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Cosmos Governance Working Group - Q1 2020 funding Community-spend proposal submitted by Gavin Birch ( of Figment Networks ( -=-=- Full proposal: -=-=- Amount to spend from the community pool: 5250 ATOMs Timeline: Q1 2020 Deliverables: 1. A governance working group community & charter 2. A template for community spend proposals 3. A best-practices document for community spend proposals 4. An educational wiki for the Cosmos Hub parameters 5. A best-practices document for parameter changes 6. Monthly governance working group community calls (three) 7. Monthly GWG articles (three) 8. One Q2 2020 GWG recommendations article Milestones: By end of Month 1, the Cosmos Governance Working Group (GWG) should have been initiated and led by Gavin Birch of Figment Networks. By end of Month 2, Gavin Birch is to have initiated and led GWG’s education, best practices, and Q2 recommendations. By end of Month 3, Gavin Birch is to have led and published initial governance education, best practices, and Q2 recommendations. Detailed milestones and funding: Beyond the milestones, Gavin will lead the GWG to engage in and answer governance-related questions on the Cosmos Discourse forum, Twitter, the private Cosmos VIP Telegram channel, and the Cosmos subreddit. The GWG will engage with stake-holders to lower the barriers to governance participation with the aim of empowering the Cosmos Hub’s stakeholders. The GWG will use this engagement to guide recommendations for future GWG planning. Read more about the our efforts to launch the Cosmos GWG here: -=-=- _Problem_ Perhaps the most difficult barrier to effective governance is that it demands one of our most valuable and scarce resources: our attention. Stakeholders may be disadvantaged by informational or resource-based asymmetries, while other entities may exploit these same asymmetries to capture value controlled by the Cosmos Hub’s governance mechanisms. We’re concerned that without establishing community standards, processes, and driving decentralized delegator-based participation, the Cosmos Hub governance mechanism could be co-opted by a centralized power. As governance functionality develops, potential participants will need to understand how to assess proposals by knowing what to pay attention to. _Solution_ We’re forming a focused, diverse group that’s capable of assessing and synthesizing the key parts of a proposal so that the voting community can get a fair summary of what they need to know before voting. Our solution is to initiate a Cosmos governance working group that develops decentralized community governance efforts alongside the Hub’s development. We will develop and document governance features and practices, and then communicate these to the broader Cosmos community. _Future_ At the end of Q1, we’ll publish recommendations for the future of the Cosmos GWG, and ideally we’ll be prepared to submit a proposal based upon those recommendations for Q2 2020. We plan to continue our work in blockchain governance, regardless of whether the Hub passes our proposals. -=-=- Cosmos forum: Cosmos GWG Telegram channel: Twitter:

CosmWasm Integration 1 - Permissions and Upgrades Community-spend proposal submitted by Ethan Frey ( of Confio UO ( and CosmWasm ( -=-=- Full proposal: Forum Post: -=-=- Amount to spend from the community pool: 25000 ATOMs Timeline: 2-4 months from approval Deliverables: 1. Adding governance control to all aspects of the CosmWasm contract lifecycle to make it compatible with the hub. Allowing governance to control code upload, contract instantiation, upgrades, and destruction (if needed). 2. Adding ability to upgrade contracts along with migrations (also allowing orderly shutdowns). This controlled by a governance vote. 3. Launch a testnet with working version of this code (Cosmos SDK 0.38 or 0.39) to enable all interested parties to trial the process and provide feedback. 4. Provide sample contracts to demo on the testnet, along with some migration scenarios Within 2 months, the working code and binaries should be delivered and open for public review. Within 4 months, these binaries will be used on a testnet, with sufficient staking tokens given to all active voters on the Cosmos Hub, and we will go through a few governance voting cycles to trial contract deployment and migrations (with a shorter voting cycles, eg. 3 days) Detailed milestones in the full proposal: Beyond the milestones, CosmWasm will enhance documentation of the platform and offer technical support on our Telegram channel. -=-=- _Problem_ With the upcoming launch of IBC, the hub will need to adapt more rapidly to the needs of the ecosystem, while also limiting chain restarts, which may be detrimental to IBC connections. In particular support for relaying Dynamic IBC Protocols and Rented Security, using ATOMs as collateral for smaller zones, would greatly benefit from CosmWasm's flexibility. _Solution_ We’re adding some key features to CosmWasm to convert it from a permissionless, immutable smart contract platform to a permissioned platform with governance control for upgrading or shutting down contracts. This is a key requirement to be able to integrate CosmWasm to the Cosmos Hub with minimal disruption. _Future_ We will continue development of CosmWasm, especially adding IBC integration as well as working towards a stable 1.0 release that can be audited and safely deployed (Q3/Q4 2020). -=-=- Twitter: Medium: Telegram: Website: Github:

Sikka is requesting 1776 ATOMs from the community pool to architect and implement the Governance Split Votes feature proposed in Cosmos Hub Proposal #31. This community fund proposal is dependent on the passing of Proposal #31 and thus should only be approved if Proposal #31 is approved. We request 1776 ATOMs, valuing each atom at $5.1 Sikka has already begun the design of this feature and submitted it as ADR 037 to the Cosmos Hub: As past contributors to the codebase that runs the Cosmos Hub, we are familiar with the security and code quality requirements to be included in the Cosmos Hub. Sikka will implement & test this feature and will work with the maintainers of the repo to get it merged into the x/gov module.

The Cosmos Hub (ATOM) community is requesting a community pool spend amount of 129,208 ATOM in order to implement a comprehensive ATOM marketing plan that will be executed in collaboration with AiB (Tendermint). The marketing efforts will be initiated immediately upon passing of proposal #34. The distribution of funds will be administered by 5 community members, that have been carefully selected by the community via the Cosmos governance working group to administer the marketing plan and release funds to either AiB that will act as a liaison between Cosmos Hub community and third parties or directly to parties that will be in charge of executing the marketing plan based on a majority multisignature approval. At least 3 members will have to approve each milestone-spend for it to be released to AiB based on the expected proposal scope &completion. More details can be found in the long form proposal here: and and The multisig administration includes: @johnniecosmos, @JoeDirtay, @jackzampolin (Jack Zampolin, Pylon Validator), @immasssi (SG-1 Validator), @zakimanian (Zaki Manian, Iqlusion Validator).

ZKValidator Community Spend Proposal Q2 2021 Community Spend proposal for a series of privacy focussed events. Submitted by ZKValidator ( -=-=- The proposal is to spend 5k Atoms from the community pool and to deliver four quarterly privacy focussed events. Three of them online and the fourth will be in-person. We will also deliver blog posts and youtube videos to wrap the events up. The content of the event will be presentations, showcases, panels and Q&A sessions around privacy on Cosmos. See our most recent events recordings here: ( Full proposal on ipfs: ( Full proposal on ( -=-=- Amount to spend from the community pool: 5000 ATOMs.

Tharsis is requesting 100,000 ATOMs from the Cosmos Hub community pool to fund, develop and advance the Ethermint project and launch an Ethermint Chain. n More details can be found in the long form proposal here: and and The multisig administration includes: - @fedekunze (Federico Kunze Küllmer, Tharsis) - @zmanian (Zaki Manian, Iqlusion) - @marbar3778 (Marko Baricevic, Interchain GmbH)

This governance proposal is to ask Atom delegators to allow the spending of 5,000 Atoms for the Gravity DEX Incentivized Testnet (Trading Competition) from the Cosmos Hub Community Fund. By voting Yes, the voter agrees to send 5,000 Atoms from the community fund to the multisig address which is controlled by 4 multisig committee members, who will distribute the Atoms to the competition winners. Detail of the proposal can be found at

## Summary Proposal to request for 1000 ATOM from the community spending pool to be sent to a multisig who will put funds towards stewardship of the Discourse forum to make it an authoritative record of governance decisions as well as a vibrant space to draft and discuss proposals. ## Details We are requesting 1000 ATOM from the community spending pool to activate and steward the Cosmos Hub (Discourse) forum for the next six months. Off-chain governance conversations are currently highly fragmented, with no shared public venue for discussing proposals as they proceed through the process of being drafted and voted on. It means there is no record of discussion that voters can confidently point to for context, potentially leading to governance decisions becoming delegitimized by stakeholders. The requested amount will be sent to a multisig comprising individuals (members listed below) who can ensure that the tokens are spent judiciously. We believe stewardship of the forum requires: * **Moderation**: Format, edit, and categorize posts; Standardize titles and tags; Monitor and approve new posts; Archive posts. * **Facilitation**: Ask clarifying questions in post threads; Summarize discussions; Provide historical precedence to discussions. * **Engagement**: Circulate important posts on other social channels to increase community participation; Solicit input from key stakeholders. * **Guidance**: Orient and assist newcomers; Guide proposers through governance process; Answer questions regarding the forum or Cosmos ecosystem. The work to steward the forum will be carried out by members of [Hypha Worker Co-op]( and individuals selected from the community to carry out scoped tasks in exchange for ATOM from this budget. ## Multisig Members * Hypha: Mai Ishikawa Sutton (Hypha Co-op) * Validator: Daniel Hwang (Stakefish) * Cosmos Hub developer: Lauren Gallinaro (Interchain Berlin) We feel the membership of the multisig should be rotated following the six-month pilot period to preserve insight from the distinct specializations (i.e., Cosmos Hub validators and developers). ## Timeline and Deliverables We estimate the total work to take 250-300 hours over six months where we hope to produce: * **Moving summaries:** Provide succinct summaries of the proposals and include all publicly stated reasons why various entities are choosing to vote for/against a given proposal. These summaries will be written objectively, not siding with any one entity. * **Validator platforms:** Create a section of the Forum where we collate all validators' visions for Cosmos Hub governance to allow them to state their positions publicly. We will work with the smaller validators to ensure they are equally represented. * **Regular check-ins with the Cosmonaut DAO:** Collaborate with the future Cosmonaut DAO to ensure maximal accessibility and engagement. Community management is a critical, complementary aspect of increasing participation in governance. * **Announcement channel:** Create a read-only announcement channel in the Cosmos Community Discord, so that new proposals and major discussions can be easily followed. * **Tooling friendly posts:** Tag and categorize posts so that they can be easily ingested into existing tooling that validators have setup. * **Neutral moderation framework:** Document and follow transparent standards for how the forum is moderated. At the end of the period, we will produce a report reflecting on our successes and failures, and recommendations for how the work of maintaining a governance venue can be continuously sustained (e.g., through a DAO). We see this initiative as a process of discovery, where we are learning by doing. For more context, you can read through the discussions on this [proposal on the Discourse forum]( ## Governance Votes The following items summarize the voting options and what it means for this proposal: **YES** - You approve this community spend proposal to deposit 1000 ATOM to a multisig that will spend them to improve governance discussions in the Discourse forum. **NO** - You disapprove of this community spend proposal in its current form (please indicate why in the Cosmos Forum). **NO WITH VETO** - You are strongly opposed to this change and will exit the network if passed. **ABSTAIN** - You are impartial to the outcome of the proposal. ## Recipient cosmos1xf2qwf6g6xvuttpf37xwrgp08qq984244952ze ## Amount 1000 ATOM ***Disclosure**: Hypha has an existing contract with the Interchain Foundation focused on the testnet program and improving documentation. This work is beyond the scope of that contract and is focused on engaging the community in governance.* IPFS pin of proposal on-forum: (

Make Cosmos Hub the Lead Sponsor of Cosmoverse 2022 Summary: If this proposal passes, 2600 ATOM will be allocated to the Cosmoverse team - making the ATOM community the lead sponsor of the Cosmoverse Conference 2022. The Cosmos Hub was the first lead supporter for Cosmoverse 2021 and we would like to keep it that way for this one as well. Cosmoverse is an annual conference with the goal to unite Cosmonauts from all over the world. Description: Cosmoverse 2022 is a community-organized conference that will take place in Medellín, Colombia on September 27 & 28, 2022. Our goal is to unite the Cosmos community from all across the globe and get them into one room with leading Cosmos builders. Around the main conference days, we will organize side-events, workshops, and afterparties, which will extend Cosmoverse into a week-long experience. Cosmoverse keeps a strong community spirit. There won’t be any VIP areas or exclusive sections. Attendees will have direct access to Cosmos thought leaders and core developers. Cosmoverse is organized by Cosmonauts, for Cosmonauts. Where do the funds go? The sponsorship will help us finance the Cosmoverse conference. The main costs include: Conference venue F&B (conference + afterparty) Marketing leading up to the event Audio and visuals Official afterparty Legal costs How does it benefit the ATOM community? By allocating 2600 ATOM from the community pool to the Cosmoverse team, the Cosmos Hub will become the lead sponsor of Cosmoverse 2022. This comes with several benefits at the conference and marketing initiatives as we gain momentum. Keynote speech: If this proposal passes, we offer three keynote slots to core Cosmos contributors. We will keep you updated on this topic on the official Cosmoverse Twitter account and Website. Logo placement: The ATOM logo will be shown as “lead sponsor” on the main conference days. We will make sure everyone at the conference knows that the ATOM community has significantly contributed to covering the conference’s costs and making this a great event. General Admission Tickets: We will give 15 general admission tickets to the ATOM community. Distribution TBD. Logo Placement on Attendees batch: The logo will be displayed on the attendees' batches, which is a feature exclusive to the lead and co-lead sponsors. Content distribution on the Cosmoverse Twitter account and Website Event Highlights 2021 and What To Expect Cosmoverse 2021 took place in Lisbon, Portugal. The conference brought the Cosmos community together and kick-started new developments in the interchain! The attendees were provided with food, beverages, and merchandise and were able to listen to keynotes/ panels that were held by Cosmos thought leaders. Cosmoverse is the most community-driven Cosmos conference in the world! It is organized by and for Cosmonauts. This means low ticket prices and no VIP areas. If you attend the conference, you have direct access to all speakers and can ask them questions. Cosmoverse 2022 will take place in Medellin, Colombia, and will have the same community vibe - but it will be much bigger! There will be many Cosmos speakers at the event, two coffee breaks per day including an assortment of food, two 5-star buffet lunches, an NFT room, a public co-working zone, private meeting rooms for sponsors and their teams, and much, much more. We will be able to provide twice as many tickets as the first conference. Medellin is a vibrant city settled in between a beautiful valley in the heart of Colombia. With many activities besides the ones we will be hosting throughout the week. We will ensure that within the Cosmoverse week, attendees will have the possibility to visit side events and meet Cosmonauts from all over the world! The Team: Cryptocito: Cryptocito is the most prominent Cosmos YouTuber in the interchain! Who is responsible for bringing all the cosmos together, through outreach, and planning of the event. Basil Naser: Basil is part of the Cryptocito team. Last year he founded the Cosmoverse conference with Crypotcito. He is responsible for event operations and branding. Fabian Klauder: Fabian is the Co-Founder of DEFI TIMES, a Cosmos-focused media company. He is responsible for the financing of the event. Juri Maibaum: Juri the Co-Founder of DEFI TIMES and host of the company’s podcast and YouTube show called “This Week In Cosmos”. He is responsible for outreach and bringing cosmos projects to the conference. For Updates We have 5 months to plan this one (for Cosmoverse 1.0 we only had 5 weeks) - so you know it will be epic. You decide: By voting “Yes” you believe that the ATOM community should become the lead sponsor of Cosmoverse 2022. By voting “No” you think that the ATOM community should not become the lead sponsor of Cosmoverse 2022.

This community spend proposal will be used to fund smart contract applications that take advantage of liquid staking. This proposal is requesting 150 000 ATOMs from the Cosmos Hub community pool to fund smart contract applications that are looking to leverage Interchain Security and the liquid staking feature, and to fund P2P’s mission to launch a DeFi Hub consumer chain, set to host the Lido liquid staking protocol. . Full Proposal:

# Make the Cosmos Hub the main sponsor of HackATOM Seoul 2022 ## Summary We are requesting 37500 ATOM from the Cosmos Hub Community Pool to make the Hub the main sponsor of the event and cover the prizes of the HackATOM Seoul challenges. ## Details This is a community spend proposal to fund the prizes of the three main challenges that are part of the upcoming HackATOM in Seoul. Previous HackATOMs have demonstrated to directly benefit the Cosmos ecosystem and the Cosmos Hub by enabling the creation of innovative projects that spin off into successful products (e.g. CosmWasm, Osmosis, and many more) We are requesting 37500 ATOM that will be sent to a multisig maintained by a committee that consists of: * Zaki Manian | Co-Founder Sommelier * Jelena Djuric | Interchain Security Product Manager & Marketing Lead at Informal Systems * Marko Baricevic | Cosmos SDK Product Lead at Interchain The multisig committee agrees to send the prices to the winners no later than 15 days after the event (August 14 at 8 UTC). In case some challenges do not have a clear winner, any surplus will be returned to the Cosmos Hub Community Pool. The full text of the proposal with all details and a FAQ can be found here: Official event announcement is here: IPFS pin here: Vote: - By voting YES you agree that the Cosmos Hub should allocate 37500 ATOM to fund the primary prices of HackATOM Seoul 2022. - By Voting NO you are letting the community know you do not believe the Cosmos Hub should fund this event. - By voting ABSTAIN, you formally decline to vote either for or against the proposal. - By voting NOWITHVETO you express that you consider this proposal malicious or harmful for the Cosmos Hub and you would like to see depositors penalized by revocation of the 64 ATOM deposit, which contributes towards an automatic 1/3 veto threshold.

## Summary This community pool spend proposal seeks approval to fund **20K ATOM** worth of incentives for the incentivized Interchain Security testnet – Game of Chains – coming to the Cosmos Hub, expected in November 2022. ## Background Interchain Security (ICS) is a Cosmos SDK capability that has captured the mindshare of the Cosmos Ecosystem for well over the last year. This has been reflected in the engineering efforts by various core entities including Interchain GmbH, Informal Systems as well as initial users Quicksilver and Neutron. ICS allows for a provider chain, such as the Cosmos Hub, to share security and have its validators produce blocks for a consumer chain. ICS is a complex technology that needs to be rigorously tested. To ensure successful rollout, we are launching an incentivized public testnet where Cosmos Hub validators can participate and build confidence around this technology. Game of Chains will build on the Cosmos Hub’s legacy of running successful adversarial testnet programs in the past including [Game of Zones]( and [Game of Stakes]( We believe the community will see ICS as a valuable addition to Cosmos Hub for three core reasons. First, it allows for “hub minimalism.” By deploying features on a consumer chain instead of Cosmos Hub, we keep the hub lightweight and reduce the surface area for attacks and vulnerabilities. Second, Interchain Security lowers the barrier for ATOM aligned app chains to launch in the Cosmos ecosystem. Instead of arranging their own validator set, new app chains can utilize the Cosmos Hub’s existing validator for security. And lastly, Interchain Security accrues value to ATOM and enhances its utility. As new Interchain Secured zones launch, gas fees on these new chains flow back to ATOM stakers through the Hub’s validators. ## Incentivized Testnet For a successful launch, validators will need to prepare and train for expanding their node operations and governance efforts for every new Interchain Secured chain starting up. We are proposing an incentivized public testnet program that will serve the dual purposes of (1) testing Interchain Security in mainnet-like conditions and (2) providing Cosmos Hub validators the opportunity to build confidence around running the Interchain Security protocol. In order to prevent delays and adequately prepare for launch, we believe it is critical for all Cosmos Hub validators to participate in this public testnet. For this reason, we’re seeking community approval for 20K ATOM (approximately USD 300k) withdrawn for the community pool to reward validators participating in the Cosmos Hub testnet. * From this prize pool, 50% (10K ATOM) will be reserved for Cosmos Hub validators who complete Interchain Security testnet milestones. These milestones will be published at the launch of the testnet. * The remaining 50% (10K ATOM) will be reserved for bonuses to validators who help identify bugs or performance issues or help develop new tools and monitoring solutions at the discretion of the jury * Funds will be managed by a 2/3 multisig committee * Any unused funds will be returned to the community pool ## Multisig committee * Zaki Manian * Jelena Djuric * Udit Vira ## Testnet Jury * Billy Rennekamp * Zaki Manian * Jelena Djuric * Jehan Tremback * Udit Vira ## Recipient cosmos1gn8c65j9f443zllsahm6ewmkq8xqmp43vr7un4 ## Amount 20K ATOMs ## Forum post link ## IPFS link QmXwuJujfvKrqGByfhC9W8XYtpcUW8FXiA5eXR4NuYnD8J ## Governance votes The following items summarize the voting options and what it means for this proposal: **YES** - You approve this community spend proposal to fund the interchain security testnet incentives that will be managed by a multisig **NO** - You disapprove of this community spend proposal in its current form (please indicate why in the Cosmos Forum). **NO WITH VETO** - A ‘NoWithVeto’ vote indicates a proposal either (1) is deemed to be spam, i.e., irrelevant to Cosmos Hub, (2) disproportionately infringes on minority interests, or (3) violates or encourages violation of the rules of engagement as currently set out by Cosmos Hub governance. If the number of ‘NoWithVeto’ votes is greater than a third of total votes, the proposal is rejected and the deposits are burned. **ABSTAIN** - You wish to contribute to quorum but you formally decline to vote either for or against the proposal.

# Adan: non-profit fighting for sound crypto regulation ## Summary - Adan is a non-profit organization representing the crypto-asset industry in Europe - Since 2020, Adan has worked relentlessly to fight disproportional and overreaching regulations which threaten the crypto industry's ability to innovate - We seek 8,000 ATOMS in funding to hire a European Affairs Officer as we ramp up operations in Brussels ## About Adan Adan is a non-profit trade organization representing the crypto-asset industry. Our members are crypto-native companies and firms that provide industry-specific expertise (legal, consulting, marketing, etc.) Founded in France in 2020, Adan has over [195 members 6]( in France and Europe across several industry verticals, including DeFi, payments, market making, custody, data analysis, and security, and is the largest crypto trade organization in Europe. Adan interacts with all stakeholders with interest in the crypto ecosystem: national and European Members of Parliament, the European Commission, the European Council, the European Parliament, as well as the European Central Bank, and the regulatory bodies and legislators of several European countries. Our unique positioning allows us to rally decentralized DeFi actors and more traditional listed companies and corporations. - [Adan Website]( - [Adan on Twitter]( - [Adan on LinkedIn]( ### Mission - Educate about crypto and help create better narratives around this technology and industry - Foster an environment favorable to the growth of the industry - Accompany the implementation of French and European regulatory frameworks adapted to the specificities of the sector - Build constructive relations between the industry and public institutions ### Team - Faustine Fleuret: President & CEO | [Twitter 8]( / [Linkedin]( - Mélodie Ambroise: Head of Strategy & Institutional Relations | [Twitter 3]( / [Linkedin]( - Jules Dubourg: Administrative & Financial Manager | [Twitter 1]( / [Linkedin 1]( - Hugo Bordet: Regulatory Affairs Manager | [Twitter]( / [Linkedin 1]( - Dorian Ravaute: Fiscal Affairs Officer | [Linkedin 1]( ### Funding Adan is a membership organization and is funded primarily through annual fees. Being aware that our missions concern not only the Cosmos community but the whole crypto ecosystem, we will ask for grants from other blockchains. Thus the costs will be shared between different communities. Finally, we will ask the Cosmos community once only. Our growth plan and the opening of the European market will allow us to be financially self-sufficient through membership fees - which today represent over 80% of our annual income. ### Governance Members define the yearly objectives during the annual General Assembly. They also vote on the budget, ratify the association's actions, and elect a Board of Directors responsible for representing them and controlling the implementation of these missions. See our website for more information about Adan's governance and [Board of Directors 3]( Adan is a non-profit organization registered in France (Association loi de 1901). ### Works & Publications Adan interacts with all stakeholders with an interest in the crypto ecosystem: national and European Members of Parliament, the European Commission, the European Council, the European Parliament, as well as the European Central Bank, and the regulatory bodies and legislators of several European countries. Adan is also involved in discussions with international bodies such as FATF, IOSO, BIS etc. In just two short years, Adan has produced an astounding amount of writing and [publications]( to support its mission: - [A crypto-euro issued by an American giant, or how Europe is delegating its monetary sovereignty]( - [EU framework for crypto-asset markets: the French Presidency ends with political deals on MiCA and TFR]( - [Adan's Response to IOSCO's Retail Market Conduct Report]( - [Adoption of TFR in the European Parliament: the fight against financial crime should not be a fight against crypto-assets]( - [MiCA vote in the European Parliament: A step forward or backward for the crypto sector?]( - [Adan responds to the EBA consultation on its draft guidelines for remote onboarding customer solutions 1]( - [Ban of Proof-of-Work protocols: wrong answer to real global environmental challenges]( - [Adan's position on FATF's updated guidance for a risk-based approach 1]( ## Proposal details The crypto industry is evolving rapidly, challenges are multiplying, and public authorities worldwide are increasingly seeking to regulate crypto innovation. To this end, we will continue to fight the battles initiated at the French level but must accelerate on the European and international scene according to 4 priorities: - Monitor upcoming legislation and regulations, such as MiCA, TFR, and the remainder of the AML package. - Contribute to elaborating regulatory frameworks in preparation surrounding topics like DeFi, NFTs, the environmental impact of crypto, etc. - Establish strong positions on European crypto companies' issues (e.g., access to banking and insurance) and convey them to policymakers. - Sensibly educate on regulatory proposals which fail to capture the unique properties of crypto-economic models and risk hindering innovation (e.g., regulating DAOs as legal persons in the traditional sense). To overcome these challenges, our team must engage in the following activities: - Carry out diligent monitoring of the legislative and regulatory agenda - Think up pragmatic solutions adapted to the sector within our working groups - Dialogue with decision-makers in European institutions (European Commission, Council of the European Union, European Parliament), European authorities (European Central Bank, European Banking Authority, etc.), and international bodies (FATF, IOSCO, BIS, etc.) - Create synergies with other market players with shared interests Given the size and importance of the mission, which is constantly expanding, Adan must strengthen its team. Thus we request funding from the Cosmos Hub community pool to recruit a European Affairs Officer based in Brussels, allowing us to further increase our ties with transnational bodies. ## Deliverables We believe transparency around community funding is important for building trust and establishing a reputation. This is why we pledge to publish progress reports in 6 and 12 months such that the Cosmos Community better understands how funds are spent and may evaluate the return on its investment. This report will be delivered to you via this forum. It will consist of different sections, such as : - actions carried out in the last months; - missions to be carried out in the coming months; - distribution of the remaining allocation. ## Funding Amount Total amount requested: 8,000 ATOM This corresponds to roughly 100,000 EUR and covers gross salary, recruitment costs, and travel expenses for half a year. ## Receipient cosmos1kdff80vxuj0zmmjauymzjs40hsfkuya79s8tm0 ## IPFS QmR1q2i48EJqaZSXxgggE8VaPKsZFtozVBPHKejMpJAYXx ## Governance Discussion ## Governance votes The following items summarize the voting options and what it means for this proposal: - YES - You agree that persuading regulators to adopt sound and proportional regulation is important and thus wish to fund Adan's work - NO - You don't agree that persuading regulators is important and thus do not agree to fund Adan's work - NO WITH VETO - A 'NoWithVeto' vote indicates a proposal either (1) is deemed to be spam, i.e., irrelevant to Cosmos Hub, (2) disproportionately infringes on minority interests, or (3) violates or encourages violation of the rules of engagement as currently set out by Cosmos Hub governance. If the number of 'NoWithVeto' votes is greater than a third of the total votes, the proposal is rejected, and the deposits are burned. - ABSTAIN - You wish to contribute to the quorum but formally decline to vote either for or against the proposal.

## **Cosmos Ecosystem News Videos** ## **Summary** - Cosmic Validator is a long-term Cosmos ecosystem focused validator that started validating the Cosmos Hub in 2019 itself, during the first year of mainnet launch - We seek 300 ATOM in a monthly funding, for a period of 6 months to continue producing high quality Cosmos Hub & ecosystem news videos ## **Cosmic Validator** We have been really involved within the Cosmos ecosystem and its community for several years already before the Cosmos Hub launch or the Game of Stakes. We were amongst the first validators in the Cosmos Hub since 2019 and we have been actively participating in governance since then, currently being one of the validators with the highest governance participation in the Cosmos Hub. We are also participating in the Game of Chains to help testing the upcoming Interchain Security. We are fully committed and focused on the Cosmos ecosystem, we are validating only networks within the Cosmos ecosystem. ## **Funding** The Cosmos ecosystem news videos project, at the time of writing this proposal, has no funding such as grants or sponsors. If the ICF grants program would reopen in 2023 then we would apply for a grant and if successful then the Community pool funding would be stopped and replaced with the ICF grant. ## **Work already produced** Since the launch of the project in July 2022, a total of 11 videos have already been produced. Below are some examples of educational/in-depth assessment content in previous videos: - Mekatek, Game of Chains, ibc-go v6.0.0: []( - Skip ProtoRev Module, ATOM 2.0 whitepaper updates: []( - Mesh Security, RangeProof/Binance bridge hack, ATOM 2.0 whitepaper criticisms: []( - Cosmos Hub proposal #77/Game of Chains, ATOM 2.0 whitepaper overview, ibc-go v6, ABCI++: []( - ICF Delegation program, Cosmos SDK 0.46: []( - Updates about the Game of Chains, Interchain Developer Academy, Juno Communications SubDAO, Namada trusted setup ceremony, ICF's Technical Advisory Board: []( ## **Proposal details** The Cosmos ecosystem, with the launch of IBC, has grown significantly and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of all the important developments and updates. While news is shared on several platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Telegram, Blogs and others, the information is very spread and usually challenging for stakeholders to find it and avoid missing some important updates. Some projects exist trying to gather and put together the main news, however these are mostly news headlines without in-depth assessments or educational content. Keeping Cosmos stakeholders aligned and informed about important developments in areas such as governance, new technical features, project launches and upgrades or conferences is important and helps to have more constructive discussions. Our goal with the Cosmos ecosystem news videos is to both educate and keep the broad Cosmos ecosystem community and stakeholders well informed, as well as helping to onboard new users to the ecosystem and increase the awareness about the advantages of building with Cosmos tech. ## **Deliverables** There will be two monthly Cosmos ecosystem news videos produced, so for the initial 6 months period a total of 12 videos will be delivered. ## **Funding amount** Total amount requested: 300 ATOM monthly for an initial period of 6 months, with a renewal if all deliverables are completed. This corresponds to roughly 3,000 USD monthly and covers the production costs for two monthly Cosmos ecosystem news videos, including research and content preparation, filming and the required equipment, video design and additional operational costs. ## **Recipient** cosmos1de7qx00pz2j6gn9k88ntxxylelkazfk3dnaamk ## **IPFS** QmQvQoXbqvy1tmGuTyd2Zpe4jkGDjRnSy7G8rr5X6HaQni ## **Governance discussion** ## **Governance votes** The following items summarize the voting options and what it means for this proposal: YES - You agree that educating and keeping all Cosmos ecosystem stakeholders informed and updated is important and thus wish to fund Cosmic Validator's work NO - You don't agree that educating and keeping all Cosmos ecosystem stakeholders informed and updated is important and thus do not agree to fund Cosmic Validator's work NO WITH VETO - A 'NoWithVeto' vote indicates a proposal either (1) is deemed to be spam, i.e., irrelevant to Cosmos Hub, (2) disproportionately infringes on minority interests, or (3) violates or encourages violation of the rules of engagement as currently set out by Cosmos Hub governance. If the number of 'NoWithVeto' votes is greater than a third of total votes, the proposal is rejected and the deposits are burned. ABSTAIN - You wish to contribute to the quorum but formally decline to vote either for or against the proposal.

# Fund Incentives for the Interchain NFTs Public Incentivized Testnets of Game of NFTs # Summary The Game of NFTs (GoN) is an event proposed as a joint effort by multiple Cosmos teams, aiming to test the Interchain NFTs feature and build applications on top of it, which will have 2 phases: a) public incentivized testnets and b) a hackathon. This event is expected to happen in Q1 2023. This is a community pool spend proposal seeking approval to fund **20000 ATOMs** worth of incentives for the Game of NFTs **Phase 1 - Interchain NFTs incentivized testnets** - to reward participants. # Background - Interchain NFTs The Interchain NFTs technology can facilitate interoperability and expands the capabilities of IBC by allowing cross-chain NFT interoperability between IBC-enabled chains, which is the work of multi-team efforts supported by the Interchain Foundation. With collaborative efforts from ICF, IRISnet, Gravity Bridge, Stargaze, Ark Protocol and many community teams, it has Cosmos SDK and CosmWasm implementations that can be easily adopted by Cosmos SDK Chains including Cosmos Hub or CosmWasm Chains to expand their interconnections across the ecosystem. In November 2022, the first IBC NFT transfer between two test chains using different implementations of ICS721 was successfully executed on testnets. This marked a significant step forward for the IBC NFT ecosystem demonstrating the NFT interoperability between Cosmos SDK (Go) and CosmWasm (Rust) chains. NFTs have now captured the attention of various industries as well as Cosmos stakeholders. Similar to fungible tokens, if NFTs are just tied to one blockchain, the number of transactions and size of the NFT market would be restricted. To remedy this and unleash the next level of Cosmos NFT, high connectivity and interoperability are required. This is where Interchain NFTs enter the picture. We believe that Interchain NFTs and the community collaboration around them are expanding the mindshare and market share for Cosmos. More details about Interchain NFTs: [Interchain NFTs are Coming to Cosmos | by Interchain | The Interchain Foundation | Medium 4]( # Game of NFTs The Interchain NFTs technology requires rigorous testing with the community involved. To boost the IBC NFT ecosystem, we’re proposing to launch a Game of NFTs event, which will build on the success of previous programs including [Game of Stakes 6]( and [Game of Zones 1](, as well as the ongoing [Game of Chains 1]( The event is expected to have two phases: * Phase 1: Public Incentivized Testnets, for chains and service providers to test around Interchain NFTs. This phase is scheduled for around February 2023. * Phase 2: A Hackathon, for developers to create tools, dApps and use cases around Interchain NFTs. This phase is scheduled for around March 2023. ## Public Incentivized Testnets - Phase 1 Many talented teams are contributing to the IBC NFT ecosystem, and have plans to deploy this Interchain NFTs technology. To facilitate wide adoption and successful deployment to capture more value to the Interchain, Phase 1 of the Game of NFTs event is designed to provide mainnet-like environments for purposes on a) testing the performance and capability of Interchain NFTs feature, and b) building trust in Interchain NFTs and preparing for its deployment in the mainnet environments. The Interchain NFTs technology is crucial to facilitate interoperability and use cases of IBC, and will capture more value and use cases for both Cosmos-SDK and Wasm chains in Cosmos. By bringing this proposal up, we believe in the Interchain, Cosmos Hub is always a pioneer that takes the lead to pays attention to innovative technologies and public goods that can enhance IBC, Cosmos SDK and more underlying technologies, which is crucial to Cosmos Hub, Cosmos chains and also the Interchain. We would like to bring more value to the Interchain and there is no better way to do this than by having support from Cosmos Hub to Cosmos teams and communities to join the testing and improve this technology jointly. For this reason, we believe it’s crucial to have testnets environment for Cosmos teams and communities to participate, as well well to reward participants who help contribute through the testing to the Interchain, we’re seeking community approval for 20K ATOMs withdrawn for the community pool as incentives for the GoN Phase 1 - Public Incentivized Testnet. * 50% (10K ATOM) of the prize pool will be reserved for Phase 1 participants who complete Public Incentivized Testnet tasks with a set point system that is allocated based on their scores. These tasks and the point system will be published at the launch of the testnet. * The remaining 50% (10K ATOM) will be reserved for bonuses to Phase 1 participants who help identify bugs or performance issues or help develop new tools and monitoring solutions at the discretion of the board of judges * Funds will be managed by a 2/3 multisig committee * Any unused funds will be returned to the community pool Game of NFTs is a joint effort by the Interchain ecosystem, so certainly, in addition to the support from the Cosmos community pool to advance the infrastructure and underlying technology, there will be various support from Cosmos projects such as IRISnet, Stargaze, Juno and other teams, and also from organizations such as IDG Capital and HashKey Capital. There will be multi-team support from their community pools, to sponsor the prize pool of Phase 2 Hackathon that is boosting applications on top of this infrastructure and technology. Through collaborative efforts of the Cosmos teams and community, this whole event will bring out verified Interchain NFTs infrastructure and technology that can be simply used and adopted by Cosmos chains, and prompt the creation of various pioneer applications using the technology, which together will create a complete IBC NFT ecosystem from bottom-up for the Interchain, and quickly expand the mind and market share for Cosmos. ## Board of Judges * Susannah Evans | IBC Product Lead, ICF * Haifeng Xi | CTO, Bianjie * Shane Vitarana | Co-founder, Stargaze * Deborah Simper | Co-founder, Gravity Bridge * Jeffrey Hu | Tech Lead, HashKey Capital ## Multisig Committee * Haifeng Xi | CTO, Bianjie * Michael Scotto | Bridge Engineer, Stargaze * Jeffrey Hu | Tech Lead, HashKey Capital ## Recipient cosmos152dcrzkyhqg48tng79x2jr8za4yg452kneuvwa ## Amount 20000 ATOMs ## Forum post link []( ## Voting * By voting YES on this proposal, you indicate support for funding the Interchain NFTs public testnets incentives that will be managed by a multisig committee * By voting NO on this proposal, you do not support this proposal in its current form - please kindly indicate why by leaving comments in the Cosmos Forum. * By voting ABSTAIN, you formally decline to vote either for or against the proposal but want to contribute to the quorum. * By voting NOWITHVETO, you express that you consider this proposal malicious or harmful and you would like to see depositors penalized by revocation of the deposit, which contributes towards an automatic 1/3 veto threshold.

Summary With a properly funded community pool (following prop 88), we believe it is the right time to launch one or more grant programs to serve community contributors and builders around the Hub. This is a community spending proposal seeking approval to fund 588,000 ATOMs for the ATOM Accelerator DAO Grant Program. Note: The program was formerly referenced as Cosmos Hub Grant Program (CHGP) and Orbital DAO. Grant Program Overview With the ATOM Accelerator DAO, we seek to boost community participation and unlock its collective intelligence by encouraging individual and team-based initiatives. The ATOM Accelerator DAO offers an alternative, native source of funding for the Cosmos Hub and removes some of the burden on public governance. This program has more funding flexibility and also allows proactive allocation of capital through the development of in-house investment themes in collaboration with the community. Grants will focus on open source code, public goods, and ecosystem initiatives that create value for ATOM holders. The existing Hub issues that can be solved through this program are: - Insufficient funding of public goods; - Idle capital in the community pool; - Growth risk aversion; - Low support of teams already growing the Hub; and - Losing developers to other L1s. The grant program solves these problems through: - Liaising between decentralized teams; - Minimizing risk through due diligence; - Supporting teams already growing the Hub; - Bringing new developers to the Hub and; - Efficiently deploying capital to ensure R&D & growth at the Hub. The Team A. Reviewer Committee A team of 7 will be on the Reviewer Committee in charge of allocating grants. These 7 people will each play a functional role on the team, with the goal of creating a high-performance team, and also will steward the Multisig ensuring accountability in the approval of grants. - Program Manager: Youssef Amrani . Core contributor Cosmos Hub, Economic Committee of IST stablecoin, previously community analyst at Messari. To lead program structuring, strategy & outreach - Program Manager: Better Future . Previously ran Ripple Accelerator. 20 years in software, incubators, accelerators and seed investing; Stanford Ph.D. To lead program structuring & team processes. - Technical Lead: Luke Saunders , Chief Technology Office at Delphi Digital (Labs). Incubated projects like Astroport & Mars Protocol on Terra. - Reviewer: Mikey L , Business Development at Cosmostation (currently also Multisig on Osmosis Grant Program) - Reviewer: Dilan Asatekin , Imperator founder also acting as Lead Data Engineer at Osmosis - Reviewer: Reena Shtedle , Head of Business Development at Citadel One - Reviewer: Xavier Meegan , Chief Investment Officer at Chorus One The Reviewer Committee will be supported by a Program Coordinator, Ben Davis , who brings 15 years of digital marketing experience and will assist with website, marketing, community and program processes. B. Oversight Committee The Oversight, Accountability & Transparency Committee represents an opportunity to raise the bar and improve trust within the community. Oversight and accountability have often proved to be missing pieces in blockchain governance. That is why we want to adopt an innovative approach where there is an oversight and accountability function built in from day one as an integral part of the grant program and not something that would be implemented ad hoc. By establishing a flow of information about workings and status of Atom Accelerator DAO Grant Program, the entire Cosmos community can then be in a position to evaluate the efficacy of the program. The Oversight team consists of three members: Senior: Jason Choi : Founder of angel investing collective Tangent. Hosts the popular Blockcrunch podcast. Formerly General Partner at Spartan Capital. Auditor/Controller: Patricia Mizuki , formerly PwC auditor, over 10 years in audit, risk management and process improvements. Coordinator: Recruiting underway TIMEFRAME Here are the different steps we envision for the implementation and bootstrapping of the ATOM Accelerator DAO Grant Program: - Months 0-2: set up the organization, create the program & workflows, setup website and proposal intake system, and build-up social media presence - Months 2-9: Grant program in full steam, proposals are coming in, being reviewed, and being funded, and most of the budget is assigned to grants - End of Month 9: Oversight committee to produce the grant program end of mandate report Following the grant program end of mandate report, the community can either (a) Maintain confidence in the team behind the grant program and renew the mandate, or (b) Terminate the program, in which case unspent funds are returned to the community pool OUR STRENGTHS The strengths of our program are as follows: Experienced & special-purpose team Oversight function for community transparency Support a plurality of grant-programs and can liaise and coordinate effectively Primary goal to drive value for ATOM Recipient: cosmos1jggracsvp6fkw0ktf544lpda6dwrrxggx9a20n Amount 588,000 ATOMs Note on Amount The amount of ATOM requested represents less than 2 months of community pool replenishment rate following prop 88 which increases the tax from 2 to 10%. Link to the Forum post: Voting By voting YES, you indicate support for funding the ATOM Accelerator DAO that will be managed by a multisig committee of 7 members. By voting NO, you do not support this proposal in its current form and refuse to fund the ATOM Accelerator DAO. By voting ABSTAIN, you formally decline to vote either for or against the proposal but want to contribute to the quorum. A NoWithVeto, indicates that you consider this proposal malicious or harmful and would like to see depositors penalized by revocation of the deposit, which contributes towards an automatic ⅓ veto threshold.

Aid Proposal for Earthquake Survivors in Türkiye On 02.06.2023, two catastrophic earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.6 and 7.8 occurred in the Kahramanmaraş in Turkey. In addition to Kahramanmaraş, many earthquakes and aftershocks were experienced in Adıyaman, Kilis, Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır, Adana, Osmaniye, Gaziantep, Malatya and Hatay. According to the statement made by Japanese earthquake expert Shinji Toda, “We can say that the Kahramanmaraş earthquake is the largest earthquake in the world to have occurred on land. 6207 buildings were destroyed, and many buildings became unusable. More than 13 million people are affected. According to the statement made on February 9, the loss of life is 17406 and the number of injured is 71806. We need the support of many people from all over the world in this catastrophic event, which has been declared a Level 3 Emergency by the World Health Organization. Although it is a great humanitarian need, we are aware that this proposal puts a great burden on all voters and may put them in a dilemma, but we had to take such route due to the urgency of the situation. In addition to being a support that prevents great pain, this proposal unfortunately opens a door for opportunistic people to use it in the future. It creates a great moral dilemma as to who will receive and how much support, or whether to give support to anyone who asks for it. In order to prevent this, it is of great importance for the good of the whole cosmos that the next charity proposals must be run through a Charity DAO. That's why we're asking for both your support and the establishment of a Charity DAO. And again, the reason why we did not establish this proposal through the Charity DAO is that every passing second is costing a human life. The funds will be transferred to the Ihtiyac haritası ( , ), which is one of Turkey's most reliable non-governmental organizations, which still continues its search and rescue activities in the earthquake zone. The Cosmos Account of the Ihtiyaç haritası has been approved by the T.C. Financial Crimes Investigation Agency “MASAK”. Since the account has been opened on the local crypto exchange (Paribu), funds will be transferred to the organization's Paribu account via multisig. In order not to harm the Cosmos ecosystem, the funds received will be converted into Turkish lira by Paribu (the crypto exchange in Turkey used by Ahbap and Ihtiyaç haritası for the funds) without being sold on the market, and Paribu will use these funds as liquidity. Fund Request: We are asking for 20.000 Atom from Cosmos Hub Multi-sig: Dilan Asatekin [,Osmosisi Labs], Zafercan Çakır [Founder-Stake-Relax Validatör], Mert Fırat [İhtiyaç Haritası and Ahbap organization], Nova Ratio and 0xwilds -By voting YES on this proposal, you agree that Cosmos hub should help earthquake victims. -By voting NO on this proposal, you reject that Cosmos hub should help earthquake victims. -By voting NO WITH VETO, you reject that Cosmos hub should help earthquake victims, and additionally intend to contribute towards proposal rejection and burning of proposal deposit if NoWithVeto votes are greater than a third of voting power. -By voting ABSTAIN, you decline to give an opinion on the proposition.

## Summary This is a community spend proposal. If it passes, it will transfer the ATOM equivalent of $1.25M to support the Confio team in their stewardship of CosmWasm, CosmJS, and many other related repos. This is 95 697 ATOM at the current 30-day moving average price. This is based on a forum discussion about providing a total of $2.5M of support in two tranches to Confio. Confio will most likely apply for a second tranche in August, but the size requested will be adjusted by any other funding we have secured in the meantime, as we are applying for other sources. Forum Discussion: []( Full Proposal Text: []( ## Purpose *Strengthening the ATOM Economic Zone through support and Public Goods.* Confio is the team responsible for the stewardship and development of a huge number of libraries fundamental to many developers in the Cosmos. The best known are the CosmJS & CosmWasm libraries, two key components of the Cosmos software stack, but you can review the [list of dozens of repositories]( Confio maintains. These libraries are highly valued by developers and chains across the Cosmos ecosystem. In addition, they focus on expanding IBC protocols by developing IBC-enabled contracts and training others how to do so as well. Confio is also prepared to offer some services and support for the success of Cosmos Hub secured consumer chains in exchange for such funding support. This will be defined more below, but it should be clear that there are also tangible benefits for the Cosmos Hub through this proposal. ## Use of Funds Confio currently has a burn rate of circa 230k USD/month with around 90% of outgoing payments going to salaries. All funds from this proposal will go to pay salaries of employees. Principally developers, but also marketing/community building work (for the conference) and internal support (HR / accounting) needed to keep the company running. Our headcount has been reducing and as of the end of February 2023, we will have 20 employees, including 10 developers and 1 product owner (one more if Ethan gets to code again and stop fundraising). To achieve this roadmap while performing a proper level of security and maintenance work, we will need around 25 people focused on Public Goods. ## Spend Details Amount: 95697 ATOM Recipient: cosmos12jnhpa3kemykq5mg8er27lmkj39yksgf3nr9tw (Confio GmbH) Timeframe: 6 months ## Voting * If you vote yes you signal your desire to compensate Confio via the Cosmos Hub community pool. * If you vote no you signal your dissent against compensating Confio via the Cosmos Hub community pool * If you veto this proposal you deem it harmful to the network and wish to burn the proposer's ATOM. * If you abstain you signal your desire to contribute to quorum without a preference toward whether the proposal passes or fails.

This is funding for maintenance of the variety described here for 3 years from the date of passage. Summary Notional is requesting funding of 40,000 Atoms per year, for 3 years, for Hub maintenance and incident response. In return for this payment, Notional will monitor the Cosmos Hub for potential vulnerabilities on a 365/24/7 basis. When we become aware of an ongoing vulnerability, we will coordinate with relevant teams (SDK, IBC, Comet/Tendermint, Cosmos Hub), and work to produce a patch. We will then assist in rolling these patches out to validators to resolve the incident as soon as possible. We will also advise core teams if we notice issues in upcoming releases which could cause safety or liveness problems, and assist them to resolve the issues. We will write a monthly report on our activities so that the community has insight into them and can keep us accountable. Since the funding will be disbursed on a vesting basis, the amount can always be adjusted by governance, adding even more accountability to the arrangement. Here are some incidents and potential incidents we helped resolve or prevent in the past: We reported and helped fix an ICA issue affecting Quicksilver on the hub in the fall of 2022. We reported Golang version mismatches that can cause apphash errors We’ve worked on improving archive node sync speed and proper upgrade procedure We reported and fixed Cosmos Hub and Cosmos-SDK CI Systems that reported as passed no matter what We report, helped fix, and helped distribute fixes for CPU usage spikes that resulted in the discovery of a potential exploit in Comet / Tendermint P2P We cannot and will not disclose security items until they are fixed, so we will rely on teams like ICF, Informal, IG, Iqlusion, Strangelove and Binary Holdings to confirm for the community that we are actively working in that space. We also continuously work to improve and develop the systems we work with, including Tendermint/Comet, Cosmos-SDK, IBC, and the Cosmos Hub. Members of the ICF and its TAB have recognized that our contributions to the stack from a technical perspective are substantial. Here are some examples of the development work we have been doing. We’ll keep making improvements like these as we find things to improve and as time allows: What we aren’t doing We are not asking for product ownership of any of the above named repositories, the current product owners are excellent. We are not implying that we will not seek funding for specific initiatives that go beyond the scope of maintenance. We are not expressing to the community that we can find or solve every possible issue in security. Recipient We think it is essential for accountability and good governance that community pool funding recipients such as ourselves are given their funding in a vesting form for ongoing services. However, due to some technical limitations it is not possible to send funds directly from the community pool to a vesting account. For this reason, the funding will first go to prominent community members on a multisig who will then transfer it directly to a vesting account controlled by Notional. Community members will create a 2/3 single use multisignature wallet to receive funding and share the address with the community. The funds will only be in this multisig for a few hours until the signers transfer them to our vesting account where they will be released over the term of our work. The signers will be community members with the needed experience. This is a single-use multisig account composed of community members. CryptoCrew Rarma stakecito multisig wallet - cosmos1u69e8tsq3h3q3alqrdv333hvzazdfn5aeq9svw From there, the atoms will be transferred to a multisig continuous vesting account with signers from our team. Khanh Nguyen Jacob Gadikian Lit Vuong Nguyen Long Mai If the community feels displeased with Notional's work, they should create a governance proposal to claw back the unvested portion. Oversight and reporting We will regularly update work status on our notion page continuously and do monthly and quarterly reporting. In the case of material events in the Cosmos that require urgent tactical response, Notional will endeavor on a best effort basis to provide updates within 24/48 hours of work being completed or as soon as practical or feasible once the bugs are patched here: For work that affects security, we will report privately in the channels that we have established to the product owners of the repositories mentioned, we feel communication is key for an efficient process. We invite any technical organization with sufficient technical capabilities to contact us during the course of this proposal to be formally listed as participating in oversight. These organizations include but are not limited to: Founding Orgs: Interchain Foundation Allinbits, inc Prominent technical orgs: Informal Systems Iqlusion Strangelove Ventures Binary Builders Validators with high technical capability: CryptoCrew Amount 120,000 atoms, to be vested in a continuous vesting account for 3 years. Voting By voting YES, you indicate support for funding Notional's Work on the hub. By voting NO, you do not support and refuse to fund the Notional's Work on the hub. By voting ABSTAIN, you formally decline to vote either for or against the proposal but want to contribute to the quorum. A NoWithVeto, indicates that you consider this proposal malicious or harmful and would like to see depositors penalized by revocation of the deposit, which contributes towards an automatic ⅓ veto threshold.

Forum [discussion]( Full proposal text in [IPFS]( ## Introduction As the Cosmos ecosystem expands and evolves, the requirement for efficient and reliable data management solutions within the Cosmos Hub becomes increasingly essential. Bro_n_Bro have expertise in working with indexers in the ecosystem and comprehending their utilization in building advanced applications. Despite the popularity of existing indexers for monitoring purposes, they lack the necessary flexibility and user experience for developers and users. As more blockchains emerge, the need for more data storage becomes imperative. Although improving storage and data access at the SDK level would be ideal, for now, a separate indexer remains the best solution for quick access to data. To address this requirement, we propose developing a comprehensive set of open-source tools for data indexation and storage, utilizing the cutting-edge technology of ClickHouse as the foundation for the storage facility. This approach will provide quick access to large data sets and ensure a stable architecture that guarantees data consistency and enables a lightweight setup. This will foster the creation of more sophisticated user experience and analytics applications within the Cosmos Hub and across the entire Cosmos ecosystem. ## Scope of Work - Utilizing ClickHouse as the storage facility to provide quick access to large data sets - Developing a stable architecture that guarantees data consistency - An easily deployable setup that will enable the development of more user-experience and analytics applications in the Cosmos Hub and the entire Cosmos ecosystem - Providing dev documentation, contribution, and setup guides to assist in the understanding and execution of the project ## Description We formed the proposed architecture for the mean of scalability and data consistency. To achieve named purposes process of crawling and writing to DB are separated into different microservices: - [crawler]( - [writer]( All services are packed into the docker to simplify deployment. The main [repo]( contains a ready-to-use docker-compose file and deployment documentation. All the services mentioned above are in the pre-Alpha version and should not be considered a final product. ## Funding Amount: 7500 ATOM Recipient: cosmos106yp7zw35wftheyyv9f9pe69t8rteumjxjql7m Development has been started already, but to finalize it, we are requesting the support of the Cosmos Hub community. 7500 ATOMs would be enough to cover the costs of development and implementation of the Indexer that supports current [Cosmos-SDK]( and IBC modules The proposed project will take: **soft date** - 3 months **hard date** - 6 months ## Conclusion Today most cosmos applications are built either on raw chain data directly from API or based on closed-source indexators. Having open-sourced robust solution with easy and fast data access may drive great new applications development and improve whole ecosystem growth. ## Whoami Bro_n_Bro has been presented in the Cosmos ecosystem for almost two years as an independent community-driven validator in 12 chains. The team behind it has been developing in Cosmos for nearly six years. More info about Bro_n_Bro is available at: - [Landing]( - [TG community]( - [Github]( - [Twitter]( - [Bro App]( - [Bro Score]( - [Chain stats]( ## Voting - **YES** - by voting ‘Yes’ on this proposal, you indicate support for funding the creation of Space-box services - **NO** - by voting ‘No’ on this proposal, you do not support this proposal in its current form - please kindly indicate why by leaving comments in the Cosmos Forum. - **NO WITH VETO** - A ‘NoWithVeto’ vote indicates a proposal either (1) is deemed to be spam, i.e., irrelevant to Cosmos Hub, (2) disproportionately infringes on minority interests, or (3) violates or encourages violation of the rules of engagement as currently set out by Cosmos Hub governance. If the number of ‘NoWithVeto’ votes is greater than a third of the total votes, the proposal is rejected, and the deposits are burned. - **ABSTAIN** - You wish to contribute to the quorum but formally decline to vote either for or against the proposal.

# Overview [Original Cosmos Forum Post]( [IPFS Version]( Built by Spark IBC, Interchain Info (ICI) is a truly multi-chain & chain-agnostic hub for information and tooling to make navigating the rapidly growing Interchain easier for both new and old users alike. At Spark IBC, we believe that, currently, “Cosmos” and the greater Interchain are extremely fragmented, as communities, educational resources, NFT collections, Dapps and tools each reside in their own remote corners of the ecosystem. ICI aims to change this by taking the first step toward building the unified, multi-chain future that the community has been waiting for, and that we believe is paramount to Cosmos gaining mass adoption in the next market cycle. We are currently running an ICI funding campaign on the Spark IBC platform, found here, []( 4 along with more details about ICI itself. We are avoiding VCs and private investors in this endeavor, because ICI is only a valuable resource if it remains unbiased and beholden to no one but the community that uses it. Therefore, all ICI costs so far have come out of our own pockets, and going forwards, we're raising funds entirely through grants and donations from users and community pools. ## Request We request 1% of community pool funds, capped at $20,000 from a number of chains, including The Cosmos Hub, to contribute to The ICI Campaign on Spark IBC. For The Hub, this makes our total ask ~$20k or 1,438 ATOM at the time of writing. If passed, - 50% of issued funds will be donated directly to ICI for general development, hosting and maintenance, to be used alongside other funding sources like private contributions done through the Spark platform. - The remaining 50% will be used as incentives for community members to create and submit content about general cosmos tech. For other chains, this 50% is reserved for content about stuff built in that chains ecosystem, but since the Hub is positioned a bit differently, we think it's match made in heaven to direct these funds towards content on things like IBC, CosmWasm, the Cosmos SDK, etc. - For The Hub, this amounts to ~20k USD in Atom total, which is about 1,438 ATOM, which will then be split 50/50 as outlined above. Each network that approves funding will be rewarded with Spark Points based on their full donation amount and a customized entry on our leaderboard labeled “[chain name] Community.” Spark Points are used within the Spark IBC system to recognize users for their contributions to the Interchain. In this case, there would be an entry made for “The Cosmos Hub Community” with 20k Spark Points. One Spark Point is representative of one dollar (or USDC, or, in this case, token equivalent) donated, and is tracked through the soulbound $SPARK token on Juno Network. For these donations, Spark IBC will set up a wallet on Juno, or use the Bech32 converted version of the community pools address on Juno, label it accordingly on our leaderboard, and mint $SPARK equivalent to the USD value of the donated amount into it, measured by the price at the time of distribution. Slippage and fees for conversion will not be taken into account, as that's beyond the communities control. One significant benefit of multi-chain projects is the unique ability to distribute our funding requests across different sources to minimize sell pressure and the burden on any single community pool/token. This sort of effort is something that Spark IBC plans to pioneer and offer as a potential service to any who use the Spark IBC platform for fundraising in future. Similar funding requests will also be submitted to the following Cosmos chains: - Agoric - Akash - Band - Carbon - Cheqd - Chihuahua - Comdex - Cosmos Hub - Evmos - Fetch AI - Injective - Juno - Kava - Kujira - Osmosis - Persistence - Secret - Sommelier - Stargaze - Teritori - LUNC - Terra [Funding Ask Amounts Spreadsheet]( ## Spending Details ### Base Contribution In addition to the ICI info on, we also have a rough breakdown of how funds will be spent given hitting certain funding tiers, found here 2 Link: [ICI Budget Outline for Initial Raise]( ### Incentives Program As stated, 50% of the requested $20k will be used exclusively to incentivize content related to general Cosmos tech & terminology on the Index and Resource hub. This allows community members and content creators the ability to earn a little income while contributing something beneficial to the entire interchain. It also ensures that a portion of the allotted funding amount returns to the community in a very direct way. Note: the Spark & ICI Team reserve the right to deny payment, both pre/post-production, to anyone on the basis of content quality or attempts to manipulate this proposed system (i.e. needlessly long articles, videos, copy others existing work as a full new submission etc.); this is not a “trustless” incentive program. At this time, we will only accept English submissions meeting basic literary standards; however, we may expand this program to include other languages in the future and/or add a translation tier to the list of incentives below (we are open to feedback on these details): [Submission outline]( *$0.05/word (written content) and $5.00/min. (video content) are below industry standards, but the crux of this project is to further incentivize creators who are already producing original content, while refining and updating existing material that needs to constantly be updated. In its entirety, this project will both promote new material and provide house-keeping for fresh, up-to-date information in order to attract new ecosystem investors and users. ## Misc. Details How will payment be distributed and handled? - We will be asking for the requested amount as a single lump sum payment. The amount granted will then be split into two chunks, each comprising 50% of the total. - 50% will be DCA'd out into stables over the following 15 days. Meaning a maximum daily sell pressure of no more than ~$666 per day for chains granting the full 20k, such as the Hub, and far less for others. This will be the base contribution. - The other 50% will be set aside for the content incentives program outlined above, and we will be gauging community sentiment on doing one of the three following options - Keep in the native currency - DCA out to stables along with the rest. Sell pressure will be kept to the above figure or less. - DCA out half (of the 50%, or 25% of the total) along with the base contribution. Will the incentives program be transparent? - Of course! We will keep records of payouts and the work done to receive them for the community to review. This also serves to provide a metric for results, and should help communities gauge whether a continuation of this program later down the road would be something of interest to them or not. How long do you intend the incentive programs to last? - Due to the drastically different ask amounts amongst various chains, as well as the amount of content relevant to them, some chains' incentives may dry up much quicker than others. We believe that with the program we've outlined above, regardless of the duration, the general amount of work achieved per dollar spent should be similar. What happens if a chain does not pass the proposal, are they to be treated any differently? - Absolutely not. All chains and projects in the Cosmos are equal in our eyes, and no community will be penalized for failing to support our effort, except by missing out on the incentives program and, of course, contributing to something crucially important for the entire Interchain. ## Voting Options YES: Agree to proceed with the funding for interchain info. NO: Disagree with the funding for interchain info. NO WITH VETO: Disagree with the funding for interchain info and want depositors penalized. ABSTAIN: Decline to give an opinion on the funding.

# Replicated Secuirty Third Party Audit Authors: [Simply Staking]( ## Summary Commissioning [Oak Security]( to conduct a third-party audit of the Replicated Security (Interchain Security v1) code with a similar scope as to the audit conducted by the Informal audit team. ## The Proposal This proposal aims to use community pool funds to commission a third-party audit for the Replicated Security code. This audit is to be conducted by Oak Security, one of the most-reputable auditors in the space. The price of the audit will be $102,000 and will take roughly three weeks starting on the 29th of March 2023. The auditors will require payment upfront to start the audit process after which, contact will be kept with each other for progress updates and any questions during the audit. The scope of the audit is to review the latest version of the Replicated Security code. The main aims are to double-check the audit by Informal Systems as well as review the code changes since that audit was completed to ensure that the latest version of the Replicated Security code is reviewed thoroughly and no new issues have come to light. Since this is a community pool spend proposal, we want to ensure the community that the funds will arrive at the designated recipient by creating a multi-sig. The multi-sig will comprise of: - [Jehan]( (Informal Systems) - [Zaki]( (Core Cosmos Contributor) - [Jacob]( (Notional) - [Kai]( (Neutron) The address of the Multi-Sig: [cosmos1j20yq6atn9nuanwgsancnv4wk4nszagk3wwudp]( ## Breakdown of Fees With this proposal, we (Simply Staking) have been and will be the main point of contact with Oak Security which means that we will handle all things related to answering their questions and queries. Even though we are not a direct part of the multi-sig, we are the coordinators for the multi-sig. For the work with Oak Security and the multi-sig coordination, we seek a compensation fee of around 15% of the total ask. From that 15% that will be given to us for our work, a small fee would be distributed to the multi-sig members as a form of compensation. The members are being paid due to requiring them to confirm that the audit was completed as described, prior to distributing of funds. All payments are to be sent out to the recipients once the whole audit process is complete. ## Funding OAK Quote: $102,000 + 15% price buffer to account for volatility of the ATOM token during voting period : $117,300 Simply Staking + Multi-Sig Fees: $15,300 **Total ask 11,050 ATOM @ $12 per ATOM ~ $132,600** **All leftover funds will be sent back to the community pool**. For more information or for any queries, please reach out to Damien of Simply Staking on [Twitter]( or on the forum discussion for this proposal - [Forum Discussion]( Proposal details on Github: [Replicated Security Audit]( Voting - By voting YES, you agree that the community pool should fund an ICS audit with a third-party auditor. - By voting NO, you disagree that the community pool should fund an ICS audit with a third-party auditor. - By voting ABSTAIN, you express no opinion on the matter. - A NoWithVeto vote indicates a proposal either (1) is deemed to be spam, i.e., irrelevant to Cosmos Hub, (2) disproportionately infringes on minority interests, or (3) violates or encourages violation of the rules of engagement as currently set out by Cosmos Hub governance

## Make Cosmos Hub the Sponsor of Game of NFTs Phase 2 Hackathon This proposal is requesting approval to allocate 4,500 ATOM (~$50,000) from the Community Pool to make Cosmos Hub the sponsor of the Game of NFTs (GoN) Phase 2 Hackathon and cover the prizes for Interchain Challenge winners. *Benefits to the Hub* As a primary sponsor of the GoN Phase 2 Hackathon, the Cosmos Hub will be able to define a dedicated challenge, discover projects, select and reward winners. For the Hub's track, it would be exciting to see something built that combines Interchain NFTs with Interchain Security and maximizes the capability of IBC. Some rough ideas are as follows: * Build NFT consumer chains * Build NFT dApps on a consumer chain * Build Interchain NFT use cases across consumer chains We are hopeful that the hundreds of participants, the creativity and talent of the community, and the lucrative rewards for winners will result in opportunities that help grow Phase 2 submissions into viable products that add value to the ATOM economic zone. If governance approves this sponsorship, the Cosmos Hub core team will support the hackathon by assisting with the formation of the challenge, and providing a judge and developer support (in relation to using Replicated Security). *Reward Details* The prize pool of Cosmos Hub challenge will be: * 1st Place: 2,750 ATOM * 2nd Place: 1,250 ATOM * 3rd Place: 500 ATOM If this proposal passes, there will be a Cosmos Hub judge team which will award prizes in accordance with criteria outlined in the challenge. Any surplus will be returned to the community pool. Multisig Committee is: * Haifeng Xi | Co-founder, Bianjie * Dayakar Reddy | Founder, OmniFlix Network * Jeffrey Hu | Tech Lead, HashKey Capital Multisig address: `cosmos1zgzegs68vwedup5ujsp67azhfgkcl8838k0u8g` Full details:

# Provide 450K ATOM to Stride’s stATOM liquidity pool ## Summary Stride’s ICS signaling proposal, passed by Cosmos Hub governance on May 11th, established social consensus around the terms of Stride’s admission into the ATOM Economic Zone and adoption of interchain security. But no actual changes have yet been implemented. In order to implement Stride’s ICS signaling proposal, two concurrent executable proposals are needed. This is the second of two executable proposals. This proposal is to provide 450,000 ATOM from the community pool to the stATOM/ATOM liquidity pool on Astroport Neutron. This liquidity will benefit Stride and Neutron, both members of the ATOM Economic Zone. For Stride, more stATOM liquidity further strengthens the stATOM-ATOM peg, which will enable increased stATOM collateralization. For Neutron, stATOM liquidity will generate transaction fees and MEV revenue. The success of Stride and Neutron is the success of Cosmos Hub, since both share their block rewards with Cosmos Hub. ## Details According to the agreed upon terms in Stride’s ICS proposal, this 450K ATOM will be stewarded by the ATOM Accelerator DAO. Established by Cosmos Hub prop 95, the ATOM Accelerator is comprised of several known, respected, and trusted members of the Cosmos Hub community. Upon receipt of the 450K ATOM, the members of the ATOM Accelerator will use it to establish an stATOM/ATOM liquidity position on Astroport Neutron. After the liquidity position has been established, the ATOM Accelerator won’t touch the liquidity unless instructed to via a Cosmos Hub signaling proposal. The ATOM Accelerator’s stewardship of this liquidity is temporary. If an alternative arrangement to steward this liquidity is not established by Cosmos Hub governance before October 1st, 2023, then on that date the ATOM Accelerator will begin the process of returning the full 450K ATOM to the community pool. ### Governance votes The following items describe the voting options and their significance for this proposal: - **YES**: You wish to implement the provision of 450K ATOM to an stATOM/ATOM pool on Astroport Neutron, as previously agreed upon in Stride’s ICS signaling prop - **NO**: You do not wish to implement the liquidity provisioning agreement - **NO WITH VETO**: You 1) consider this proposal to be spam, 2) believe it infringes on minority interests, or 3) believe it violates the rules of engagement as currently set out by Cosmos Hub governance. If the number of NoWithVeto votes is greater than a third of total votes, the proposal is rejected and the deposits are burned - **ABSTAIN**: You wish to contribute to quorum but you formally decline to vote either for or against the proposal For full details, refer to Stride’s ICS forum post:

# Change log: 2023-06-29 Created initial post 2023-07-05: Updated proposal details and funding request 2023-08-07: Add Recipient Address # Summary: We are submitting this grant proposal to request funding for the ongoing support and development of Ping Dashboard, the leading open source explorer used by numerous projects within the Cosmos ecosystem. Ping Dashboard plays a critical role in providing essential infrastructure and tools for blockchain exploration. With over 500 forks and listed on 90+ mainnets, Ping Dashboard has demonstrated widespread adoption and impact. We have been working on Ping Dashboard with love for several years, dedicating our time and expertise to make it a valuable resource for the Cosmos community. The requested funds will be used to ensure Ping Dashboard remains a reliable and feature-rich platform, benefiting the wider Cosmos community. # Details: Ping Dashboard is designed as a basic tool for exploring Cosmos blockchain data, focusing on common functions such as delegation, transfer, and voting. With the rapid growth of the Cosmos ecosystem, we aim to upgrade Ping Dashboard to meet the evolving needs of the community. **Goals**: * Continuous Improvement: Allocate resources for regular maintenance, bug fixes, and performance optimizations to ensure Ping Dashboard remains reliable and up-to-date. * User Experience Enhancements: Implement user feedback to enhance the interface, making Ping Dashboard more intuitive, visually appealing, and user-friendly. * Feature Development: Integrate new functionalities based on community needs, such as support for consumer chains, IBC transaction queries, Wasm Contract Inter-operation, and real-time monitoring. * Modular Framework: Improve the architecture to ensure scalability, flexibility, and easy integration of new modules. * Performance Improvement: Optimize the performance of Ping Dashboard to handle increased user traffic and data volumes. **Tasks**: * Framework upgrade: Upgrade from Vue 2.0 to 3.0, migrate from JavaScript to TypeScript. * Customization: Improve SDK version compatibility, enable multilingual support and internationalization, allow module and API customization, and optionally introduce theme customization. * Wallets Integration: Integrate with popular wallets such as Metamask, Wallet Connect, Cosmostation, and Leap. * New Features: Enhance support for provider and consumer chains, introduce new IBC features and improvements including transfer and query functionalities, enhance governance capabilities, improve search functionality, enable wallet integration, WASM smart contract integration and EVM module integration. * Widget System: Develop a widget system and more widgets for extensibility and flexibility. Milestones: **Funding Request:** The requested funding amount for the Ping Dashboard grant proposal is 30,000 ATOM, which is approximately equivalent to ~250,000 USD based on the current exchange rate. This amount is based on a thorough assessment of the development and maintenance costs required to achieve the project goals outlined above. It includes expenses related to development resources, infrastructure maintenance, community support, and ongoing improvements to ensure the long-term sustainability and impact of Ping Dashboard. Recipient: cosmos1ev0vtddkl7jlwfawlk06yzncapw2x9quyxx75u Forum post link: []( IPFS LINK: Governance votes: * YES: Approve the grant proposal * NO: Reject the grant proposal * NO WITH VETO: Indicate a veto vote if the proposal is deemed spam, disproportionately infringes on minority interests, or violates the rules of engagement * ABSTAIN: Contribute to quorum without voting for or against the proposal

# Summary This is a proposal to fund a core development and testing package on the Cosmos Hub for 2024. The teams that would receive funding if this proposal passes are the Cosmos Hub Teams from Informal Systems and Hypha Worker Co-operative. The total budget is $5.7 million USD (to be held in 30% ATOM, 70% USDC), plus 100k ATOM in performance bonuses, for a total of 914,285.71 using a spot price of 7 USD. This funding would replace both teams’ current funding from the Interchain Foundation and have these teams be directly accountable to the community. As of October 26, 2023, this represents approximately 18% of the community pool. **Notes:** - ATOM values have been calculated using a spot price of $7 USD as of October 26, 2023. - This budget only covers the teams at Hypha and Informal that work specifically on the Cosmos Hub. - The ATOM total requested from the community pool includes a 25% buffer on the budget amount to cover fluctuation in ATOM price over the 2-week voting period. Any unused buffer will be returned to the community pool. **This proposal is summarized by the following propositions:** (1) The release of 1,117,857.14 ATOM to finance: - An overall budget of $5.7M USD plus 100k ATOM in possible performance bonuses, with a 25% buffer to cover price fluctuations between start of voting and liquidation to USDC. Any unused buffer will be returned to the community pool. - Maintenance and perfection of the Interchain Security protocol - Maintenance of the Cosmos Hub Gaia core software - Maintenance and improvements to the testnet program for the Cosmos Hub and its consumer chains - Research and development for improvements to Interchain Security such as Partial Set Security, Mesh Security (go to market), Atomic IBC, and IBC routing (go to market) (2) These ATOM will be released to a liquidation multisig responsible for converting the appropriate portion of ATOM into USDC via the process laid out in the full text of the proposal. The liquidation multisig is made of: - Simply Staking - Stakecito - Citadel One - CryptoCrew - Stakin (3) The ratification of a committee that will oversee the work of Informal and Hypha within the time period of January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024 and provide insight and visibility to the community about that work. The committee is made of: - Stride contributor: Aidan Salzmann - Neutron contributor: Avril Dutheil - Polkachu representative: Polkachu - Jim Parillo at Figment Capital - Shane Vitarana at Stargaze - James Hinck, Product Manager at Circle (4) An optimistic vesting mechanism which gives the community the power to suspend either team’s work agreement at any time via a governance proposal if that team is not fulfilling their commitment to the Hub (5) Detailed disbursal of funds as follows: - **Informal budget:** 3.16M USDC + $1.34M worth of ATOM - **Informal bonus:** 79k ATOM - **Hypha budget:** 840k USDC + $340k worth of ATOM - **Hypha bonus:** 21k ATOM - Of the budget portions, any unused funds will be returned on a quarterly basis. - Any unearned bonuses will be returned on a quarterly basis. Earned bonuses will go into a one year locked vesting account. ## Additional materials - [Full proposal text (Google doc)]( - [Full proposal text with discussion (Cosmos Forum with comments)]( - [IPFS pin of full text with comments]( ## Governance votes and outcomes The following items summarize the voting options and what it means for this proposal: **YES** You agree to fund the Informal Systems Hub team and Hypha Worker Co-operative with $5.7 million USD + 100k ATOM from the Community Pool for the Cosmos Hub’s continued development, maintenance and testing over the period of January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024, held accountable by their specified oversight committee. _A ‘YES’ outcome will immediately release 1,117,857.14 ATOM to the specified wallet (cosmos1jemq23tnffvmcfx0zktjenck2r6pzjuxx5yxkc)._ **NO** You do not agree to fund the Informal Systems Hub team and Hypha Worker Co-operative based on the terms of this proposal. _A ‘NO’ or ‘NO WITH VETO’ outcome will not fund the Informal Systems Hub team and Hypha Worker Co-operative from the Cosmos Hub community pool._ **NO WITH VETO** A ‘NoWithVeto’ vote indicates a proposal either (1) is deemed to be spam, i.e., irrelevant to Cosmos Hub, (2) disproportionately infringes on minority interests, or (3) violates or encourages violation of the rules of engagement as currently set out by Cosmos Hub governance. If the number of ‘NoWithVeto’ votes is greater than a third of total votes, the proposal is rejected and the deposits are burned. **ABSTAIN** You wish to contribute to the quorum but you formally decline to vote either for or against the proposal.

## Summary\nThis proposal is made by [Simply Staking]( to address our situation following the failures of the technical committee appointed by the Cosmos Hub community through Proposal 72.\n\nProposal 72 was initiated with the goal of financially supporting three teams with early runway to build applications with a vision of becoming consumer chains of the Hub and aligning with the AEZ. A Funding Committee was appointed with the mandate to select suitable projects on behalf of the Hub community, and to administer the distribution of grant funds to these projects. The projects ended up being Neutron, Fairblocks, and our project, now known as EntryPoint.\n\nThe agreed-upon structure was to disburse 50% of the funds upon submission of a forum post and the remaining 50% upon achieving consumer chain status. However, as you might have seen from our recent [post]( the committee did not adhere to this, effectively not upholding the promises made on behalf of the Cosmos Hub community.\n\n## Details\nThe following is a succinct timeline of events:\n\n- September 2022: Confirmation was received that Simply Staking qualified for the Proposal 72 grant.\n- October 2022: Our project, EntryPoint, was unveiled at Cosmoverse, with the backing of Prop 72 funding.\n- October 2022 - June 2023: We dedicated ourselves to EntryPoint’s development, consistently updating the committee. No changes or deadlines regarding the funding were communicated.\n- May 2023: A potential conflict of interest was raised by a Committee member.\n- 30 June 2023: Our open letter was shared on the Cosmos Hub forum, and subsequently went unanswered by the Committee.\n- July 2023: Attempts to communicate with the Committee were largely unacknowledged.\n- August 2023: We discovered the promised funds had been returned to the community pool.\n\nAs a long-standing Cosmos contributor, Simply Staking has always strived to act professionally and in good faith, even in the face of this disappointing situation we now find ourselves in. We have tried to engage with the Funding Committee, but our efforts have largely been met with either silence or lack of accountability. We have been told by several people in the community that since the funds have been returned to the community pool, we should engage with the community to receive our promised funds.\n\nAnd so we now turn to you, the Cosmos Hub community, with the hope of resolving this matter once and for all. We understand that the community’s word is final and this will be the last time we address this situation, whatever the outcome may be.\n\nWe believe that we have held to our end of the agreement reached with the Proposal 72 committee. We have invested significant time, resources and funds into our project, with a good amount of these resources allocated to understand what a move to ICS entails and how we should be adapting our project’s technical and governance specifications to account for this new paradigm, based on the assumption that we will be receiving funds allocated from Proposal 72.\n\nOn the other hand, the Funding Committee chose to ignore the promises made towards us and to simply wash their hands and disburse the funds back to the Hub; notwithstanding the clear financial repercussions of this decision to our team.\n\nFurthermore, this behaviour sets a clear precedent that will make any party wanting to collaborate with the Cosmos Hub think twice lest the promises made by any committee on behalf of the Hub be simply ignored later by the committee itself. This is the last thing the Cosmos Hub needs as it establishes itself as one of the foremost open governance-driven projects in the world.\n\nTherefore, with this proposal, we’re asking the Cosmos community to address the committee’s actions to ensure that past commitments are honoured, and see that the 16,250 ATOM (½ of the earmarked funds) that was pledged by the Funding Committee to support the development of our project is distributed accordingly.\n\nWe think that this vote should not be influenced by your opinion of our project. Instead, it should focus on whether the Hub community should uphold the agreement made on its behalf by the Prop 72 Funding Committee—an agreement which the committee did not wish to honour.\n\nYour engagement with this proposal and our prior forum post is genuinely appreciated. Thank you for giving these matters your time and consideration.\n\n## Recipient\ncosmos1ypkeecv2dw58lqsdj5uhkx4ygdl9y3nzhr4jkf\n\n## Amount\n16250 ATOM\n\n## Forum post link\n\n\n## Governance votes\nThe following items summarize the voting options and what it means for this proposal:\n\n- YES - By voting yes, you agree that Simply Staking should receive the funds it was promised by the technical committee appointed via Proposal 72. The funds will be taken from the community pool and sent directly to the address cosmos1ypkeecv2dw58lqsdj5uhkx4ygdl9y3nzhr4jkf.\n- NO - By voting no, you do not agree that Simply Staking should receive the funds it was promised by the technical committee appointed via Proposal 72.\n- NO WITH VETO - A ‘NoWithVeto’ vote indicates a proposal either (1) is deemed to be spam, i.e., irrelevant to Cosmos Hub, (2) disproportionately infringes on minority interests, or (3) violates or encourages violation of the rules of engagement as currently set out by Cosmos Hub governance. If the number of ‘NoWithVeto’ votes is greater than a third of total votes, the proposal is rejected and the deposits are burned.\n- ABSTAIN - You wish to contribute to quorum but you formally decline to vote either for or against the proposal.

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