 day bonding time only. This would amount to 5555.56 per day in external rewards. The funds will be managed by a multisig wallet at the address below, and includes the following members: Address: 0xbAFE2Ae09c621462032BbC7FC997aA89c9780639 evmos1htlz4cyuvg2xyqeth3lun9a238yhsp3emvs8ud - bennylava - Evmos Community Manager/Evmos Governance Workstream - Tricky - Cosmos Spaces / Evmos Governance Workstream - LPX - Evmos Governance Workstream - JohnnyWyles - Osmosis Labs Weighted 3/4 Goals External incentives in Osmosis, [pool 722](https://app.osmosis.zone/pool/722) would help deepen Evmos liquidity on Osmosis resulting in lower slippage and stronger TVL. It would also support new user adoption by making the Evmos pool a desirable location to earn yield for Osmosis community members who have not interacted with Evmos yet. Externally rewarded pools in Osmosis boosts OSMO incentives as well. Based on the current high swap returns, Osmosis would be matching these external incentives 1:1 with OSMO rewards See Osmosis [proposal 264](https://www.mintscan.io/osmosis/proposals/264). Lastly, the external incentives will be issued daily in the form of the Evmos token to those bonded in the liquidity pool. This new liquidity will allow Osmosis users to explore the Evmos ecosystem by checking out Evmos EVM applications or help secure the network via staking. You can find the community discussion [here](https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/6040-ideation-osmosis-external-incentives)

**Who We Are:** I'm Hsin-Ju, founder & CEO of Dystopia Labs (http://dystopialabs.com). We host ETH events all around the world, including the upcoming ETH Seattle, ETH Seoul, and DeFi Bogota. Since our inception in 2019, we've hosted 449+ workshops and 15 summits with reach in 18+ countries. With over 28,000+ registrants for our events, we've built strong crypto hubs in SF, LA, Austin, Portland, and brought in 345+ speakers from ETH Foundation, 0x, Curve, Aave, Osmosis, Sommelier, & more. TLDR; we have a strong developer community. **Why Our Proposal Matters:** Since Evmos is an EVM compatible chain, there's a huge opportunity for us to collaborate together to bring new developers and projects into the Evmos ecosystem. - Dystopia Labs would like to invite Evmos to speak at our upcoming two events: Hacksummit SF (a 2 day summit right before Stanford Blockchain Conference) and DeFi Bogota (a 1 day summit right before Devcon). - We are looking to ask the Evmos team for $15k support per event, totaling to $30k. This will help cover venue costs, AV support, furniture, and food. - We expect 300-350 ppl per event. And like always, our events are 100% free to attendees so we'd love to have the Evmos community get involved and attend. - To us, a successful event would be oversubscribed, have fantastic speakers, and help bring more awareness and interest in the Evmos ecosystem. - In the past, we've had speakers like: Vitalik Buterin, Austin Griffith, the Flashbot's team, Stani Kulechov, the CEO of Aave, the SEC Commissioner, and more. TLDR; you will be in good company at our events. - Other sponsors include: UMA, 1inch Exchange, Figment, Rarible, and more. **We're Part Of The Ecosystem:** Our goal is to build a long-term relationship w/ the Evmos team / ecosystem and be a consistent contributor through events. -------------- Notes added by governance: - At the time of writing, Evmos is around $2.15. $30K is roughly 13,954 EVMOS when rounded up. - Proposal has gone through the recommended guidelines. [Commonwealth Thread](https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/5476-grant-request-evmos-developer-acquisition-w-dystopia-labs) - IPFS: [Dystopia Labs Proposal](https://bafybeihz3ea3uir3fgjos3su5igxs5fz423qcqh7wxkibe7zhyp5e5a4km.ipfs.dweb.link/dystopia-labs.html)

This is a long, detailed proposal with markdown tables which may not render properly - **additionally, the proposal exceeded the max length, so a large portion has been excluded.** Please view the proposal on your browser if you wish to view it in its entirety, [on IPFS.](https://bafybeigcppwlvbrm6dwfaphflizaebvbpbkdkwqndlhublgdaq6xiry7py.ipfs.dweb.link/Evmos%20Sponsorship%20of%20HackAtom%202022%20Seoul%20and%20Participation%20in%20Korea%20Blockchain%20Week.html) The original Commonwealth thread can also be viewed [here.](https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/6083-prevote-draft-evmos-sponsorship-of-hackatom-2022-seoul-and-participation-in-korea-blockchain-week) # **Summary** This proposal will provide the funding necessary needed for the sponsorship of the upcoming HackAtom 2022 event in Seoul which will be held July 29th to 31th, followed by the participation in ETH Seoul and Korea Blockchain Week which ends on 14th of August. The HackAtom hackathon will also kick off the first of many events planned for [discoverEVMOS](https://evmos.builders), a developer onboarding and network growth initiative. --- # **Abstract** HackAtom is the largest and most recognized hackathon in the Cosmos ecosystem, organized by the Interchain Foundation with its history dating [back to 2017](https://blog.cosmos.network/announcing-the-cosmos-hackatom-winners-9fc083098da). A lot has happened since 2017 -- even as the world was momentarily flipped upside down, the Cosmos ecosystem continued to build, and #IBCgang as a whole has achieved countless milestones that the early builders have dreamed of. Evmos is incredibly special in that it has the best of both worlds - EVM and Cosmos. In fact, Evmos exists today because of [Cosmos Hub Proposal #44](https://forum.cosmos.network/t/proposal-44-accepted-advancing-ethermint-gtm-and-engineering-plan-for-the-ethermint-chain/4554) --- ## **The Event** **Announcing Cosmos’s HackATOM Seoul** HackAtom Seoul, Organized by Interchain in collaboration with the talented KryptoSeoul team, will be our first in-person Hackathon since 2019 and the first Cosmos-branded event in the Asian continent since the pandemic began. The full announcement [can be read here](https://blog.cosmos.network/announcing-cosmoss-hackatom-seoul-b6858b9beac7). **Participating IBC Frens:** * Cosmos Hub, Interchain Foundation, Cosmostation, Osmosis, Crescent, Juno, plus more (check announcement). **Date**: July 29-31 **Location**: Hanwha Dreamplus, Seoul --- ## **Community Funding Request** The requested amount as it stands is $168K, with the bulk of it going towards hackathon prizes and developer outreach. $50K allocated for marketing and PR will come from the waived sponsorship fee from Interchain Foundation. **A. Sponsorship Fees** Platinum Sponsorship Package (Fee Waived) Includes: * 1 booth at HackAtom Seoul 2022 * 1 judging seat at HackAtom Seoul 2022 * 1 workshop at HackAtom Seoul 2022 * 10-minute speaker spot at the Welcome Ceremony, Day 1 * Co-host at Official Afterparty at HackAtom Seoul 2022 * Evmos marketing one-pager included in Welcome Packet * HackAtom badges printed with your Evmos under Platinum Sponsor * Evmos logo insignia on the marketing video produced during HackAtom Seoul 2022 ### **B. Hackathon Prizes** The prize amount was selected simply based on the amount that Osmosis and Juno are offering ($100K each). [Current Hackathon Challenges and Prize Pool](https://bafybeienbj44fytisfpq6a5svc5t32qcxgwjvdkqejfys2degjnhhotbkm.ipfs.dweb.link/tracks.png) The final hackathon tracks will be discussed and determined with the core dev team as well as with consultation from evmos4volunteers. ### **C. Marketing and PR Expenses** The numbers that I am providing are currently derived as best estimates from my past experiences with sponsoring and hosting events. Past events include Blockshow Vegas 2018, BlockchainNW Seattle 2018, LA Blockchain Week 2018, Global AI Conference in Santa Clara, Consensys 2019, LA Blockchain Week 2019, E3 2019 blockchain gaming, and a dozen smaller meetups. **PR Expenses** - Evmos is unique in the Cosmos ecosystem because we are able to tap into a much bigger pool of developers (devs already familiar with solidity). It is my belief that if we are committing $100K into the hackathon, we should do our absolute best to make sure that there is a great turnout with talented developers. Right off the bat, I would like to explore one or two paid PR placements in Korea's top blockchain publications and developer networks. Depending on who, when, and how, this can range anywhere from $5K to $10K. However, we will aim for the lower-end of the range while leveraging the existing network of IBC frens. I will be consulting a few blockchain incubation and investment firms that I am acquainted with for additional advice on how to best penetrate the Korean ETH developer market. There may be some last minute promotions, such as small token giveaways or ad placements in developer-heavy social networks. **Marketing Expenses** - Following the HackAtom event, three events will be held consecutively: buidl.asia, ETH Seoul, and Korea Blockchain Week. This gives us a great opportunity to do further outreach beyond the scope of the hackathon, through smaller meetups, cross-promotions, and related events. Side events, when executed properly, can be much more effective than sponsoring the event itself. From start to finish, the events will last from July 29th to August 13th. This is a pretty epic blockchain marathon, and the possilities and opportunities for developer onboarding, meetups, workships, and side events are endless. **Booth and Evmos Merch** - Because of the limited time to prepare, booth design and merch will likely have to be rushed. After speaking with Interchain Foundation and the HackAtom organizers, booth design will not require a significant budget. Around $2K will be allocated for Evmos merch / swag. ### **D. Airfare + Accomodations + Miscellaneous Expenses** For those that have boothed at crypto events, you'll know that _it is not easy._ I have discussed with BeeHive, a respected Korean validator and community that is active in Evmos as well as other Cosmos chains, and have confirmed their willingness to help boothing as well as provide translation services. While the event will bring the global community to Seoul, it should be expected that a huge portion of the attendees will, of course be Korean. At the moment airfare to Korea from the States as well as Europe are well over $2K. Assuming that four Evmos representaives will in attendance, the cost for airfare should exceed just over $10K. Prices will likely fluctuate between now and then. Accomodation for housing is showing anywhere from $4K to $6K for the time periods of the events. Loredana from evmos4volunteers has been requested to attend to assist with technical discussions, which the community seems to be overwhelming in favor for. We are waiting for a final confirmation from loredana. ## **Fund Usage, Transparency, and Accountability** 1. All expenses incurred will be documented and itemized, from A to D. Whatever transactions that can be done on chain will be done so. For expenses that require fiat, an expense report will be provided after the event. 2. All unused funds will be returned to the community pool. 3. $20K of the marketing and PR budget will be sent to a multi-sig wallet, while $20K will be held in a liquid wallet so that we can immediately get to work on the countless tasks and preparations that need to be made. 4. The hackathon prize pool will also be sent to a multi-sig wallet and distributed post-event. 5. I will work with the core team to be as frugal as possible, while consulting with them to take as many opportunities that would benefit Evmos and help with onboarding and exposure. ## **Time Constraints** July 29th is fast approaching. I will continue to be in constant contact with the HackAtom organizers, blockchain incubators and communities, and everyone in between. ## **Other Considerations** We have decided not to sponsor KBW directly, but have confirmed with KBW organizers that whatever side event we decide to host, they will include it in their official list of events, which allows us to tap into their pool of attendees. With that being said, if at any point or time something doesn't feel right, or we feel that our spending is not justified, we can simply decide to not host anything, and return the remaining funds to the community pool. ## Multisig Signatories 3 out of 5 signatories for multisig execution is proposed: - LPX (myself, who will be coordinating much of logistics here in Seoul) - Three team members / volunteer in attendance (Adonis, Tricky, and Loredana if she is able to make it) - One team member not present in Korea. --- Reference Links: * [HackAtom Seoul 2022 Event Page](https://www.buidl.asia/hackatom-seoul-2022) * [Cosmos Signaling Proposal](https://forum.cosmos.network/t/proposal-signaling-proposal-hackatom-seoul-2022/6799?u=catdotfish) * [Official Cosmos Announcement](https://blog.cosmos.network/announcing-cosmoss-hackatom-seoul-b6858b9beac7) * [HackAtom Official Site](https://hackatom.org/) * [ETH Seoul 2022](https://2022.ethseoul.org/) * [Blockchain Week Korea 2022](https://koreablockchainweek.com/) * [discoverEVMOS](https://evmos.builders) A huge thank you to [@catdotfish](https://twitter.com/catdotfish) from Interchain and Erica from KryptoSeoul for the help in organizing this proposal.

# Sponsor volunteer researcher for EVM-Inter-Chain lobby for Evmos Full discussion: https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/6454-judge-me-sponsor-a-volunteer-researcher-for-evminterchain-lobby-for-evmos **Loredana's (evmos4volunteers, The Laurel Project) proposal for Evmos:** "Continue my volunteer work on EVM Inter-Chain, by formalizing the protocols, creating new inter-chain standards (like we started with IC_ERC20, IC_ERC721), extending nBridge for CosmWasm (EVM -- CosmWasm nBridge). For this work to have a chance of adoption, I need to be close to Evmos, Cosmos, Interchain Foundation & other Cosmos blockchain teams. And the best location for me to influence the future tech for the benefit of the Evmos blockchain is Berlin. I would personally like to continue my work remotely and transparently (e.g. github, videos), but I found that it is very hard for other people to collaborate without face-to-face meetings. **The Evmos community would only sponsor my rent in Berlin (apartment + office), effectively sponsoring my lobby services, for the benefit of Evmos. My tech effort will remain a volunteer contribution, unpaid.** ## Why should Evmos sponsor lobbying? Because a multi-chain standard (like I am proposing) requires a controller chain to have a correct state view. This controller chain can be Evmos. See my 2 HackATOM videos: https://youtu.be/j5CVliOb-Ck and https://youtu.be/Khqv-1TbsMo . " In Berlin, Loredana would be available for technical conferences for the benefit of Evmos. ## Why is Loredana Cirstea the best person for the job? * previous volunteering efforts for Evmos: https://github.com/loredanacirstea/CV/tree/master/evmos * has live the only cutting edge chains where you can test inter-chain and multi-chain EVM transactions: https://github.com/the-laurel/demos * HackAtom Seoul participation: https://github.com/loredanacirstea/CV/blob/master/evmos/events/1.2022-07_HackAtom.md * https://loredanacirstea.medium.com/nbridge-inter-chain-erc20-and-how-to-not-get-rekt-by-bridges-unique-assets-shared-security-43f728f05552 * has done many prototypes and demos demonstrating innovations on Evmos, some live on Mythos. ## Expenses estimate: - office: https://www.fullnode.berlin/membership/, FIXED DESK, everyday. 490 € / month. - rent: ~2500 € / month (finding an apartment for less than 1 year is more costly; account for EVMOS price instability) - TOTAL: 2000 EVMOS / month. Any remaining money can be used for tech or diplomatic purposes (conference expenses, coffee meetings with tech influencers) - expenses and output will be tracked transparently [at this link](https://github.com/loredanacirstea/CV/blob/master/evmos/events/2.2022_08_EvmosCommunityLobbySponsorship.md), as [was done for HackAtom](https://github.com/loredanacirstea/CV/blob/master/evmos/events/1.2022-07_HackAtom.md#expenses) ## Deliverables: - at the end of each month, a detailed list of output [will be on GitHub](https://github.com/loredanacirstea/CV/blob/master/evmos/events/2.2022_08_EvmosCommunityLobbySponsorship.md) - for the first 3 weeks the EVM Inter-Chain standards for the most popular EVM standards will be penned ## Timeline: - sponsorship is paid 3 months in advance, every three months until the Evmos community decides to stop it. - this proposal is only made for 6 months (12000 EVMOS), to give the community a chance to re-vote based on output. ## Multisig Signatories 2 out of 3 signatories for multisig execution is proposed: - Tricky | Cosmos Spaces - Outcast | Legion Nodes - LPX ## Abstain The evmos4volunteers and votes4volunteers validators will vote Abstain on this proposal.

Full discussion: https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/6662-ideation-fund-dia-randomness-orcale-gas-fees-for-1-year Hi All, 0xCtrlAltApe here from the Orbital Apes team. I am starting this discussion to help launch DIA Randomness Oracles on Evmos. I am not affiliated with the DIA team in anyway. DIA provides an on-chain randomness oracle solution for EVM chains. If deployed the randomness oracle can be used by any smart contract on Evmos. While the DIA team does not charge for oracle usage, they do ask that gas fees to maintain the oracle are provided to launch on a new chain. By the DIA teams estimations this would be roughly 44 evmos/day which equals to 16060 Evmos for the year. Randomness oracles will allow for more innovative and new types of applications to be built on Evmos. Currently there are no options available for randomness on-chain on Evmos. As this oracle can be used for free by any dev/team on Evmos after deployment I believe that covering gas fees is an appropriate use of community funds. Funds will be sent to a (2/3) multisig managed by: 0xCtrlAltApe (Orbital Apes team member) Liam (Evmos team member) Samuel Brack (DIA team member) These funds can be sent to the DIA team on a monthly basis to cover gas costs for the randomness oracle. The fees earned from the fee-spilt module in Evmos v8 will be used to continue funding the oracle gas fees.

## Summary This proposal is the second iteration of the original proposal posted on Commonwealth on the 19th of July. We are seeking community funding for our previous work as well as future efforts in indexing the Evmos network for the Covalent Unified API, along with the launch of the Evmos-Covalent Joint *#OneMillionWallets* Hackathon - **Covalent will continue to index the Evmos network and receive a compensation of 100K USD, which will be staked entirely and delegated to lower validators.** - **Covalent will run a joint hackathon with Evmos to onboard more developers, and explore and kickstart novel use cases for the Evmos ecosystem with a prize pool of $100K.** - **The total ask is $200K in Evmos tokens - The amount of tokens for the hackathon prizes of $100k will be determined at time of dispersement. In the case of extreme price volatility, the Governance workstream will assist in readjusting the community pool funding request.** Note: Because of the character limit of Cosmos SDK's governance module, some portions of the proposal have been left out and the proposal has been modified for on-chain submission with the help of the Evmos DAO Governance Workstream. View the full proposal on [Commonwealth](https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/6603-prevote-covalent-apis-integration-of-evmos-and-joint-hackathon). ## Background At Covalent, we believe blockchain technologies can change the world, but this potential is left unfulfilled if the data is not accessible. Despite the proliferation of on-chain digital assets, current solutions require developers to spend hours writing additional code to query granular blockchain data. Covalent is the only multi-chain API that provides every single point of on-chain data - directly from the browser. With no extra code, you need just one API call to query any piece of data across +40 blockchains. - +40 blockchains indexed, including Arbitrum, Aurora, Avalanche, BNB, Ethereum, Evmos, Fantom, Harmony, Ronin, Moonbeam & Polygon - +30K developers, and - +3K live projects, including 0x, Aave, CoinGecko, ConsenSys, DappRadar, NFTX, ParaSwap, Sovryn, Uniswap, XDEFI Wallet & Zerion - +2.5M calls made to Evmos using Covalent's Unified API **Evmos API Call Volume Growth (Month over Month)** - June 2022 -- 2M / +312% - May 2022 -- 500K / +170,489% - April 2022 -- 282 / +14,000% - March 2022 -- 2 Covalent's vision is to empower the pioneers of tomorrow by providing the most robust data infrastructure for the entire blockchain ecosystem, delivering complete transparency and visibility to all on-chain digital assets. ## API Endpoints for Evmos - Class A endpoints - These return enriched blockchain data applicable to all blockchain networks - Class B endpoints - These are for a specific protocol on a blockchain - Class C endpoints - This will be a community-driven market where users can create API endpoints for their projects - DEX & NFT marketplace data (i.e., EvmoSwap, Diffusion) & more to be integrated as the number of protocols grow. - Covalent will be indexing the entirety of Evmos' on-chain data More details about our API can be found in [Evmos | Covalent Docs](https://www.covalenthq.com/docs/networks/evmos/) ## Timeline **The indexing of Evmos has already been completed and the completion was publicly announced on 30 May 2022. The indexing of Evmos is currently live, and freely available for developers.** - 30 May - 15 August 2022 -- A proposal to index Evmos is floated in the Evmos governance forum. - 22 September 2022 -- The joint hackathon registration goes live. - 22 October 2022 -- The Joint '#OneMillionWallets' Hackathon begins. ## Deliverables Pre-integration and Post-integration deliverables can be viewed in the [full proposal here](https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/6603-prevote-covalent-apis-integration-of-evmos-and-joint-hackathon). ## Funding & Disbursement The EVMOS/USD exchange rate for the disbursements is to be determined according to the exchange rate at which the disbursements are made. - API and Indexing: 100K USD of Evmos tokens will be released upon the passing of the proposal. **Covalent will stake the compensation and delegate it to lower validators** for up to one year. - #OneMillionWallets Hackathon: Roughly $100K in Evmos will be used to host the joint hackathon. The funds will be released initially to a 3 of 4-person multisig wallet with the following signatories: - Leibing, Dev Relations @ Covalent - Daniel, Data Journalist @ Covalent - LPX, Evmos DAO Governance - Benny Lava, Evmos DAO & Community Mod **Multisig deployment address:** 0x05a6991caD6B2258Bc5c7FE2b0793Af93590DbD0 Covalent has an impressive track record of successful hackathons for Layer-1 networks. Past outcomes, marketing plans, and Evmos bounty tracks can be read in detail in the [full proposal](https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/6603-prevote-covalent-apis-integration-of-evmos-and-joint-hackathon).

## Summary This proposal, also known as ["Kickstart DeFi on Evmos"](https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/6977-prevote-kickstart-defi-on-evmos) from Commonwealth, will begin the Evmos DAO Liquidity Incentives Program with the bootstrapping of liquidity pools on the Diffusion DEX. More initiatives are in the works with other DeFi projects, and will be proposed when ready. ## Motivation The Evmos blockchain has the potential to become a unique environment for DeFi in the IBC ecosystem, but it has had its fair share of roadblocks that have slowed down and limited growth. We have also had very attractive staking APR that gave a higher return than most liquidity pools, and a bridge exploit that destroyed the TVL of Evmos DeFi in a matter of hours. Despite the hurdles, we are confident in saying that we had great success with our incentivization initiative for the EVMOS/OSMO pool through Prop 39 which provided 600,000 EVMOS tokens for external incentives over 90 days on the Osmosis DEX. Since then, EVMOS has become one of the most popular pools on Osmosis in nearly all areas including TVL, volume, and daily APRs. At the time of writing, the pool has grown from just $2M, now to the 5th largest pool on osmosis with a TVL of $9.8M and one of the highest volume pools of over $3M. The incentives that helped drive this success will be expiring soon, and while we do plan on extending the Osmosis program, we must also begin looking inward: our native TVL. ## Strategy As more EVMOS tokens are staked, the APR rates have been decreasing at an accelerated rate. Millions of tokens are being unbonded at this moment, and without alternative pools with very appealing rates, they will most likely be going to Osmosis to be sold. Our first priority is to 1) build the much needed liquidity to wean off our reliance on Osmosis pools for liquid markets; 2) attract fellow IBC friends to participate in our high rewards programs and attract the unbonding Evmos tokens to find its way into these incentivized pools. The Community Treasury is currently sitting around 33mil EVMOS tokens with 75mil+ EVMOS tokens returning from the unclaimed airdrops, and with an usage incentives escrow wallet which is now nearing 35mil tokens. In total, roughly 143mil EVMOS (~$357mil @ $2.5), is left sitting with no benefits, when they can be put to strategic use that not only encourages more network participants, but also brings the community rewards for helping with the bootstrap initiative. In summary, this is an aggressive but needed first step in further growing the Evmos network. Liam from Evmos explains eloquently in [this comment](https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/6977-prevote-kickstart-defi-on-evmos?comment=30063) why this proposal is so important. We highly suggest reading the comment for context. ## Plan of Action Diffusion will be the first DEX to receive incentives, as they have been the leading DEX prior to the Nomad exploit. More protocols and DeFi projects will follow, with programs of their own. Diffusion will continue with their DIFF rewards for existing pools, resulting in *double rewards* for the pools that will be incentivized further with Evmos tokens. 2mil EVMOS tokens will be released into a Gnosis Safe (3/5 signatures). Over the course of 90 days, the allocated EVMOS rewards will be released into Diffusion's staking contract (MiniChefv2 & Audited). We are initially aiming to minimize risk by releasing the funds every two weeks allowing time for assessments, and if needed, the re-balancing of rewards for underperforming pools. The multisig will be managed by: - 3 Evmos DAO Governance members (Benny Lava, Tricky, LPX) - 1 Diffusion team member (mercenaryApe) - 1 Validator (Swiss Staking) ## Incentives Allocations The EVMOS incentives will go towards attracting liquidity for EVMOS pairs with ATOM, WETH, WBTC, OSMO, JUNO, DIFF, and USDC pools. The EVMOS token incentive breakdown for those pools would be as follows: **Category: Major (50%)** - EVMOS / ATOM - 400k - EVMOS / wETH - 400k (200k each Axelar, Celer) - EVMOS / wBTC - 200k (66.7K each Axelar, Gravity Bridge, Celer) **Category: Stablecoins (35%)** - EVMOS / Stablecoins - 700k (USDC split evenly between Axelar and Celer -- USDT and DAI for Gravity Bridge) **Category: Minor (15%)** - EVMOS / OSMO - 100k - EVMOS / JUNO - 100k - EVMOS / DIFF - 100k For the kickoff program, we propose the equal distribution of incentives between the bridged assets **with the exception of gUSDC and gWETH pools**, as they are already being incentivized and are locked into smart contracts for the time being. This distribution will take course over a 90 day period. **Rebalancing of Pool Allocations** - Over the first 14 days funds will be split evenly between pools in each category, followed by distribution proportionate to each pool's TVL & Volume accordingly. 50% of the category incentives based upon TVL, and 50% based upon volume to fairly distribute incentives to the most valuable pools. Rough TVL and APR targets per pool: [Graphical Table](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/16395727/192321522-df012984-1edf-4a39-b9df-b3d959a532c5.png) ## Future Plans Future proposals can use this data to gauge their own bridge incentives. This will help the most desired liquidity continue to come onto Evmos and maintain attractive APRs while doing so. We are currently aiming to hit a TVL of $20mil on Evmos by the end of the year (across the entire network). 2mil EVMOS is less than 1.5% of our available funds, and covers an entire DEX including interchain assets on Evmos. When compared to the 0.5% spent for a single EVMOS/OSMO pool, we firmly believe that this kickoff initiative is reasonable. We are currently working on a standardized framework in which these processes can be streamlined and more transparent; we thank the community for your patience and thank you to all those that have participated in the discussion stage of the proposal. **About Diffusion:** Diffusion is the a Uniswap v2 fork with Sushi's MinichefV2 implemented for rewards distribution. Diffusion was the first DEX and by far the largest in TVL and volume before the Nomad hack. With stablecoins back on Evmos and incentives to give them a boost, the revitalized team will soon be releasing a new roadmap and their plans to continually improve the DEX. --- **Meta** IPFS: https://bafybeiftslqvljku5szkumbeoy3s2fje5j56xio5mwydxpxbnajcvunpwa.ipfs.w3s.link/ECP-PS-1.md Multisig: [0x35C237Bab19e5B89708f8513b75FF0F07A3c2a09](https://safe.evmos.org/evmos:0x35C237Bab19e5B89708f8513b75FF0F07A3c2a09) (evmos1xhpr0w43nedcjuy0s5fmwhls7parc2sfs33xef)

discussion: https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/7149-evmos-recover-ibc-tokens-from-airdrop

This proposal incentivizes stablecoin liquidity as bridge from Axelar, Celer, and Gravity Bridge with 99000 Evmos to be linearly distributed over 2 months. In the past, Kinesis Labs has reached over 459k USD worth of stablecoins in TVL without any incentives, with over 11,000 transactions and 400 unique liquidity providers. However, with the recent Nomad hack, Evmos needs a way to boostrap liquidity to jump start the Evmos DeFi ecosystem. Please note that all of these funds will be distributed to liquidity providers on Kinesis through the minichef contract - these funds are not for the Kinesis Team nor anyone else. Additionally, we are building Kinesis as members of the Evmos community as a public good. We do not take any fees. Link to Full Proposal: https://gateway.pinata.cloud/ipfs/QmXKzWgYjB9hhNpC5CTqdfRAXBg4e7ddPEdaBXDc7iE13v

## INCUBATION PROPOSAL **Summary** This proposal aims to extend the external EVMOS incentives for the EVMOS/OSMO pool on Osmosis. 600,000 EVMOS will be distributed to 14 day bonding only over 90 days. The total ask is for 600,100 EVMOS to also cover the external incentives gauge fees. The funds will be sent to a 3/4 multisig upon approval to deploy the incentives on Osmosis. You can find the commonwealth discussion here: [https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/7102-temperature-check-extending-osmosis-external-incentives](https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/7102-temperature-check-extending-osmosis-external-incentives) **Motivation** We have had great success with incentivizing the EVMOS/OSMO pool on Osmosis through Prop 39 and providing 600,000 EVMOS tokens for external incentives over 90 days. Since then, EVMOS has become one of the most popular pools on Osmosis through TVL, volume, and daily APRs. At the time of writing, the pool has grown from just $2M, now to the 6th largest pool on osmosis with a TVL of $7.3M (Peaking at $10M) and 3rd highest 7-day volume of $6.5M. The number of tokens locked in the LP have grown from 700k EVMOS before the incentives started to now just over 2M. Deep & stable liquidity is important for the health of every protocol, and incentives can play a key part in maintaining this liquidity. The incentives that helped drive this success will be expiring on October 18th, so the community needs to decide the next steps forward. **Plan of Action** Based on poll results and community feedback in Discord and Commonwealth, we are asking to extend incentives on Osmosis with another 600k EVMOS over 90 days. Osmosis is the gateway for new users into the Cosmos ecosystem so it is important to maintain deep liquidity. Once this period is over, we can reevaluate the incentives as we will have a clearer picture with how native liquidity has grown. 600k EVMOS over a 90 day period (6,666.67 EVMOS per day), 100 EVMOS for funding Osmosis gauge creation and filling. TOTAL : 600,100 EVMOS 14 day bond only Pool 722 (EVMOS/OSMO) **MULTISIG (3/4)** 0xbAFE2Ae09c621462032BbC7FC997aA89c9780639 bennylava - Evmos Community Manager/Evmos Governance Workstream Tricky | Cosmos Spaces - Evmos Governance Workstream LPX - Evmos Governance Workstream JohnnyWyles - Osmosis Labs

## Author GV | Swiss Staking ([@swiss_staking](https://twitter.com/swiss_staking)) ## Intro The [Diffusion](https://www.mintscan.io/evmos/proposals/64) incentives will start soon. As you might know, some incentivized pools require to bridge assets from Ethereum via Axelar/Gravity to Evmos. Once they are bridged to Evmos, you must convert them (on the [asset page](https://app.evmos.org/assets) of Evmos) from IBC-coins to ERC-20 tokens. This requires a fee of about ~0.3 Evmos. New ecosystem participants won’t own any Evmos at this time, so it is crucial to implement a faucet who funds them. This situation is only temporary, as the team will implement an auto-conversion on protocol level in the near future. Until then, it’s our job to onboard new participants with ease to unleash the full potential of the DeFi revival on Evmos. ## Architecture The bot will be available on the Discord faucet channel of Evmos. To minimize any gaming of the faucet we will implement a cooldown period, a minimum number of assets that must be deposited on the [asset page](https://app.evmos.org/assets) and further on-chain checks. The bot's wallet will be funded by the multisig on a bi-weekly basis (or if the balance gets close to zero). Furthermore, we might fund additional hot-wallets for faucet purposes. ## Funds Onboarding 20,000 users is a likely scenario thus we ask for 6,000 Evmos to be used for dust. Unused Evmos will be returned within 6 months. Code refactoring, integration and management of the bot is volunteer effort. ## Gnosis Safe (Multisig) Address: evmos1clc75pp4sqx4kus3r79uq88d08vc25dkq6483h, 2/4 confirmation: - GV | Swiss Staking - Dev_D (mod) - Benny (mod / gov ws) - Sigmung | Qubelabs ## Commonwealth This proposal was discussed on [Commonwealth](https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/7208-faucet-for-defi-kickoff)

**Summary** Dystopia Labs is requesting $75k (60,000 EVMOS at time of writing) from the Evmos community to support 5 IRL events for $15k each, totaling to $75k in 2023: - ETH Portland (Jan 2023) - DeFi Denver (Feb 2023; right before ETH Denver) - ETH Austin (April 2023; right before Consensus) - ETH Seattle (July 2023) - ETH Vancouver (Aug 2023) **Abstract** Who Are We: Dear Evmos Community, I'm Hsin-Ju, founder & CEO of Dystopia Labs [http://dystopialabs.com](http://dystopialabs.com). We host ETH events all around the world, including the upcoming ETH.Seattle, ETH Seoul, and DeFi Bogota. Since our inception in 2019, we’ve hosted 449+ workshops and 18 summits with reach in 19+ countries. With over 32,000+ registrants for our events, we’ve built strong crypto hubs in SF, LA, Austin, Portland, and brought in 345+ speakers from ETH Foundation, 0x, Curve, Aave, Osmosis, Sommelier, & more. TLDR; we have a strong developer community. Why Our Proposal Matters: Since Evmos is an EVM compatible chain, there’s a huge opportunity for us to collaborate together to bring new developers and projects into the Evmos ecosystem. Dystopia Labs would like to invite Evmos to speak at our upcoming 5 IRL events in 2023: • ETH Portland (Jan 2023) • DeFi Denver (Feb 2023; right before ETH Denver) • ETH Austin (April 2023; right before Consensus) • ETH Seattle (July 2023) • ETH Vancouver (Aug 2023) **Funding Request** We are looking to ask the Evmos team for $15k support per event, totaling to $75k in 2023. This will help cover venue costs, AV, staging, furniture, and food. We expect 300-350 attendees per event and about 800-1000 registrants (Evmos will get the email list). And like always, our events are 100% free to attendees so we’d love to have the Evmos community get involved and attend. To us, a successful event would be oversubscribed, have fantastic speakers, and help bring more awareness and interest in the Evmos ecosystem. In the past, we’ve had speakers like: Vitalik Buterin, Austin Griffith, the Flashbot’s team, Stani Kulechov, the CEO of Aave, the SEC Commissioner, and more. TLDR; you will be in good company at our events. Other sponsors include: UMA, 1inch Exchange, Figment, Rarible, and more. **WHY THE CONFERENCES ARE VALUABLE TO EVMOS:** Beyond brand recognition and on-site education, the email list is the highest value thing a sponsor can get out of any event. As part of our sponsorship agreement, Evmos would get the email list of all the conference attendees per event. This is a huge value add because the Evmos team can reach out to the attendees (who listened to the Evmos talk IRL) and drive them to more dense educational content (ie. like videos, blog posts, documentation, etc) after the event. They can even use these lists to even create their own event series (if they so wished). Over time, as they participate in more and more events, Evmos will be able to convert people who they met IRL into advocates (simply b/c they are able to reach attendees after the event and to continue pushing them down the funnel). TLDR; registrant lists will be a huge value add for the Evmos community. We’re Part Of The Ecosystem: Our goal is to build a long-term relationship w/ the Evmos team / ecosystem and be a consistent contributor. We have also not sold ANY of the $EVMOS tokens that we've received. We're in it for the long haul :) In 2022, EVMOS participated in 2 of our events, HackSummit SF & DeFi Bogota. As a summary, here are the key stats for the 2 events Evmos participated in: For DeFi Bogota: [(https://2022.defibogota.org/](https://2022.defibogota.org/) • 100% free for attendees • 2024 registrants (Evmos will get the email list) • ~700 attendees • 20 speakers • 21 sessions • 18 talks • 1 panel • 2 workshops • 7 hrs of content For Hacksummit SF: [https://sf.hacksummit.org](https://sf.hacksummit.org/) • 100% free for attendees • 916 registrants (Evmos will get the email list) • ~350 attendees • 30 sessions • 24 talks • 1 panel • 5 workshops • 10 hrs of content

**Project Name:** MetaTank (@MetaTankProject) **Designated Multisig Address:** *0x48199AF97AbA9910198E32d34AEc8Fa9528677bD/evmos1fqve47t6h2v3qxvwxtf54my049fgvaaadgppqk* **Multisig Members (3 of 4 Multisig):** - InstaFinanzas | Stakin Validator - Kevin | Oni Validator - devd331 | Evmos Community Mod - MTNK-Kayz | MetaTank **Total funds requested:** $120k or 300000 EVMOS @$0.4 **Fund Distribution Method:** Milestone 1 - $40k or 100000 EVMOS (Conversion Platform, Game Development Pt1). Amount released: 33% | Expected duration: 2 months Milestone 2 - $30k or 75000 EVMOS (Platform Audit, Game Development Pt2). Amount Released: 25% | Expected duration: 1.5 months Milestone 3 - $50k or 125000 EVMOS (Game Development Pt3, Marketing, Rewards liquidity pool). Amount Released: 42% | Expected duration: Ongoing **Any previous funding rounds:** No official raises have been conducted. Everything built was from the $70k savings combined from the team. **Short threads to understand our whole operation** -> [here](https://twitter.com/MetaTankProject/status/1605612305542045696) **For further clarity, please see discussion on [commonwealth](https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/8437-funding-request-metatank)** **Short Intro:** MetaTank is creating a gameverse (think MCU but for games) around its IP. Focusing on building web2 mobile games (hypercasual genre) and connecting them to web3 via our Conversion Platform. Lore-based games that are stream-friendly (prone to virality) and fun. Users can simply download our games from an app store and play. However, the option exists for users to convert their in-game rewards into on-chain $MTNK tokens on the Evmos blockchain. **Important:** We are not a Metaverse, no NFTs are involved, no tokens required to play, and we are not P2E. MetaTank is creating games that are price-independent. Focusing on strategically increasing our IP value through the mass appeal of hypercasual mobile games. **Why we are unique:** We are bringing a new method of revenue generation and user acquisition not seen in crypto. Built on quality production and not reliant on marketing hype, token prices or a constant funnel of new users (new capital). **Business Model:** MetaTank generates fiat revenue externally via In-App Ads and In-App Purchases. A portion is injected into Evmos to balance the rewards liquidity pool. The remainder is reinvested into game development. Further adding to our library of mobile games which leads to more users and increased recurring revenues. **Bringing Value to Evmos:** MetaTank has found a less-exhausting method to onboard web2 users. Only via Evmos can the Conversion Platform be utilized. Users will become natives and have a stake in Evmos’ growth. They will be holding a portion of their wealth on Evmos. They will support local projects and engage in other activities such as trading, minting, liquidity mining and lending. Long-term stakeholders who will not disappear after a retweet competition or incentive program. **Initial benefits to Evmos include:** - Benefit 1 – Liquidity injected into Evmos from revenues generated externally (Ads/In-app purchases). - Benefit 2 – Onboarding web2 users, who must enter Evmos to use our Conversion Platform. - Benefit 3 - Onboarding Web2 game developers with already established userbases and IP (compounding Benefit 1 & 2). - Benefit 4 – 10% of MetaTank tokens are reserved for the Evmos community. - Benefit 5 – Conducting the MetaTank amassed userbase as a marketing platform, promoting Evmos and its ecosystem projects. This is not a one-time deal. MetaTank wishes to continue its relationship with the Evmos community, sharing in the value generated by its IP. Our materials prove that we are capable and have already built a version of everything we propose. **[Proof of capability >](https://twitter.com/MetaTankProject/status/1605249619713490944)** The mobile gaming industry is experiencing non-stop growth. We can do a lot more with Evmos and show the world of web2 and web3 that there is another way to gaming in crypto.

This proposal is to introduce Evmos Liquidity Incentive to [spacefi.io](https://spacefi.io/) and help Evmos liquidity and ecosystem to grow further through the launch of SpaceFi’s entire products suite (DEX+NFT+Spacebase+Launchpad) as well as the SPACE token. Final Proposal: [[Pre-Vote] New Evmos Liquidity Incentive and SpaceFi whole launching](https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/8918-prevote-new-evmos-liquidity-incentive-and-spacefi-whole-launching) Full Discussion: [[IDEATION] New Evmos Liquidity Incentive and SpaceFi whole launching](https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/8598-ideation-new-evmos-liquidity-incentive-and-spacefi-whole-launching) ## **Abstract** Since the previous 2M EVMOS Liquidity Incentive was first launched on Diffusion, Evmos native liquidity and ecosystem has shown encouraging growth. At the same time, we are also experiencing some difficulties. The TVL on Diffusion has grown to a height of $7.4M and since Evmos price fell, the TVL has gone down to $2.5M (2023.01.18). During the process, we found 3 issues: first, multiple bridges and liquidity fragmentation; second, mercenary liquidity and reward dumping; and third, the lack of the ecosystem building and Evmos use cases, damaging Evmos’ value. The EVMOS Incentive on Diffusion ended on 2023.01.19. ## **Strategy** We're trying some new measures to improve Evmos native liquidity and ecosystem. #### **1. Concentrated Liquidity** Although Evmos has $2.5M in native liquidity, it is mainly split into 13 trading pairs. We recommend temporarily focusing Evmos Incentive on a single bridge and major trading pairs (ATOM, USDC, wETH, etc.), in order to concentrate the limited liquidity. According to community's feedbacks, we plan to start from Axelar as the single bridge to concentrate liquidity first. More bridges and assets such as grav.USDT / ceUSDC / stEVMOS (stride) can be added after the effective growth of liquidity. #### **2. LP Bonding** To incentivize long-term liquidity providers and to avoid the adverse effects of mercenary liquidity, SpaceFi Farm supports LP Bonding, including no bonding, 7 days unbonding and 14 days unbonding. The longer the LP is locked in the farm, the higher the APR will be. #### **3. Ecosystem Building** Evmos Liquidity Incentive is a short-term booster. And the thriving ecosystem projects are the long-term value. SpaceFi has been actively helping new projects get started in Evmos through Incubation and [Launchpad Program](https://twitter.com/spacefi_io/status/1584913982036803594). We've incubated [Soul Network](https://thesoul.network), a cross-chain DID network Cosmos & Ethereum, and also the First Place Winner in the Web3 track of Evmos Hackathon. ## **Action Plan** According to the community's feedbacks, we plan to apply for 1M EVMOS as the liquidity incentive to start, in a program lasting 90 days, and expect to bring $4-$8M native liquidity with ARP 37% (no bonding) - 73% (14 days unbonding), similar to it on Osmosis. The above is based on Evmos price of $0.46 on 2023.01.18. If the liquidity grows well, we may apply to increase the incentive for the further growth. #### **1. Why Liquidity Incentive** Evmos native liquidity is still very small and further improvement of liquidity is a priority. In fact, 1M EVMOS is about 2 days' inflationary rewards of Evmos delegating. The value brought by the Liquidity Incentive will exceed the reward itself. This proposal is not only about Liquidity Incentive, but also about an ecosystem project SpaceFi's whole launching. We hope to bring more use cases for Evmos and more confidence to the ecosystem and community through SpaceFi's performance. #### **2. Use xEVMOS as the reward, not EVMOS directly** The [xEVMOS module](https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/8598-preproposal-new-evmos-liquidity-incentive-and-spacefi-whole-launching) is aimed to incentivize long-term holders and reduce reward dumping. We‘ll launch a non-tradable reward token, xEVMOS, converted 1:1 from the EVMOS requested. xEVMOS earned from liquidity incentive can be converted back to EVMOS with a 30 days unbonding period. Users can also choose to unbond xEVMOS immediately, which will only convert back to 50% in EVMOS. The other 50% will be transferred back to the multisig address of requested EVMOS, which can make the incentive program last longer. With xEVMOS, we can reduce reward spending and dumping while maintaining an attractive APR and incentivizing long-term holders. The liquidity incentive can last more than 90 days if some users choose to unbond xEVMOS immediately. We can also offer xEVMOS module as a public good for other incentive programs in Evmos ecosystem. #### **3. Multisig Group (3 of 5)** - 0xCtrlAltApe | Orbital Apes team - LPX | Evmos DAO Governance - luisqa | Zenith Station validator - devd331 | Evmos Community Mod, SpaceFi Captain - cryptoallen | SpaceFi team Multisig Address: [0x0bDA81150691522B2Ba0B4e936e498613F795c77](https://safe.evmos.org/evmos:0x0bDA81150691522B2Ba0B4e936e498613F795c77/home) (evmos1p0dgz9gxj9fzk2aqkn5ndeycvylhjhrhptq7tv) ## **Fund Utilization Plan** We divide the pairs into MAJOR, STABLE, and MINOR categories, borrowing from the incentive allocation in Kickstart DeFi on Evmos proposal by benny lava and other Evmos Governance members. The initial rewards are allocated as follows: #### **MAJOR: 50%, 5555 EVMOS / day + 29165 SPACE / day** EVMOS / ATOM - total 250k EVMOS + 1312380 SPACE EVMOS / ETH - total 175k EVMOS + 918720 SPACE EVMOS / BTC - total 125k EVMOS + 393750 SPACE #### **STABLE: 35%, 3888 EVMOS / day + 20414 SPACE / day** EVMOS / USDC - total 350k EVMOS + 1837260 SPACE #### **MINOR: 15%, 1666 EVMOS / day + 8754 SPACE / day** EVMOS / OSMO - total 50k EVMOS + 262620 SPACE EVMOS / JUNO - total 50k EVMOS + 262620 SPACE EVMOS / SPACE - total 50k EVMOS + 262620 SPACE The reward weight for each pair can be adjusted each two weeks based on liquidity & volume data. TVL Milestone: 1M-2M, APR 146% (no bonding) - 293% (14 days unbonding) TVL Milestone: 2M-4M, APR 73% (no bonding) - 146% (14 days unbonding) TVL Milestone: 4M-8M, APR 37% (no bonding) - 73% (14 days unbonding) The above TVL and APR is based on Evmos price of $0.46 on 2023.01.18. ## **This is not just another proposal for Liquidity Incentive** [SpaceFi](https://spacefi.io/) is a community project with no VC funding, and has been building in the EVMOS ecosystem since February 2022 at our own expense. We want to make it an engine in the ecosystem with DEX+NFT+Spacebase+Launchpad, not just a DEX. At the same time as the EVMOS Liquidity Incentive begins, we will fully launch the SpaceFi product and SPACE token. The initial emission of SPACE token will be about 125000 SPACE / day, 70% of which will be used for farming rewards, i.e. 87500 SPACE / day. We will allocate 2/3 of the SPACE farming reward to EVMOS Liquidity Incentive, i.e. 58350 SPACE / day. The remaining 1/3 will be allocated to SPACE & Planet NFT staking and other liquidity incentives. Space Swap and Planet NFT are already live on Evmos mainnet. [Space Swap](https://swap-evmos.spacefi.io/#/swap) has been running on Evmos since May 2022 to date, with more than 2,000 early adopters providing liquidity on it. [Planet NFT](https://www.orbitmarket.io/collection/0x32c8e6e1ad9d356f1b010cca8de00c11510e8470) is the Pass of SpaceFi ecosystem, early minting has been finished on EVMOS mainnet and is currently the second largest market cap NFT in EVMOS ecosystem. [Learn more about SpaceFi Products](https://twitter.com/spacefi_io/status/1607655332456857601) ## **What will happen next if this proposal is passed** - Space Farm, NFT Staking / Marketplace, Spacebase, Launchpad modules will be launched on EVMOS mainnet. (within 1 month) - SPACE Token launching and Evmos Liquidity Incentive begins. (the 1st week, trial run) - SPACE Token and EVMOS Liquidity Incentive fully runs. Genesis Spacebase event will be launched. (the 2nd week) - Spacebase farming reward PK competition. (the 3rd-5th week) - SpaceFi trading contest. (the 7th-9th week) - As liquidity grows, we will consider helping new projects to launch on Evmos through Launchpad, possibly Soul Network or others. (TBD) - Collaborate with other projects to enrich the use cases. More bridges and assets such as grav.USDT / ceUSDC / stEVMOS (stride) can be added after the effective growth of liquidity. (TBD) ## **About SpaceFi** [spacefi.io](https://spacefi.io/) is a cross-chain web3 platform on Evmos and layer2 zkSync, with DEX+NFT+Launchpad+Spacebase as the initial product. The first to connect Cosmos and Layer2. It has been building in Evmos ecosystem since 2022.02. More than 40k users have tested SpaceFi products on Evmos and zkSync testnet. SpaceFi has previously conducted extensive testing and completed three contract audits. Here are the Audit Reports by [QuillAudits](https://twitter.com/QuillAudits) , a leading smart contract audit firm who has secured more than 700+ web3 projects with $15B+. A new audit report about xEVMOS module will also be released soon. We'll make the products well tested and audited before the whole launching. [Audit Report-3](https://github.com/Quillhash/QuillAudit_Reports/blob/master/SpaceFi%20Farm%20Smart%20Contract%20Final%20Audit%20Report%20-%20QuillAudits.pdf) | [Audit Report-2](https://github.com/Quillhash/QuillAudit_Reports/blob/master/SpaceFi%20Swap%20Smart%20Contract%20Audit%20Report%20-%20QuillAudits.pdf) | [Audit Report-1](https://github.com/Quillhash/QuillAudit_Reports/blob/master/SpaceFi%20Smart%20Contract%20Audit%20Report%20-%20QuillAudits.pdf)

# Encode Club's Evmos Grant Proposal ## Summary • Encode Club is requesting approximately $2.5MM (5,200,000 EVMOS tokens @ $.48) to award to the best builders and projects for the duration of the grants program. Allocated funds are to be kept in the Multisig controlled by the Evmos community and distributed only when needed by Encode via multisig composed of trusted community advisory members. Encode's monthly expenses for running the program will be $50k, which can be considered as part of the total requested grants amount as per the community's preference. • Encode Club is a web3 education community. We help people learn, build and launch their web3 careers. We do this through high quality events such as educate series, hackathons, accelerators and bootcamps. •Encode Club will organize a pilot grants program for the Evmos community for H1 2023 (Jan to July). Their team will be entrusted with their promotion and furthermore tasked with evaluation of the best projects submissions, making sure that each is up to the standards set by the community. •Regular community calls shall be established and kept open to both the community and the DAO, which are to be used for questions, feedback and general updates about the program's progress. Additionally, 3 special check-in calls will be scheduled and executed throughout the program - one following the successful setup of the grants program, one midway through and one at the very end, the purpose of which is for Encode to provide further insight regarding grant applications and subsequently grantees. **Multisig Address**: 0x525C1cd42CBca9878bb3bF96DB269EDfc2F10db5 **Multisig Committee (4/7)**: • Lit | Notional Lab • GV | Swiss Staking • Luisqa | Zenith Station • Outcast | Legion Nodes • Sigmund | Quelabs • Bosco | Silknodes • Ömer | Alkadeta ## Abstract Establishing an effective grants program is important to champion the growth and development of the Evmos ecosystem because it provides support for projects and initiatives that align with the ecosystem's goals and objectives. This funding can be used to help new protocols launch, research and development, infrastructure, community building, public goods, and other activities that contribute to the growth and success of the ecosystem. Additionally, a grants program can attract and retain talented individuals and organizations to Evmos, as well as increase collaboration and partnerships within the community. Overall, an effective grants program can play a key role in driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and promoting the long-term sustainability of the Evmos ecosystem. Encode is one of the most trusted and well known companies within the web3 space, known for delivery of top tier program in partnership with the biggest names in the industry. Over the past two years their team has managed to successfully execute more than 90 events (both online and in-person). ## Motivation Encode Club’s core goal has always been to deliver top tier programs that aid enthusiasts, developers and projects alike in growing, achieving their goals and pushing the web3 space forward. Evmos is a young and blooming ecosystem, and similar to others at this stage of their growth - it is in need of builders that would keep pushing it further and raise the bar higher. By leveraging the curiosity, knowledge and dedication of their 50,000+ strong developer community, Encode Club can foster high levels of engagement and building for the Evmos ecosystem. Coupled with their past experience of running Saddle’s successful grants program and already having led an Evmos Hackathon through Covelant, their track record proves they are more than capable of successfully executing a program of this magnitude. Flawless execution of great events is often considered the end result of Encode Club’s efforts. In reality, however, these events are the means by which the true output and contribution to the web3 space is being achieved - identifying talent. Encode Club is a talent powerhouse.Their community consists of some of the brightest minds of tomorrow - actively participating in a wide variety of events, engaging with different technologies and most importantly - building. ## Proposal Encode Club will dedicate 8-10 people from their team to deliver an exclusive pilot grants program that will run for the duration of the first half of 2023 with the option of extending it until the end of the year. Their team will be responsible for handling each and every phase of the project including, but not limited to planning, promoting, sourcing, executing and judging. The Evmos community and team are to be an integral part, functioning as a guiding power and influencing the general direction of the program that the Encode team shall pursue in order to accomplish the objectives outlined by the community and Evmos Core Team. Encode is to be allocated $2.5MM for the duration of the grants program. The amount will be kept within a multisig, with distributions approved and executed by the Evmos committee multisig in the form of rewards.Their recipients are to be the best developers and projects picked by Encode for fulfilling the prerequisites and goals outlined by the program. Encode Club will crowdsource ideas for bounties from the community and will decide what bounty size to allocate for each. Each of the bounties should consist of: • Brief summary and explanation • Clearly outlined deliverables • Execution and delivery within the timeline of the program • Amount of funding attached There will be two types of bounties: • Competitions – several projects compete and the best gets the bounty award at the end of the program. • Award – a single team is selected to answer the bounty, and receives the award upon completion by the end of the program. Bounties will be listed on the Encode website and public calls for participants will be made. Encode Club will take care of promoting and marketing the initiative as well as organize several education events with community members and investors from the Evmos community throughout the bounty period. Teams then engage in working, building and polishing their projects by the deadline outlined in the program. The best are to be invited, judged and rewarded in proportion to their efforts and magnitude of impact for the Evmos ecosystem in a show and tell finale events organized by Encode. In order to ensure transparency and accountability on Encode Club’s side an Evmos Multisig Committee with representatives from both the community will be in direct communication with Encode and will have power to challenge their decisions along the way. The multisig will be overseeing the funds allocation and provide an additional layer of security for Evmos community. Any remaining funds at the end of the initial grants program period will be rolled into future funding upon approval, or returned to the community pool if the community decides not to renew the program. **Cost Breakdown**: Encode is a 25 person team and will be putting significant effort across multiple departments and individuals. The following is a rough outline of the costs associated with the proper execution of the grants pilot program: • Marketing and Sourcing: $10k per month (on average 2 people) • Program Management: $15k per month (on average 2 people) • Grant Team Management: $15k per month (on average 2 people) • Book-keeping, Finances + Admin: $2.5k per month (on average 1 person) • Hiring support for any grantees: $5k per month (on average 1 person) • Tech and Infrastructure: $2.5k per month This brings the total monthly cost of running the program to $50k. The amount is to be invoiced in advance prior every month and deducted from the total grant size allocated for the program execution. **Conclusion** If successful, Encode will be able to start executing as early as mid/late February. Gathering bounty proposals from both the community and the Evmos team will begin immediately after approval.The marketing team will switch focus on promoting the grant program, while also turning the attention of Encode’s existing Cosmos and Evmos hackers within the community to the upcoming events. Grant applicants will work closely with Encode Club’s program managers throughout the duration of the program in order to ensure that their work follows the guidelines and meets the requirements outlined by the bounties in order to qualify for a grant. Encode will impose deadlines for project submissions, after which the best builders will be invited to present their work live and compete for a prize from the grants pool. For more supporting details and dicussion, please reference the [Commonwealth Post](https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/8549-encode-clubs-evmos-grants-proposal). **Voting** • By voting **YES**, indicates approval of the proposal in its current form. • By voting **NO**, indicates disapproval of the proposal in its current form. • By voting **ABSTAIN**, you formally decline to vote either for or against the proposal. • By voting **NOWITHVETO**, indicates stronger opposition to the proposal than simply voting No. If the number of NoWithVeto votes is greater than a third of total votes excluding Abstain votes, the proposal is rejected and the deposits are burned.

## Author(s) - LPX, Evmos DAO - Leibing, Covalent ## Summary Due to the decrease in the price of EVMOS, there is a deficit in the amount of tokens that were originally asked from the pool from [Proposal 54](https://www.mintscan.io/evmos/proposals/54) and the amount that is needed to pay out all the rewards from the hackathon. It is our belief that it is paramount for the hackathon winners to be rewarded for contributions and efforts in a timely manner to encourage the continued interest and growth of the developer community in the Evmos ecosystem. - [Commonwealth Discussion](https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/9429-time-sensitive-evmos-x-covalent-hackathon-payouts-readjustment) - [Hackathon Page and Winners](https://www.encode.club/evmoscovalent-hack) ## Abstract - The Covalent x Encode x Evmos Community hackathon concluded last month with participants joining from around the world. - At the time of the passing of Proposal 54, EVMOS was around $2.50. Currently, the price of EVMOS is ~$0.475. - This proposal is requesting funds from the Community Pool to balance the rewards payable to current market price as promised in Proposal 54. The total amount requested can be found in the Amount Requested section below. ## Motivation The #OneMillionWallets hackathon was a successful event that brought together members of the Ethereum as well as Evmos Community to work on exciting projects. However, the price of the EVMOS token has dropped significantly since the hackathon was funded by Proposal #54, resulting in a deficit that needs to be filled in order to pay out the participants. This proposal aims to ensure that the hard work and effort put in by the participants is rewarded, and that the Evmos Community continues to be a supportive and collaborative space for innovation. Additionally, this proposal will demonstrate Evmos commitment to its Community and show that it keeps its promises. The original proposal clearly stated the following: 'The amount of tokens for the hackathon prizes of $100k will be determined at time of dispersement. In the case of extreme price volatility, the Governance workstream will assist in readjusting the community pool funding request.' ## Message from Covalent Thank you for your patience in staying with us and navigating this situation together. The Evmos-Covalent #OneMillionWallets hackathon concluded in December 2022 to great success, where we saw more than 500+ teams registering, more than 60+ projects built, and more than 100 daily quiz participants. It was our biggest and most successful #OMW hackathon to date. Due to the depreciation of the prize pool, however, we cannot give the winners what we feel they truly deserve. We know how important runway is for teams building in an ecosystem; such runway can only be achieved when the teams are rewarded at the amount after the price movements have been adjusted. We deeply appreciate the EvmosDAO Governance workstream's efforts in readjusting the community pool fund to ensure that projects get the deserved level of funding. - Leibing, DevRel, Covalent ## Amount Requested The amount requested pegs the EVMOS price to $0.40 due to market uncertainty. All leftover EVMOS will be returned to the community pool. The total amount of rewards payable came out to be $60,950 instead of the planned $100K. 50% of the funds in the original multisig that were originally allocated for the hackathon rewards, or 50,200 EVMOS (~$20,080) will be used to help fill this deficit. - $40,870 ($60,950 - $20,080) for the deficit in the amount of the hackathon winners' rewards (~102,175 EVMOS tokens @ 0.40). [Detailed sheet.](https://evmos.community/covalent-hackathon) - $17,799 for the organizers of the hackathon (~44,497.5 EVMOS tokens @ 0.40) - 20,000 EVMOS tokens for a donor that tried to assist in filling the deficit ([TX](https://www.mintscan.io/evmos/txs/001094A2EECF02AD8739030656BCECE936F8BECABCD4A6B6FD0FF2166ECF8096)) - **Grand Total: $58,669 + 20,000 EVMOS (roughly 166.6K EVMOS)** Note: This funding request is specifically for the outstanding amount required to pay out the participants and organizers of the hackathon. The 50% that was initially allocated to Covalent for their services will be released to Covalent - there are no plans to re-adjust the indexing and API integration fees at the moment. The decision to delay the staking of the other 50% by Covalent was not the responsibility of the Evmos Community. Remaining tokens, assuming that the Evmos token price holds above $0.40 will be sent back to the Community Pool.

# ECP-2A: Formalizing and Funding the Governance Workstream (Rev. 2) ## Authors - LPX | Evmos DAO - GV | Evmos DAO - Benny Lava | Evmos DAO Operating under the community-ratified Interim Constituion of Evmos DAO ([Proposal #51](https://www.mintscan.io/evmos/proposals/51)), the Governance Workstream has been serving the Evmos DAO and Community without funding for the past eight months. We are officially requesting formalization by funding. This proposal applies all rules defined and approved by the community in ECP-1 ([Proposal #83](https://www.mintscan.io/evmos/proposals/83)). An [FAQ page](https://github.com/EvmosGov/proposals/blob/main/ECP/2A/faq.md) has been created and will kept up to date with important questions asked by the Community. ## Preface Following the rejection of Proposal 86, we have conducted a thorough review of the initial proposal and the valuable feedback provided by the Evmos community and validators. This revised proposal was created with objectives to address issues and concerns raised by the community while remaining aligned with the Governance Workstream's Mission, Vision, and Values. We are confident that this revised proposal achieves this goal. Addressed issues from Proposal 86: - The total token request has been significantly [reduced by 80% in this proposal](https://github.com/EvmosGov/proposals/blob/main/ECP/2A/revision.md). - R&D, Ecosystem Bootstrap, and Treasury Diversification funds have been excluded in order to facilitate a more targeted dialogue with the community regarding these initiatives and potential funding. - The retroactive payment request has been decreased by 64% ($750/mo per contributor). - Additional cost-saving measures include the elimination of 2 future workstream contributors and the request for only the first year of vesting emissions for existing members. ## Abstract ### The Governance Workstream's Mandate The Governance Council exists and operates as a neutral party with allegiances only to the Evmos network and the guiding values of the Evmos Constitution. While the workstream is tasked with various duties, our mandate is simple: to facilitate and protect the integrity of Evmos' governance processes and, to the best of our ability, create a fair and transparent environment in which the network and the community can prosper and thrive. - Duties, Responsibilities, Deliverables of the Governance Workstream: [Detailed Page](https://github.com/EvmosGov/proposals/blob/main/ECP/2A/duties.md) ### Contributions to Evmos The Governance Workstream's wide array of contributions and community service for the past half-year range from simple proposal guidance for projects to both native and external liquidity programs responsible for the movement of tens of millions of dollars. - List of Achievements and Progress Report: [Detailed Page](https://github.com/EvmosGov/proposals/blob/main/ECP/2A/report.md) ### Progressive Decentralization We also want to emphasize that we are not trying to hold on to power or exert control over the ecosystem. We expect to be scrutinized every funding cycle, and replaced if needed. Our goal is to accelerate the development of the decentralized ecosystem, and to create a future in which power is distributed back to the Evmos Community. While we have ambitious plans to create an ecosystem of community owned liquidity and a democratized spending of liquid funds, we have removed all funding requests related to these initiatives for various reasons - separate proposals will be made for these initiatives when we are better prepared to present them. ## Funding Request This 6-month funding proposal has been pegged to the price of $0.40 / EVMOS. The total funding amount was reduced by ~80% to the previous proposal and represents now 0.81% of the community pool. The dollar amount requested at current price was also reduced from $2.37mil to $380K. For a breakdown of the ask reduction, please [refer to this page](https://github.com/EvmosGov/proposals/blob/main/ECP/2A/revision.md). **Contributor Compensations** The funding ask includes the base, retro, and vesting pay for 3 existing Governance workstream members as well as the onboarding of three more members, for a total of 6 Governance workstream members. - A detailed outline of contributor compensation: [Detailed Page](https://github.com/EvmosGov/proposals/blob/main/ECP/2A/contributors.md) **Total:** 950,000 EVMOS ### Fund Disbursements This funding proposal will kick off the "DAO Treasury" which is managed by 3 Governance members and 5 Validators in a `5-8` Gnosis Safe configuration. All treasury spending will be publicly viewable with full transparency. Spending, compensations, swaps, and all expense reports will be rigorously kept up to date. **Treasury Signatories**: - Tam | TC Network - CO | Orbital Apes - Long | Notional - OutCast | Legion Nodes - Yubin Park | a41 - Benny | Governance - LPX | Governance - GV | Governance **Safe Deployment Address**: [0xC3C5156911bf53f12913b68E0532096536B30600](https://safe.evmos.org/evmos:0xC3C5156911bf53f12913b68E0532096536B30600) (evmos1c0z326g3haflz2gnk68q2vsfv5mtxpsqgqgd0v) ## Forum Full discussion can be found on [Commonwealth](https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/9421-ecp2a-formalizing-and-funding-the-governance-workstream-rev-2).

## DoraHacks Hackathon Proposal with Evmos ### Summary The [DoraHacks](dorahacks.io) Team, one of world's most active multi-chain Web3 developer incentive platform, proposes a hackathon partnership with the Evmos community to help attract developers and promote growth within the Evmos ecosystem. The Hackathon prize pool will be approximately $125k (281,000 EVMOS @ $.44) of non-dilutive funding through a community controlled multisig to be given out as EVMOS tokens to Hackathon winners that show the most promise and meet the needs of the team. ### Abstract DoraHacks is a global hacker movement and the world's most active multi-chain Web3 developer incentive platform. More than 3,000 projects from the DoraHacks community have received over $30 million in grants and hackathon prizes. DoraHacks.io has around 250,000 active users worldwide. The platform offers hackathons, bounties, quadratic funding, privacy voting, and other community governance/funding toolkits. In addition, over 80 major Web3 ecosystems are currently using Dora infrastructures to fund their open-source communities The Evmos Hackathon Partnership aims to align all stakeholders by incentivizing individuals and organizations to explore and develop their ideas on Evmos by offering individuals and organizations non-dilutive funding to develop and further the Evmos ecosystem. ### Proposal **Goal:** **1. Branding** • To leverage DoraHacks’ developer community and DoraHacks.io platform’s traffic to promote Evmos’ dev toolkits and APIs, and onboard more developers to adopt Evmos’s tech stacks and build on Evmos • To leverage DoraHacks’ expertise in organizing hackathons, virtual or in-person hackathons, workshops, and project demo sessions to help the Evmos team operate developer events globally. • To involve Evmos in the hackathons, quadratic funding community grants and other events DoraHacks co-host with different open Web3 ecosystems, for instance, BNB Chain, Solana, Filecoin, Avalanche, Moonriver, Polygon, Harmony and more. **2. Education** • To host workshops for developers to help them better understand how to build in the Evmos Ecosystem. **3. Innovation** •To incentivize global developers to build on Evmos by providing prizes, grants, and investments to the teams emerging from the events DoraHacks and Evmos organize together. **Scope of Partnership:** **Hackathons** **DoraHacks will host virtual and in-person hackathons globally each year. DoraHacks can help the Evmos Foundation with the following** • Facilitate Evmos global and regional hackathons, dedicated fully to the ecosystem growth of Evmos • Participate in DoraHacks hackathons, co-hosted with other leading blockchain companies and open ecosystems, as a co-host/sponsor/partner, depending on the exclusivity and scope of the hackathons. **In the hackathons, DoraHacks will be covering the main operational efforts, including:** • Basic Logistics of the hackathons - agenda, workshops, judge invitations, promotion material design, etc. • Hacker and team recruitment: DoraHacks will work with global partners to recruit participants for the hackathon. **Evmos will be expected to provide the following resources:** • Prize Pool - the incentive for global devs to participate. From our experience, $125K worth of prize pool can incentivize 50-100 teams to join and build in the Evmos ecosystem. • Idealists and tracks - Which sectors do you want participating developers and teams to be the focus of the hackathon? • Invitation of Mentors and part of the Judging panel - core team members are expected to participate in the hackathons to support participating teams and devs. • Workshops - to better guide devs and projects on project development. • Workshops can be divided into two categories: technical workshops and business workshops. Speakers can give presentations depending on their expertise. Mentors are also expected to deliver workshops to hackathon participants. • Marketing Resources - the foundation’s official resources are crucial in the success of the promotion of the Hackathon.Press releases in leading media channels, Twitter promotion and interaction, important promotion efforts like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko banners, etc. **Timeline** **Q1/2 2023 - TBC** **Kick-off Preparation** Evmos team to confirm the details of the hackathon (Kick-off/closing dates, prizes, tracks, idea lists, partners, goals, scale, budget) • Set up meetings with DoraHacks to confirm the details **Q1 2023** • Evmos and DoraHacks team finalize on tracks and idea lists • Evmos and DoraHacks team reach out to partners and judges • Evmos and DoraHacks teamwork on the landing page and promotion materials. • DoraHacks deploys the Evmos Hackathon page. • All tracks/idealists confirmed • All mentors/judges confirmed •All workshop confirmed • Landing page done • DoraHacks & Evmos jointly promote on all channels to recruit global developers to apply for the hackathon. • All media partners confirmed **Official Hackathon promotion + developer community promotion + project submission** **Late Q1/Q2 2023 (TBC)** • Evmos Hackathon Opening Ceremony(Virtual, hosted by DoraHacks) • Evmos Hackathon workshops from core team and partners (Virtual) • Campaign on all social media platforms and media **Submissions** • Project Submission •Project demo session of selected excellent projects **Judging** • Judges decide on the winners of the hackathon • Evmos Global Hackathon Closing ceremony(Hosted by DoraHacks) **Post Hackathon** • Promotion and incubation of star projects coming out from the hackathon. • Preparation for Evmos Hackathon 2. ### Amount Requested The prize pool will be approximately $125k (281,000 EVMOS @ $.44) of non-dilutive funding to be given out as EVMOS tokens directly to Hackathon winners. These funds will be controlled by a 3/4 Multisig ( evmos1rgrmc3j8mt346t67ymnw7eysmjsu0l74j6vqnv ) until time of distribution managed by the following members: • Luisqa | Zenith Station • Tendermint Timmy | Spark IBC • Leo | BlockHunters • Del Rey | Stakin For more supporting details and discussion, please reference the [Commonwealth Post.](https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/8516-dorahacks-hackathon-proposal-with-evmos) ### Voting • By voting **YES**, indicates approval of the proposal in its current form. • By voting **NO**, indicates disapproval of the proposal in its current form. • By voting **ABSTAIN**, you formally decline to vote either for or against the proposal. • By voting **NOWITHVETO**, indicates stronger opposition to the proposal than simply voting **No**. If the number of **NoWithVeto** votes is greater than a third of total votes excluding **Abstain** votes, the proposal is rejected and the deposits are burned.

# Build A Community Owned DEX (UniV3) ## Authors - [Orbital Apes](https://twitter.com/OrbitalApes) - [Evmos DAO](https://twitter.com/EvmosDAO) ## Summary The Evmos DAO and Orbital Apes team aim to deliver a fully community owned DEX within two months. We believe that Evmos can become market competitive in terms of liquidity and user experience. - No investment token - No initial swap fees - Not profit oriented - UniV3 functionalities (concentrated liquidity) - Integrated IBC asset and continous development guaranteed If this proposal passes, we will ship a V3 DEX deployment in the shortest amount of time. The OA team will handle the engineering side, while the responsibilities of socials management, proposals for incentives and incentives management would be handled by the EvmosDAO. The requested funds is for the Orbital Apes team only since the Evmos DAO is already fully funded. Funding is requested as this DEX will be built as public good for Evmos and will not have any funding coming from token sales or protocol fees. *Notes: This can be seen as an alternative to the ICHI proposal. We believe that we can ship a more feature rich DEX at **much lower costs**. To our knowledge, UniV3 is not adding new chains any time soon due to legal reasons.* ## Goal Create a capital efficient AMM to grow native liquidity on Evmos. This will be achieved with the help of EvmosDAO by creating cross-chain proposals for co-incentives (Evmos and Partnering chain) to LP providers and cross-chain token swaps to create protocol-owned liquidity managed by EvmosDAO. ## Deployment Path of UniV3 Fork - Engineer custom V3 DEX frontend with IBC<>ERC20 conversion - Fork UniV3 and deploy modified contracts (no protocol fees, no investement token) in April - Bridge integration - Keplr integration (third party dependency) ### Benefits **1 - Liquidity** The Evmos DAO team will be making proposals on other IBC chains to incentivize this DEX along with supplemented Evmos incentives.Protocol owned liquidty would work along side this as well. This will allow Evmos to build more native liquidity and force wider users to IBC tokens into Evmos. After this more DeFi protocols can be built once on chain liquidity is established. **2 - Time to market** We are market ready within two months. Targetting testnet before April and mainnet once the UniV3 license expires. *Side note: The whole cosmos ecosystem is moving towards LSD's. V3 positions are much more tuned for these pools then traditional Dex's. V3 is may more profitable for LP's and provides a much stronger peg between something like stAtom/Atom. If we wait 5 months instead of 2 months we could potentially lose a large chunk of this liquidity to other protocols.* **3 - Keplr integration** In the near future Keplr is going to have full EVM compatibiltiy. The users will be able to interact with Keplr and Metamask on the DEX. - [ERC20 Support](https://github.com/chainapsis/keplr-wallet/pull/531) - [Tx Signing Support](https://github.com/chainapsis/keplr-wallet/pull/483) - Contracts signing: Once contracts signing is integrated by Keplr the OA will merge it into the DEX. **4 - IBC conversion page** Similar to https://app.evmos.org/assets, this will provide a user friendly interface and reduce complexity of onboarding cosmos based users. A bridge section will be added to deposit/withdraw from multiple EVM chains such as Ethereum, Avalanche, BNB and many more through Satellite (Axelar). **5 - No Protocol Fees** Traditional decentralized exchanges charge a fee on every swap that flows directly to the protocol or token holders. Initially this will be set to zero, any changes of the fee structure must be approved by the Evmos governance in form of a text proposal. LP fees will still be charged and distributed on swaps to LP providers. **6 - No Investment Token** The community owned DEX will not have a corresponding governance token. As a community owned project built by OA/EvmosDAO future major developments will be funded through seperate funding requests or grants programs/boutnies. Incentives for liquidity will come in the form of Evmos incentives proposals and Cross-Chain incentives proposals. **7 - Future Development: All the upcoming Evmos/Cross-Chain innovation** - New innovation like ICA and ICQ will be actively explored and integrated the best possible way to stay competitive. Such integration would require a seperate funding request. - Explore and integrate cross-chain bridge swaps through services such as LiFi. ## Milestones - Deploy the AMM V3 (Contracts/Frontend/Backend) to the Evmos Testnet | Funds realesed: 40% two weeks after testnet - Deploy the AMM V3 (Contracts/Frontend/Backend) to the Evmos Mainnet | Funds realesed: 40% two weeks after mainnet - IBC conversion page integration | Funds realesed: 10% after functional integration - Keplr integration | Funds realesed: 10% after functional integration ## Funding Amount This funding proposal will kick off the development for V3. The requested amount of 200,000 Evmos goes fully to the OA team since the Evmos DAO is already funded by the Evmos community. Signatories (3/4 Threshold): - GV | DAO - CtrlAltApe | OA - Luisqa | Zenith Station - Silk Nodes Safe Deployment Address: [0x7B4Ca78E62e06De7A921DF03A319ff09A09A84D0](https://safe.evmos.org/evmos:0x7B4Ca78E62e06De7A921DF03A319ff09A09A84D0/home?showCreationModal=true) **Risk / Risk Mitigation** Risk: The OA team fails to deliver an AMM for the community. Mitigation: Funds are held in a multisig and are paid out on completion of milestones.

# Summary As part of the Cosmos ZERO initiative with Regen Network, we would like to discuss bringing Evmos’s carbon emission to net zero (EvmosZERO) by employing community funds to offset Evmos's protocol validator set for the year 2022. This will be one of the first steps to kickstart ReFi on Evmos! # Author Nemus | Stakecito Ghazni | Stakecito Twitter: [@stakecito](https://twitter.com/stakecito)) # Abstract Dear Evmosians, we propose to fund 79,750 $EVMOS (= USD $23,925 at $0.3 per $EVMOS) from the Evmos community pool to purchase and retire 7,975 Nature Carbon Ton (USD $3 a credit) on Regen marketplace at [app.regen.network](https://app.regen.network/), to make the Evmos protocol carbon neutral for the year of 2022. ## Regen Network Development PBC commits to hold and stake the 79,750 $EVMOS for 12 months, beginning as soon as the Evmos tokens are sent from the multi-sig address. Any unspent $EVMOS will be returned to the Evmos community pool. This is an improved proposal version with a significantly reduced ask amount since we excluded CFCs (City Forest Credits) and added a 12-month Evmos price protection (courtesy of Regen Network Development PBC) after taking a lot of community feedback into account. You can find the link to the Commonwealth discussion [here](https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/10149-prevote-kick-off-refi-on-evmos-offset-evmoss-carbon-emission-for-2022). ## Multisig committee: -Nemus | Stakecito (0x4F2f657E265d8aA9Ea75dB7d7137594C42ce69Dc) -LPX | Evmos DAO Governance (0x02b8f20a5663c0679045ed9e6715b36c85b30f4b) -Dan | Qwoyn Validator (0x4d696630877a0584e30866d1444859fb8d9E5956) -Pete | Regenerator (0x0e722c4220bDaB54D15869f427969e9b7ecec5ca) -SR | Kalia Network (0xa955B26102F89CaBaf8E0366478E948516F11039) ## Multisig contract (3/5) / recipient address: 0x2DE486f4CBC362A4BbD25968F88547f076B2C212 # EvmosZERO - kicking off ReFi on Evmos! Why is offsetting Evmos’s carbon emission important for Evmos? Why is ReFi on Evmos a huge opportunity going forward? Well, carbon credits are financial assets that are rapidly becoming tokenized onto blockchains. Demand for carbon credits is expected to become a $500 billion + industry by 2030, and is already a 6 billion annual industry. The race is on! Some of the major Ethereum (VM) compatible blockchains, such as Polygon, offset their carbon emission by retiring $400,000 in carbon credits (104,794 tonnes) on KlimaDAO, a Polygon based ReFi market. The decision came after [Polygon’s $20 Million pledge](https://polygon.technology/blog/polygon-is-going-carbon-negative-in-2022-with-a-20-million-pledge) to become carbon negative in 2022. Celo, another EVM chain, went a step further and is not only [carbon negative from the get-go](https://blog.celo.org/a-carbon-negative-blockchain-its-here-and-it-s-celo-60228de36490), but it is increasingly becoming the EVM-hub for ReFi by actively investing in projects and collaborating with existing players such as Toucan Protocol on Polygon and Regen Network on Cosmos. As a first step to kickstart ReFi on Evmos, we are inviting the Evmos protocol to become a part of the Cosmos ZERO initiative and to offset its carbon emission on the Regen Network for 2022. Evmos has its roots in Cosmos (Cosmos Hub prop 44) and this would demonstrate to all stakeholders in the space that strong alliances within the Cosmos ecosystem are possible. Cosmos ZERO, a partnership of Regen Network and the Interchain Foundation, is an initiative for Cosmos protocols and validators to achieve net-zero carbon emissions for their network validator node infrastructure and operations. ## [Cosmos ZERO Program](https://regennetwork.notion.site/Cosmos-ZERO-Achieve-Protocol-Validator-Net-Zero-Carbon-Emissions-ddd441e3ff3d4dbda83265433843ec10) ## What are some of the potential synergies between Evmos & Regen that could be addressed in future proposals? - Add $EVMOS to the allowed currency list for Regen Network - Bring NCTs and CFCs as ERC-20 to Evmos - Launch $EVMOS/$NCT & $REGEN/$NCT pools on Evmos dexes - Help the Evmos validator set to improve the climate impact of their node infrastructure and thereby reduce the carbon footprint Regen is providing knowledge and resources to enable ReFi on Evmos. Regen also helped Evmos to push ReFi projects such as Gitcoin, supporting this on the Gitcoin end for many years. Offsetting on Regen is just a first step in this mutual partnership. ## Voting - Voting YES indicates approval of the proposal in its current form. - Voting NO indicates disapproval of the proposal in its current form. - Voting ABSTAIN indicates you formally decline to vote either for or against the proposal. - Voting NOWITHVETO indicates stronger opposition to the proposal than simply voting No. If the number of NoWithVeto votes exceeds a third of the total votes excluding Abstain votes, the proposal is rejected and the deposits are burned.

## Author - Evmos DAO [Telegram](t.me/evmosdao), [Twitter](https://twitter.com/EvmosDAO) - Forge [Telegram](t.me/forgedex), [Twitter](https://twitter.com/forgedex) ## Summary This proposal aims to provide liquidity of the Evmos treasury to the stEVMOS/EVMOS pair. We request 2M Evmos, with 1M Evmos allocated for liquid staking. All funds will be added to the Forge stEVMOS/EVMOS liquidity pool (~600k USD). It will be actively managed by the DAO, OA + two trusted and active community members. ## Abstract This initiative is designed to enhance the growth and long-term sustainability of the ecosystem. It involves requesting 2M Evmos from the Evmos treasury and staking 1M Evmos in the liquid staking module of Stride. The DAO will then allocate 1M stEVMOS and 1M EVMOS to the Forge liquidity pool. This will improve the liquid staked token liquidity of Evmos in the market, and the allocation will be monitored and adjusted based on market conditions and community input. Rewards Distribution and DAO Sustainability is another key initiative. The rewards generated from liquid staking and the Forge liquidity pool (LP fees) will be directed to the multisig wallet. A portion of the rewards will be used to cover the operational costs of the DEX to ensure long-term sustainability and growth. This includes development, maintenance, moderation, promotion, marketing, legal and compliance duties. As of today we have monthly costs of roughly ~1k USD (graph service, quote api). The remaining rewards will be allocated for Forge bounties. Bounties are a common way for decentralized exchanges to incentivize developers and security researchers to contribute to the platform. Here are some potential bounties: - Feature bounties: A feature bounty program incentivizes developers to contribute new features or improvements to the platform's codebase. - Education bounties: An education bounty program incentivizes users to create educational content about the platform, such as blog posts, videos, or tutorials. - Bug bounties: A bug bounty program rewards security researchers for identifying and reporting security vulnerabilities or bugs in the platform's codebase. We value transparency and accountability in all aspects of our operations, including our bounty programs. As part of our commitment to transparency, we will provide quarterly reports detailing the bounties we have offered and the costs associated with Forge. To ensure the security and integrity of staked funds and community assets, Univ3 liquidity pools will be utilized, which have a proven track record of security and reliability on Ethereum. Acknowledging the potential risks associated with the liquid staking provider Stride, which has undergone multiple audits and implemented IBC limits to minimize vulnerabilities. As a comparison, the ATOM accelerator program also liquid staked around 60k ATOM (~600k USD) by using Stride. **Additionally, Stride has partnered with Forge and committed to incentivize pools on Forge with their own governance tokens.** By implementing this proposal, the Evmos community can expect improved utility and value from the treasury funds, increased market liquidity, and a more sustainable DAO and Forge DEX model. A LSD pool by the treasury, along with the security measures in place, will contribute to the overall growth and success of the Evmos ecosystem. ## Stride The Stride DAO will be providing incentives as soon as technically possible. If the community provides treasury liquidity of stEVMOS/EVMOS it allows stride to incentivize different pools (like stEVMOS/USDC) instead which brings more external TVL into the Evmos ecosystem. ## Timeframe After careful consideration and discussion, the general agreement is to pool these funds into a liquidity pool for a period of 6 months. A follow up proposal will be made to renew after the specified period. If the renewal is rejected, the 2M Evmos will be returned. The requested funds only provision liquidity to Forge. Side note: If a vault provider that is trusted deploys on Evmos, it could be worth considering entrusting the management of the LP position to the vault. ## About Forge The Evmos DAO and OA teamed up and delivered a fully UniV3 compatible DEX on Evmos. Forge is fully community owned and funded. What we offer is: - No investment token - No initial protocol fees - Not profit oriented - UniV3 functionalities (concentrated liquidity) - Integrated IBC asset (coming soon) - One click liquid staking button (coming soon) [See full proposal here](https://www.mintscan.io/evmos/proposals/113) ## Multisig 4/6 The position must be adjusted on a regular basis because stEVMOS accrues value against EVMOS daily. Therefore, it is important to keep the multisig simple and effective. - CO | Orbital Apes - 0xCtrlAltApe | Orbital Apes - Luisqa | Zenith Station - Silk Nodes - LPX | DAO - GV | DAO

# Actionable analytics, management, and Incentives tools for liquidity providers by Revert Finance ## Authors - Evmos DAO ([Telegram](https://t.me/evmosdao), [Twitter](https://twitter.com/EvmosDAO)) - Forge ([Telegram](http://t.me/forgedex), [Twitter](https://twitter.com/forgedex)) - Mario | Revert Finance ([Website](https://revert.finance/)[Twitter](https://twitter.com/revertfinance)) ## Summary The Forge team recognizes the valuable tools and resources for v3 that Revert Finance would bring to the Evmos ecosystem and have been in talks for deployment. This proposal aims to formalize the partnership and commitment to deploy, which will also allow the start of the incentives programs on Forge through their unique time-vested [incentives contracts](https://mirror.xyz/revertfinance.eth/pUufXuRkUHjrV_oq0bq2sunvQ0hz7u529jWDKlQnm-Q). ## Introduction to Revert Finance Revert Finance is a well-known protocol in the DeFi landscape for their unparalleled tools, data and analytics, and resources to optimize Univ3 liquidity positions, empowering users to make the most of their liquidity. Valuable analytics such as a position’s PNL, ROI, impermanent loss, historical data, amount invested, etc., provides great insights that are easily understood by users. Revert has a solid track record, with successful collaborations with Uniswap deployments on other networks, such as [Polygon](https://mirror.xyz/revertfinance.eth/_FfxBuW7iNwyJZuM796J3rHzRQ4wOYdAck3nWqqcoIE) and [Optimism](https:/mirror.xyz/revertfinance.eth/9GC9GWqygz-naejNxHueFZSH3RXCltqZ9BT_4LsWsWg). We encourage everyone to watch [this video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O61msPF5MYw) to learn more and get detailed insights on Revert’s tools. ## Tools **Position Analytics:** Check and easily track the performance of your positions on Forge. Info and screenshot [here](https://docs.revert.finance/revert/position-analytics/uniswap-v3-positions). **Top positions:** The Top Positions section shows a list of the top active positions based on how they are performing overall on Evmos. Info and screenshot [here](https://docs.revert.finance/revert/top-positions). **Incentives:** Revert has an incentives section that displays the currently running incentives programs on the Uniswap v3 canonical staker contract, as well as the time-vested staker contract. Uniswap v3 position dashboards automatically detect and display the rewards accrued by each position. Info and screenshot [here](https://docs.revert.finance/revert/liquidity-incentives/time-vested-v3-staker). **Initiator:** The initiator helps users *initiate* LP positions. Opening positions on concentrated liquidity AMMs requires making important decisions about price ranges, which can be greatly aided with historical data and analysis. Info and screenshot [here](https://docs.revert.finance/revert/initiator/start-providing-liquidity). **Auto-compounding:** The Revert auto-compounder allows LPs to automate the compounding of the accrued fees in exchange for a fixed percentage of the compounded fees. This serves to incentivize a maximum number of compounds at optimal times with regards to gas costs. Info and screenshot [here](https://docs.revert.finance/revert/auto-compounder). **Position Management:** The position management interface is available from the account and position pages, where LPs can Add or Withdraw Liquidity and Claim Fees. Within this interface, you can also swap tokens to align with your desired ratio when adding liquidity, withdrawing, or claiming! ## Milestones and Deliverables Deliverables refer to the tangible or intangible items that are completed by Revert Finance. These deliverables are grouped together into milestones. The team at Revert Finance has set a target of completing all the deliverables within ~8 weeks, with the goal of demonstrating a long-term commitment to the project. Milestone 1 is prioritized by Revert to help with the roll out of Forge incentives. The project start date is May 1st. **Milestone 1 - Incentive Tools [25% release 1 months after completion]** - Vested v3staker contract: Deployment of the vested v3 staker contract on EVMOS - Vested v3staker frontend: allowing anyone to stake positions and the creation of incentive programs for Forge pools. **Milestone 2 - Analytics and Indexing** **[25% release 2 months after completion]** - Analytics for existing positions: LPs are able to track PNL, APR, Fees etc for their positions - Indexing of top positions: Users are able to browse and explore the catalog of existing positions across Forge pools **Milestone 3- Position Management and Auto-compounder [25% release 3 months after completion]** - Initiator / backtester for Forge pools: Users are able to backtest and create new positions using the revert interface - v3utils contract and frontend: Utilities for LPs, swap and mint, move ranges, etc.. - Auto-compounder: Deployment and support for the auto-compounder contract and protocol including auto-compounding bots **Milestone 4 - Keplr integration [25% release 4 months after completion]** - Integration of Keplr wallet ## Revenue Module The contracts that are deployed in Milestone 1 (vested v3staker contracts, i.e. pool incentives) will be registered on the [x/revenue module](https://docs.evmos.org/protocol/modules/revenue) with the Forge Community Multisig Safe as the `WithdrawerAddress`. This will demonstrate Revert’s commitment and alignment with Forge’s core concept of being community owned, assist in the long-term goal of becoming a self-sustainable public good of Evmos, and shows good faith in Revert’s desire to grow alongside with the Evmos Community. ## Funding Amount The requested amount of 200,000 Evmos goes fully to the Revert Finance team if the milestones and deliverables are met. If the Revert Finance team fails to deliver within 4 months after the proposal passed, the remaining funds will be returned. Signatories (3/5 Threshold): - DAO | Benny - OA | CtrlAltApe - Rok | Qubelabs - Mario | Revert Finance - Bosco | Silk Nodes Safe Deployment Address: [0x3d7E191cABba892CEa2E00D06C67aF08dfd58CdD](https://safe.evmos.org/home?safe=evmos:0x3d7E191cABba892CEa2E00D06C67aF08dfd58CdD&showCreationModal=true)

# Inferno - An incentive program to bootstrap liquidity in Forge ## Authors - Evmos DAO ([Telegram](https://t.me/evmosdao), [Twitter](https://twitter.com/EvmosDAO)) - Orbital Apes ([Website](https://www.orbitalapes.com/), [Twitter](https://twitter.com/OrbitalApes)) - Forge ([Telegram](http://t.me/forgedex), [Twitter](https://twitter.com/forgedex)) ## Summary Introducing **Inferno** - a 12 week long incentive program to bootstrap liquidity in [Forge](https://app.forge.trade/#/swap), the community owned DEX of Evmos. The Forge team is requesting 3,000,000 Evmos to fund this initiative. The program aims to solve the liquidity issue on Evmos but also leverages the potential of concentrated liquidity and staked assets. Such a highly attractive incentive program combined with concentrated liquidity and LST has never been done in the Cosmos ecosystem before. Potentially making Forge the most capital efficient DEX within the Cosmos! ## Goal Create sustainable liquidity and volume on Forge but also raise awareness about DeFi on Cosmos with solidity-based applications. ## Abstract **Motivation** The Evmos blockchain has the potential to become a unique environment for DeFi in the IBC ecosystem, but it has had its fair share of roadblocks that have slowed down and limited growth. By incentivizing staked assets (such as stEVMOS, stATOM, rETH) people will earn staking rewards while providing liquidity and participate in the incentive program; no DEX on Cosmos has done this yet which is a unique value proposition of Forge. On top of that highly concentrated pools can be created between the native and staked asset (such as stATOM/ATOM) with limited impermanent loss risks but lot of revenue potential. **Action plan and Pools** The full incentive program has a duration of 84 days - divided into 4 periods of 21 days. Before each period the incentive rewards will be liquid staked to stEVMOS and rolled into the 21 days program. As a result of liquid staking, the Stride DAO council committed to add 1,000 STRD/day to the incentive program. We selected 7 pools in total and put them into three different incentive tiers. Our goal is to avoid fragmentation and get deep base liquidity on Evmos. The requested daily emissions equal to 7.9% of the current staking emissions. Users providing liquidity will potentially earn staking rewards, liquidity emissions from this program and LP fees. To find a rough estimate of the APR at $1M TVL per pool, please open the [spreadsheet](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/133w6CmVNSxg78Zbtmd83VDrux244WXUsQbeqqO--PHY/edit?usp=sharing). Keep in mind that if the TVL is below $1M TVL, the APR is higher and vice versa. **Tier 1 - ~9,286 EVMOS daily emission per pool** - stEVMOS/stATOM - stEVMOS/axlUSDC (+ 600 Stride incentives) - stEVMOS/axlRETH **Tier 2 - ~2,589 EVMOS daily emission per pool** - stEVMOS/STRD (+ 200 Stride incentives) - stATOM/ATOM (+ 200 Stride incentives) **Tier 3 - ~1,339 EVMOS daily emissions per pool** - axlUSDC/ceUSDT - axlRETH/axlWETH **Vesting** The time-vesting uniswap staker is a [fork of the Uniswap v3 staker](https://mirror.xyz/revertfinance.eth/pUufXuRkUHjrV_oq0bq2sunvQ0hz7u529jWDKlQnm-Q) that adds a linear vesting period for positions to receive the full amounts of the accrued rewards. Linear vesing of rewards is intended to prevent ultra-concentrated liquidity from gaming the incentives and extract most of the rewards. You can read more about it on this [post](https://mirror.xyz/revertfinance.eth/pUufXuRkUHjrV_oq0bq2sunvQ0hz7u529jWDKlQnm-Q). While the incentive rewards accrue proportional to *liquidity*, in the same way that trading fees do, the vested fraction increases linearly while the position is in range. Rewards that have not been accrued to positions not being staked or out of range or withdrawn before end of vesting period, would be rolled over to the next cycle. **Rewards claiming** Vesting is calculated when you unstake the position. So, when you unstake the position, the contract checks if the liquidity was active for longer than the vesting period. If it is, you get all rewards for the amount of active liquidity you provided in the time period. if it's not it gives you the ratio of timespent/vesting period*(rewards received if there was no vesting period). **Timeline** Incentives can kick off once they're approved through governance and after Revert completes atleast the first two milestones of their funding proposal. We estimate the week of the 22nd May. **Adjustments** If the liquidity of a pool does not match our expectation we might make adjustments on the allocation per pool as we learn during this program. Each change will be discussed on [Forge’s social channel](https://t.me/forgeDEX) and communicated upfront. ## Multisig 4/6 All the funds will eventually flow to the liquidity providers. - LPX | DAO - George | DAO - CtrlAltApe | OrbitalApes - John | Stride - Rok | Qubelabs - Luis | Interbloc Safe Deployment Address: [evmos:0xb75ce906a270F7680Faf1A2F6D70F4f28061B87a](https://safe.evmos.org/home?safe=evmos:0xb75ce906a270F7680Faf1A2F6D70F4f28061B87a&showCreationModal=true) ## Highlighting Engaged Community Members Special thanks for input & feedback on this program from Luis (Interbloc), _Nick (active community member) and John Galt (Stride).

discussion: https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/11715-participation-in-genesis-pools-on-tashi-an-opportunity-for-evmos-dao

# [ECP-3] Renewal of the Evmos DAO Governance Workstream - **Author(s):** Evmos DAO, OA - Full Proposal [here](http://links.evmosdao.org/ECP-3) ## I. Summary - The Governance Workstream has operated under the Evmos DAO Interim Constitution for over a year; the workstream was formalized and funded by Proposal #113, proposed on January 31st. - Since formalization, the workstream has been at the forefront of community-led initiatives while maintaining resource efficiency amidst market conditions (Forge, Revert Finance, Steer, Snapshot, Inferno Program, Hedgey, Satsuma, Stride incentives, and more) - This proposal aims to secure funding for the workstream and its ongoing and planned initiatives for the second half of 2023. ## II. Achievements & Progress Report ### Ecosystem Growth & Protocol Onboarding (OA inclusive) - Public Goods and Services - Forge DEX (Uniswap v3) deployment, first Community Owned Liquidity (~2M Evmos), Snapshot.org integration, continued Assets Page improvements, Validators Index and first touchpoint with Chainlink SCALE program. - Project Onboarding to Evmos - Hedgey Finance, Revert Finance, Steer Protocol, DefiLlama connector, Satsuma Subgraphs, native Stride Incentives, and **many more** **in discussion**. ### Transparency & DAO Communications - [DAO Transparency Dashboard](https://gov.evmos.community/): one of our first internal projects of the workstream was to ensure full transparency into our ongoing tasks, projects, and initiatives. - Social media, meetings, and announcements. - [The Diplomat](https://thediplomat.blog/): Governance briefs, recaps, and summaries ### Governance Proposals and Community Pool Usage - 11 Proposals, 10 Passed; 90.9% success rate - Protocol Funding**:** 1,350,000 EVMOS - Forge Incentives: 3,000,000 EVMOS - Community Owned Liquidity: 2,000,000 EVMOS ### Accountability and Due Diligence - Governance workstream actively manages or has managed both internal-use and external Gnosis Safe wallets; 20+ multisigs YTD - 14 million EVMOS managed or actively being managed - 410+ multisig transactions signed YTD by Governance Workstream members, zero major incidents or any act of misconduct, heavy due diligence and contract reviews conducted for asset transfers. - The DAO actively monitored community spent and was able to recover misused funds from Metatank ## III. 2023 Second Half Objectives and Initiatives The following is a tentative list of initiatives that have already begun, has been planned, or is currently in discussion. They are subject to change. - Continue to onboard more EVM-based DeFi protocols onto Evmos (emphasis on perpetuals, prediction markets, and LSDs) - Forge v2 and continuous development in new features and improved UI/UX - Design and experiment with better governance and delegation tools using EVM Extensions - Experiment and deploy EVM Extension contracts with wide use-cases as public goods - Begin experimenting with decentralized decision making via Snapshot - Sustainable Treasury Initiatives Continued - Explore potential cross-protocol use cases between Forge, the DAO treasury, and new projects preparing to launch (i.e. Tashi, StayKing, Pangolin, etc.) - Explore the possibilities and potential benefits of cross-EVM deployments of Forge with networks that have shown interest - Fast-track Chainlink deployment via SCALE program ## V. Funding Request ### Infrastructure The Orbital Apes team is currently funding critical tools necessary for the smooth operation of Forge, while the DAO is covering costs for various services that host public projects and internal tools that enable the team to work efficiently with our limited resources. - Infrastructure Expense Funding — $1,000 / month (Forge’s subgraph and router alone is ~$800/mo). ### Funding The governance workstream founders cut down their salary by an average of 20% across the board to the previous funding cycle. For a breakdown of the ask, please [refer to this page](http://links.evmosdao.org/ECP-3-Table) *Note: The Evmos Community is currently holding 248.5mil EVMOS tokens (roughly $23mil), 55% of which is deployable through the community pool. For this funding cycle, we’ll compute the total funding amount with a fixed price of $0.075 per token.* Funds will be released to the existing DAO treasury (managed by DAO + community members), All treasury spending will continued to be publicly viewable with full transparency. The Treasury reserves the right to allocate a portion into stEVMOS. **Safe:** [0xC3C5156911bf53f12913b68E0532096536B30600](https://safe.evmos.org/evmos:0xC3C5156911bf53f12913b68E0532096536B30600) (evmos1c0z326g3haflz2gnk68q2vsfv5mtxpsqgqgd0v)

# on-chain version ## **Authors** - Evmos DAO ([Telegram](https://t.me/evmosdao), [Twitter](https://twitter.com/EvmosDAO)) - Steer Protocol ([Website](https://steer.finance/), [Twitter](https://twitter.com/steerprotocol)) - Forge ([Telegram](http://t.me/forgedex), [Twitter](https://twitter.com/forgedex)) ### **Summary** The Forge team requests 3,000,000 EVMOS to fund a 12-week-long incentive program in partnership with Steer Protocol to further attract liquidity to Evmos DeFi. Forge’s successful Inferno incentives program continues to thrive in partnership with Revert. To further enhance Inferno’s impact, the Forge team proposes to extend the incentives program to Steer Protocol. Steer, a complementary dApp to Forge, unlocks new possibilities for Liquidity Providers, including automated position management and a strategy marketplace. This program strengthens Forge’s mission to be the most capital and incentive-efficient DEX within the Cosmos. ### **Goal** With Steer’s capital-efficient position management strategies, the goal is to foster pools with high APR and deeper, more concentrated liquidity. This new approach requires fewer stEVMOS incentives, demonstrating an optimized use of resources. - **Primary Objective:** Grow sustainable liquidity and volume on Forge. - **Secondary Objective:** Attract new DeFi protocols to deploy solidity-based applications in the Cosmos. ### **Overview** **Motivation** Forge is leading the way as the first DEX in the Cosmos to incentivize staked assets (such as stEVMOS, stATOM, and rETH), enabling participants to earn staking rewards while contributing liquidity. Due to Inferno, Forge has shown significant growth, with an average daily volume of $1,138,917. The inclusion of Steer is meant as a catalyst to further its growth. **Unique strengths of Steer** - Offers user-friendly entry into various LP strategies. - Facilitates responsiveness to market movements due to automation. - Ability to self-launch automated pools for any asset. - Multi-position strategies, for increasing capital allocation efficiency. **Impact on Forge** - **Deep and Dynamic Liquidity:** Steer running on top of Forge enables deep, concentrated, and dynamic liquidity. - **Incentive Efficiency:** This program creates the most incentive-efficient DEX, effectively reducing community pool spending to achieve liquidity goals. - **Healthy Rewards:** Ensures that liquidity providers receive competitive rewards. By adding Steer to Forge’s incentives program, we aim to leverage unique strengths and synergies to build a more robust, flexible, and efficient ecosystem. The Forge team strives to innovate by seeking partnerships with complementary DeFi protocols. This collaboration is a practical step in enhancing DeFi within the Cosmos ecosystem. **Action Plan and Pools** The total proposed incentives amount to 3,000,000 EVMOS, distributed over a program length of 84 days. We selected 3 pools to encourage deeper base liquidity growth on Evmos. **Request:** 3,000,000 EVMOS to be distributed as Stride liquid-staked stEVMOS over 12 weeks. The strategies to be employed are linked below. **~14,285 EVMOS daily emission** - [stEVMOS/axlUSDC](https://app.steer.finance/app/0x8/vault/0x581366984221cb599ef1877bd787a9d05bf33ead?engine=MultiPositionForge&chainId=9001) **~10,714 EVMOS daily emission** - [stEVMOS/stATOM](https://app.steer.finance/app/0x8/vault/0x1ed12675871c43e25cca4e2c1ec612abf7cc8687?engine=MultiPositionForge&chainId=9001) **~10,714 EVMOS daily emission** - [stEVMOS/axlRETH](https://app.steer.finance/app/0x8/vault/0x75a2623366e3de24ceaf9ef9dcaef1b10fe62d32?engine=MultiPositionForge&chainId=9001) **Timeline** Incentives can begin once they’re approved through governance. Steer has fully deployed on Evmos. **Adjustments** If the liquidity of a pool does not match our expectations, we might adjust the allocation per pool as we learn during this program. Each change will be discussed on [Forge’s social channel](https://t.me/forgeDEX) and communicated upfront. ## Multisig 3/5 All the funds will eventually flow to the liquidity providers. - LPX | DAO - CtrlAltApe | OrbitalApes - John | Stride - Rok | Qubelabs - Luis | Interbloc Safe Deployment Address: [evmos:0xb75ce906a270F7680Faf1A2F6D70F4f28061B87a](https://safe.evmos.org/home?safe=evmos:0xb75ce906a270F7680Faf1A2F6D70F4f28061B87a&showCreationModal=true)

discussion: https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/12605-lunar-launch-tashi-launch-liquidity-incentives

# Inferno 2 - Continuing Forge LP incentives with Revert Finance ## **Authors** - Evmos DAO ([Telegram](https://t.me/evmosdao), [Twitter](https://twitter.com/EvmosDAO)) - Forge ([Telegram](http://t.me/forgedex), [Twitter](https://twitter.com/forgedex)) ## **Summary** **Inferno 2** - a second round of a 12 week long incentive program on [Forge](https://app.forge.trade/#/swap), the community owned DEX of Evmos. The Forge team is requesting 3,000,000 EVMOS to fund this second initiative, which will run in parallel with the Steer incentive program. This proposal aims to continue the success and growth of Forge, which as processed over $20,000,000 in trading volume since Inferno began. ## **Goal** Create sustainable liquidity and volume on Forge but also raise awareness about DeFi on Cosmos with solidity-based applications. ## **Abstract** **Motivation** The Evmos blockchain has the potential to become a unique environment for DeFi in the IBC ecosystem, but it has had its fair share of roadblocks that have slowed down and limited growth. By incentivizing staked assets (such as stEVMOS, stATOM, rETH) people will earn staking rewards while providing liquidity and participate in the incentive program; no DEX on Cosmos has done this yet which is a unique value proposition of Forge. On top of that highly concentrated pools can be created between the native and staked asset (such as stATOM/ATOM) with limited impermanent loss risks but lot of revenue potential. **Action plan and Pools** The full incentive program has a duration of 84 days - divided into 2 periods of 42 days. Before each period the incentive rewards will be liquid staked to stEVMOS and rolled into the 42 day program. The Stride DAO has committed to providing 250 STRD per day as external incentives for the first half of the program and will re-evaluate this commitment leading up to the second half! We selected 6 pools in total and put them into two different incentive tiers. Our goal is to avoid fragmentation and get deep base liquidity on Evmos. **Tier 1 - 31,414 EVMOS total daily emission** - stEVMOS/stATOM - stEVMOS/axlUSDC - stEVMOS/axlRETH - stEVMOS/STRD **Tier 2 - 4,300 EVMOS total daily emission** - stATOM/ATOM - axlRETH/axlWETH **Vesting** For this round of incentives, we are proposing an increase in the vesting period to 7 days across all pools. *The time-vesting uniswap staker is a[fork of the Uniswap v3 staker](https://mirror.xyz/revertfinance.eth/pUufXuRkUHjrV_oq0bq2sunvQ0hz7u529jWDKlQnm-Q) that adds a linear vesting period for positions to receive the full amounts of the accrued rewards. Linear vesing of rewards is intended to prevent ultra-concentrated liquidity from gaming the incentives and extract most of the rewards. You can read more about it on this [post](https://mirror.xyz/revertfinance.eth/pUufXuRkUHjrV_oq0bq2sunvQ0hz7u529jWDKlQnm-Q).* **Rewards claiming** Vesting is calculated when you unstake the position. So, when you unstake the position, the contract checks if the liquidity was active for longer than the vesting period. If it is, you get all rewards for the amount of active liquidity you provided in the time period. if it's not it gives you the ratio of timespent/vesting period*(rewards received if there was no vesting period). The unallocated tokens are then refunded to the deployer once the incentive contract expires. These refunded tokens will be rolled into the next period or extend the length of the program. **Adjustments** If the liquidity of a pool does not match our expectation we might make adjustments on the allocation per pool or the vesting period as we learn during this program. Each change will be discussed on [Forge's social channel](https://t.me/forgeDEX) and communicated upfront. ## **Multisig 3/5** All the funds will eventually flow to the liquidity providers. - LPX | DAO - CtrlAltApe | OrbitalApes - John | Stride - Rok | Qubelabs - Luis | Interbloc Safe Deployment Address: [evmos:0xb75ce906a270F7680Faf1A2F6D70F4f28061B87a](https://safe.evmos.org/home?safe=evmos:0xb75ce906a270F7680Faf1A2F6D70F4f28061B87a&showCreationModal=true) ## **Highlighting Engaged Community Members** Special thanks for input & feedback on this program from Luis (Interbloc), and _Nick (active community member)

## Author - Nick (Community Member) ## TL;DR The Evmos Community in cooperation with Forge, Steer and Tashi requests 700k EVMOS for USDT liquidity incentives to meaningfully participate in the Kava Rise USDt program and receive KAVA co-incentives. ## Program **Duration**: - 30 days - 700k EVMOS The incentives for Forge pools will be liquid staked via Stride or converted via pools to stEVMOS, depending on the conversion rate. **Forge/Revert**: - Stable-pools (no vesting): 25k EVMOS for USDT/axlUSDC **Forge/Steer**: - Variable non-EVMOS-pools / narrow strategy: 50k EVMOS for stATOM/USDT - Variable Evmos-Pools / wide strategy: 475k EVMOS for stEVMOS/USDT **Tashi**: 150k EVMOS - USDT deposits ## Rationale **Forge/Revert stable-pools:** serves as a high incentive-efficient building of USDT liquidity on Evmos, with (for now) the dominant stable asset in Cosmos (axlUSDC). **Forge/Steer non-EVMOS-pools:** serve as popular/attractive pairings for LPs with moderate incentive efficiency. **Forge/Steer EVMOS-pool:** serves as a positive demand-factor for EVMOS as an asset and brings more liquidity for it. The less demand/liquidity for the reward asset (EVMOS) the higher is the impact from community pool asks on the remaining value of community pool. That’s why every healthy incentive program should consider EVMOS demand/liquidity as an important building block. **Tashi Supply/Borrow:** serves as a very high incentive-efficient use of EVMOS to increase USDT deposits. The additionally allocated EVMOS through this proposal would only be used to incentivize the supply market for USDT - different to the Lunar incentive program in which 20% goes towards supply and 80% towards borrowing, resulting in an “efficiency loss” when it comes to USDT deposits to the chain. The received KAVA co-incentives from the Kava Rise USDt program would be allocated in the same proportions as the EVMOS incentives. The incentives could kick off as soon as this proposal passes governance and the multi-sig has time to fill the respective contracts. The already established multi-sig from the Steer and Revert incentives (Prop 159 and 166 respectively) would be used. ## mSig LPX | Governance Workstream GV | Swiss Staking | Governance Workstream CtrlAltApe | OrbitalApes John | Stride Rok | Qubelabs Luis | Interbloc **Safe Deployment Address:** [evmos:0xb75ce906a270F7680Faf1A2F6D70F4f28061B87a](https://safe.evmos.org/home?safe=evmos:0xb75ce906a270F7680Faf1A2F6D70F4f28061B87a) ## Commonwealth More details for this proposal can be found in the [Commonwealth](https://commonwealth.im/evmos/discussion/12896-native-usdt-liquidity-incentives) discussion.

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