QSR circulation


624,182,407 QSR

Total minted coins


142,792,458 QSR

Supply (624,182,407 QSR) Unwithdrawn Validators Commission (272,434 QSR) Unclaimed Staking Rewards (2,982,509 QSR) Locked Community Tokens (70,746,937 QSR) Locked Vesting Tokens (407,388,069 QSR)

Quasar vesting tokens unlocks


408,580,219 QSR

Locked Vesting Tokens

407,388,069 QSR

65.27% of SUPPLY

Unlocked Vested Tokens

1,192,150 QSR

0.19% of SUPPLY

Unlocking of QSR tokens from vesting pool

Quasar community tokens unlocks


80,992,687 QSR

Locked Community Tokens

70,746,937 QSR

11.33% of SUPPLY

Unlocked Community Tokens

10,245,750 QSR

1.64% of SUPPLY

Unlocking of QSR tokens from community pool

# [Community Spend Proposal] Airdrop Wave 1, to reward Quasar Testnet participants Authors: [Quasar](https://twitter.com/quasarfi) ## Proposal Overview: We're putting forth a request for 10,245,750 QSR tokens from the community pool for the first wave of our airdrop series. ## Eligibility for the First Wave: For this initial wave, we're looking at individuals who made at least three transactions on the Quasar Testnet up until March 10th, the day our testnet activities wrapped up. This criteria covers 2,157 addresses, each of which stands to receive an estimated 4750 $QSR. ## Key Points: - **First Wave Focus**: This wave is specifically for users who actively engaged with the Testnet, making at least three transactions (1x faucet and 2x vault deposits for example). - **Token Allocation**: We're aiming to source 10,245,750 QSR tokens from the community pool for this wave. - **Bonus Scheme**: Those choosing to stake their airdropped tokens will secure a bonus. However, moving these tokens to another address will nullify this bonus. Users that have also converted into mainnet users of Quasar will receive another bonus for their testnet participation. - **Claiming Process**: Once the proposal secures approval, guidelines on how to claim tokens will be communicated through our official channels. A 30-day period will be allotted for claims. Unclaimed tokens will revert to the Community Pool. Claiming is scheduled to be enabled at the end of November. - **Upcoming Airdrops**: The second wave aims to reward participants of the legacy PRO Vaults, while the third wave is set to target users of the Concentrated Liquidity Vaults. Those will be separate governance proposals as well. ## Rationale: - **Gratitude in Action**: This initiative is our way of thanking those who lent their voices and effort to our Testnet, offering invaluable feedback. - **Increase Float, Staking % & LP**: More community holders means deeper liquidity for trading, higher security through staking and higher volume for our CL vaults to facilitate. - **Expanding $QSR Community**: A broader holder base helps our decentralisation efforts, creates more aligned and valuable community feedback and is an important step in increasing $QSR role in the Quasar Platform. ## Procedure: - Quasar Association multisig address receives the requested funds .(quasar1ed6ezqx9t4e9sfm6nfgulq3005umrh6hsqksnp) - Once the contract is prepared, the association redirects the funds to the airdrop contract. Scheduled end of November. - The airdrop process is initiated. ## Voting - By voting **YES**, you agree to the changes above proposal suggests. - By voting **NO**, you disagree to the changes above proposal suggests. - By voting **ABSTAIN**, you express no opinion on the matter. - A **NoWithVeto** vote indicates a proposal either (1) is deemed to be spam, i.e., irrelevant to Quasar, (2) disproportionately infringes on minority interests, or (3) violates or encourages violation of the rules of engagement as currently set out by Quasar governance

Quasar Proof of Stake unlocks


435,682,599 QSR

Bonded Tokens

435,393,304 QSR

69.75% of SUPPLY

Not Bonded Tokens

289,295 QSR

0.05% of SUPPLY


3,254,943 QSR

Unclaimed Staking Rewards

2,982,509 QSR

0.48% of SUPPLY

Unwithdrawn Validators Commission

272,434 QSR

0.04% of SUPPLY

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Quasar accounts structure

Quasar accounts number

Quasar accounts TPS

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