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631,377,785 OSMO

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549,692,566 OSMO

Supply (631,377,785 OSMO) Unwithdrawn Validators Commission (481,850 OSMO) Unclaimed Staking Rewards (7,047,319 OSMO) Locked Community Tokens (70,644,136 OSMO) Locked Vesting Tokens (3,511,914 OSMO)

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5,497,366 OSMO

Locked Vesting Tokens

3,511,914 OSMO

0.56% of SUPPLY

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1,985,448 OSMO

0.31% of SUPPLY

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107,632,398 OSMO

Locked Community Tokens

70,644,136 OSMO

11.19% of SUPPLY

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36,988,262 OSMO

5.86% of SUPPLY

Unlocking of OSMO tokens from community pool

Proposal: Sponsor 4,000 OSMO to the Cosmoverse 2021 Conference in Lisbon? Description Cosmoverse 2021 (https://cosmoverse.org/) is a community-led conference that will take place in Lisbon, Portugal on November 5th, 2021. Due to unprecedented demand, we are going to expand the conference for an additional day, turning it into a two-day conference from November 5-6. Objective Cosmoverse is held to raise awareness of Cosmos and its vibrant ecosystem. Hundreds of Cosmonauts from all over the world will unite to learn and network at Cosmoverse. The team: Cosmoverse is organized by Cosmonauts, for Cosmonauts. During late October and early November, Lisbon is going to be full with Crypto-specific events and conferences. Cosmoverse takes place in between ETH Lisbon and Solana, which means that attendees from these events will have the opportunity to join us, too. Livestream For those that are unable to attend, there will be a livestream broadcasting of the event, in collaboration with OmniFlix. A professional camera setup and videographers are already arranged. We will create specific in-stream content in advance to provide a seamless experience for online-viewers. Event Highlights Cosmoverse is organized by the community, for the community. We managed to onboard reputable speakers from the Cosmos ecosystem, such as Sunny Aggarwal, Billy Rennekamp, Alessio Treglia, Federico Kunze-Küllmer, Brent Xu, Gregory Landua or Felix Lutsch, but also high-profile speakers from the broader Cryptoverse such as Meltem Demirors, Tegan Kline, Marc Zeller and more. As we get closer to the event, we will try to embed more exciting things that will make Cosmoverse a great success. Follow us on Twitter and join the chat on Telegram to stay up-to-date and STAY TUNED :) Budget & post-conference report If this proposal passes, 4,000 OSMO (worth ~ $20,000 as of today according to Coingecko) will be allocated to help make this event a great success. The lead sponsor for the conference is the Cosmos Hub with marketing funds from proposal #46 “Luna Mission,” but we require additional resources to pay for: Audio visuals / logistics Day 2 venue + catering Afterparty Printing banners Marketing materials Online marketing and coverage We are going to publish a detailed report on the budget-spent after the conference occurred. Given that Cosmoverse was just an idea ~5 weeks ago and things are moving incredibly fast, the cost and budget planning is one of the hardest tasks for us at the moment. In addition, given that we are just a team of 6-enthusiastic Cosmonauts without a company that could bail us out, we need to be incredibly cautious with our finances and avoid illiquidity. The main cost-factors for this event (for 320 people) are: Venue incl. catering: ~ $36,500 per day AV + branding: ~ $34,200 total Afterparty: ~ $20,000 Additional expenses: tbd Team expenses: tbd Team compensation: tbd The cost for the venue would increase by ~$19,000 per day if we could host 500 guests instead of 320. In case there is going to be a profit left, we plan to use this as starting liquidity for the next Cosmoverse conference. Current sponsors are: Cosmos Hub community pool ($34,000) Citizen Cosmos ($5,000) Stargaze ($5,000) Sentinel ($5,000) Regen Network ($5,000) Umee ($5,000) e-Money ($5,000) Commercio ($5,000) Cosmoverse is a community-effort that is financed in a hybrid manner by companies and DAOs. The first one ever? In the future, we envision Cosmoverse to become a fully DAO-funded endeavor that will take place annually. Tickets The goal is also to keep the ticket prices extremely affordable (from 39€) which is very competitive to other crypto-conferences happening in Lisbon around the same time (tickets cost up to €1,000). The ticket also includes F&B throughout both days at the conference as well as access and F&B at the afterparty venue. Our goal is to provide as much value as possible for attending Cosmonauts, while also investing funds into media coverage to provide high-quality, free broadcasting of the event. Each presentation will also be recorded and published on Youtube. The Osmosis core team has been an early proponent and supporter of Cosmoverse and is also receiving exposure at the event. If the proposal is accepted, Osmosis will become a sponsor of Cosmoverse 2021. This includes: Online and print visibility Keynote slot on Day 1 (presentation by Josh Lee) Panel slot on Day 2 (topic + panelists tbd) 1x high table at the conference in the exhibition area 1x stand up banner placed in the networking area Promotion in relevant news outlets

Establish a Marketing DAO for Osmosis Details are available here: https://marketing-dao-osmosis.gitbook.io/proposal-to-establish-a-marketing-dao-for-osmosis/ Link to commonwealth discussion can be found here: https://commonwealth.im/osmosis/proposal/discussion/2159-marketing-dao-revised-proposal A video produced by the DAO group to show the quality of content intended https://youtu.be/jaulf-VIfB4

Establish a Community Support DAO for Osmosis. More information available here: https://osmosis-dao.gitbook.io/osmosis-community-support-dao-1/ Discussion on the proposal can be found here: https://commonwealth.im/osmosis/proposal/discussion/2362-proposal-community-support-dao-revised

This proposal includes the details regarding the loan of OSMO to Stargaze’s multi-sig and the parameters of the LBP. By voting Yes on this proposal will signify approval for both a loan of OSMO to Stargaze, and Stargaze will then launch and LBP with the following parameters with that funding. The request for a loan of 135,000 OSMO (~$724K) from the Osmosis community treasury to a multi-sig controlled by community members. Stargaze will use this OSMO to launch a 95/5 Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) on Osmosis. The members of this multi-sig will include: - James Parillo, Figment - Shane Vitarana, Stargaze - Cosmostation Based on the LBP mechanics and OSMO volumes, the starting price of STARS will be $0.28. Stargaze will pay back the value of the original loan in STARS once the LBP has ended. There will be a 0.3% swap fee - Osmosis and Stargaze community pools will split the rewards of this fee 50/50. Osmosis multi-sig public address: osmo1s3unu92e8zv8mfw7n5d4vrgkj9chn7yv0sh8rw Stargaze multi-sig public address: stars1s3unu92e8zv8mfw7n5d4vrgkj9chn7yvnhn27d Background: LBPs are a way to ensure a fair distribution of tokens at launch and to discover a fair market price of the token with low capital requirements. A 95/5 pool will have 95% of STARS to 5% of OSMO value. Over a period of 3 days, the goal is for the pool to reach 50/50 value. LBPs allow teams to build liquidity without a large amount of upfront capital. It also separates the mechanisms for distributing tokens from the token price. This will be the first community pool loan for Osmosis and Stargaze. Liquidity pools work within the crypto space with automated market makers, providing token holders and networks with liquidity through decentralized mechanisms. Liquidity pools usually only have a 50/50 ratio, where the value of Asset A equals the value of Asset B. Potential Risks: If there are no purchases for STARS, the price would fall to zero as the weighting decreases and the fluctuation in weighting creates constant downward pressure on the price. Details about the LBP: Start Time: December 16th, 2021 19:00 UTC End Time: December 19th, 2021 Starting Liquidity: 50,000,000 STARS and 135,000 OSMO Start Ratio: 95/5 End Ratio: 50/50 Starting Price: STARS Price: $0.28 USD OSMO Price: $5.50 USD

This proposal authorizes payment of 750k OSMO to Confio for deep integration of CosmWasm into Osmosis. The payout will be made to a multisig and Confio will be paid a portion of the funds on completion of each of two milestones. The integration work lays the foundation for many more enhancements to Osmosis and a deeper collaboration between Confio and the Osmosis core team. By voting YES on this proposal, you agree to fund Confio for this work contingent on their completion of the detailed deliverables. By voting NO on this proposal, you do not want to engage Confio under these terms and request more discussion in the forum. The full proposal text, deliverables, payment details and binding agreement is stored on IPFS and can be found at https://gateway.pinata.cloud/ipfs/QmYnWxtNWa2BRyb3Tkoev94cYmX82GscNJFe4ZhChyz7Hn The relevant forum post discussing this: https://commonwealth.im/osmosis/proposal/discussion/2968-proposal-integrating-cosmwasm-into-osmosis

Full details IPFS : https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmTgufbNQwG4jH8yEjxSNfg1mw7FKpuCwAkwzCiK9cDueW \n\nVote YES for this proposal to allocate 20k OSMO to incentivize past and future contributions by the Cosmoverse team to organize Cosmos Ecosystem Expos\n\nVote NO for this proposal if you dissent on allocating 20k OSMO to incentivize past and future contributions by the Cosmoverse team to organize Cosmos Ecosystem Expos\n\nCommonwealth Discussion :\nhttps://commonwealth.im/osmosis/proposal/discussion/2991-cosmoverse-21-huge-success-lets-lead-the-way-with-support-for-more

Provide a Second Funding for the Osmosis Support Lab. \n\n This proposal is for funding the Osmosis Support Lab for the on-chain funding period of February 2022 to May 2022. \n\n A newly adopted charter and full proposal can be found here: https://osmosis-dao.gitbook.io/osmosis-support-lab-second-funding-round/ \n\n Discussion on the proposal can be found here: https://commonwealth.im/osmosis/discussion/3621-osmosis-support-labsecond-funding-round \n\n https://www.reddit.com/r/OsmosisLab/comments/sdda4b/osmosis_support_lab_second_funding_round/

HackAtom VI, the biggest Hackatom in Cosmos history, concluded on 8 Dec 2021. According to the Osmosis signal proposal [no.63/ 06.11.2021](https://www.mintscan.io/osmosis/proposals/63), the Osmosis community agreed to register Osmosis as one of the HackAtom sponsor participants, which allowed the Osmosis community to propose a hackathon challenge in one of the existing HackAtom categories. This sponsorship allocated a total prize budget of 50,000 USD in $ATOM to be paid from the Osmosis Community Pool to the Osmosis winners. Here are the winners of the Osmosis challenge: First place in amount of $35,000 in $ATOM: Osmosis (Semi-) Auto Compound by Manuel Richter: The winning prize went to the Osmosis (Semi-) Auto Compound project that automates Osmosis pool compounding as much as possible, opting to implement a semi-automatic wizard seamlessly into the Osmosis UI. Visit [DevPost](https://devpost.com/software/osmosis-semi-auto-compound) for more details. 2nd Place in the amount of $15,000 in $ATOM: Classic Trading by Ping Ping, Ding Yi, and Edward Gunawan: The second prize went to this CEX-like dashboard for Osmosis. This project offers a classic trading interface as an alternative way for users to swap on Osmosis, just like on other traditional exchanges. This project comes complete with price charts for all trading pairs and users can explore different charts without changing views. Visit [DevPost](https://devpost.com/software/osmosis-semi-auto-compound) for more details. All in Bits Inc (DBA Tendermint Inc), as the organizer of the HackAtom VI event, is responsible for the distribution of the prizes to the aforementioned winners. According to HackAtom Rules, All in Bits Inc (DBA Tendermint Inc) will be using the Close Rate of Dec 16th, 2021 (the spot rate as of Dec 16, 2021 at 23:59:59pm) on CoinMarketCap to determine the equivalent number of Atoms representing the value of the prize in US Dollars (“ATOM Equivalent”) that needs to be paid to each winners. The closing price at Dec 16, 2021, 23:59:59pm was of $21.75 = 1 Atom. As the funds for paying the Osmosis HackAtom winners are coming from the Osmosis community pool, the equivalent of $OSMO tokens on the Date of Dec 16th, needs to be calculated and paid to the winners. On Dec 16th, the closing price of the $OSMO token as per Coinmarketcap historical data was of $4.18, which accounts for the payment of equivalent 11,962 $OSMO tokens. All in Bits Inc (DBA Tendermint Inc), as the organizer responsible for distributing and paying the prizes amongst the HackAtom VI - Osmosis Challenge winners, shall receive transfer of the funds for payment in $OSMO tokens at the following wallet address: osmo18ae7p2q7e79cdgv7y2zvq5txlnnwscjls6axyc A vote YES to this proposal, will send 11,962 $OSMO from the Osmosis community pool to All in Bits Inc (DBA Tendermint Inc) $OSMO wallet, for All in Bits Inc (DBA Tendermint Inc) to further use these allocated funds to pay the winners of the HackAtom VI- Osmosis challenge. A vote NO to this proposal, will signal that the community disagrees on sending the funds to All in Bits Inc (DBA Tendermint Inc) to pay the HackAtom VI- Osmosis challenge winners.

Voting YES to this proposal indicates approval to address Osmosis’ carbon emissions footprint by purchasing 1 year of carbon credits at worst case projections through Regen Network Voting NO to this proposal indicates that this funding should not be allocated. Based on feedback from carbon footprint data reported by validators of Regen Network, Osmosis is projected to emit at most 5,100 tons a year in carbon, negatively affecting our climate. Regen Network, in partnership with Toucan and Moss.Earth, have already launched a version of NCT on Polygon at a price of $10 per credit. This proposal asks for a spend of 6,600 $OSMO from the Community Pool to purchase 5,100 NCT from Regen Network to cover Osmosis’ historical carbon emissions, confirming Osmosis' carbon neutrality blockchain up to June 2022. Method These funds will be sent to a multisig address consisting of Cory Levinson (Regen Network) Johnny Wyles (Osmosis Support Lab) NosNode (Osmosis Validator) The $OSMO will be transferred to a corresponding multisig wallet on the Regen Network over IBC and used to purchase NCT. This will then be retired to offset Osmosis’ carbon emissions. Any $OSMO remaining due to price fluctuations below the intentional 20% buffer to mitigate any price volatility, and a potentially lower NCT cost, will be returned to the Osmosis Community Pool. Discussion: https://gov.osmosis.zone/discussion/3936-proposal-osmosis-carbon-market-with-regen-network

Voting YES to this proposal indicates approval of a joint funding venture with Regen Network to establish deep liquidity of a Carbon Market on Osmosis through protocol owned liquidity and pool incentives. Voting NO to his proposal indicates that this funding should not be allocated. Based on feedback from validators collected by Regen, the Cosmos ecosystem is projected to cause, at most, 84,700 tons a year of carbon dioxide emissions with an estimate of 22,596.5 tons of emissions. In order to provide sufficient liquidity for any Cosmos chain or validator to choose to offset their project for multiple years it is proposed that liquidity of 211,750 NCT is established, owned between the Osmosis and Regen governance. Regen Network intend to match any protocol owned liquidity in the NCT/REGEN pool and so to meet this target Osmosis would purchase 105,875 NCT at an estimated price of $10 a credit, as well as utilizing around 1.235 Million REGEN of the 1,399,507 gifted to the Osmosis community pool as an pooling pair. The NCT/REGEN pool has been chosen as a non-incentivized pool. Due to Osmosis paying for liquidity based on fees, any fees generated by trading in this pool would result in Osmosis paying to incentivize liquidity that is not needed due to the unbonded protocol liquidity. This instead can act as a source of both tokens to seed other, incentivized pools, to increase liquidity and so stability of both NCT and REGEN across Osmosis as a whole through arbitrage. As an added benefit, based on average swap fees, around 5,400 NCT would be acquired by this community pool held liquidity per year. A portion of this can be routinely retired and cause Osmosis’ carbon neutrality to be self-sustaining. The remaining REGEN will be used to incentivize the NCT/OSMO pool to attract deeper liquidity, an arbitrage option for NCT/REGEN and a route to the Osmosis base pair for ease of trading. Around 165,000 REGEN should remain in the community pool after the previous two proposals, providing incentives of approximately $1,500 per day for 90 days. Including a 20% buffer for price volatility, this proposal asks for a community pool spend of 140,000 $OSMO and 1,399,507 $REGEN to establish the Osmosis’ community pool share of this liquidity. In order to ensure that supply and demand do not place an artificial premium on NCT, the pools will only become available on Osmosis once the ability to tokenise existing offchain carbon credits, non-custodially bridge NCT from Polygon across to the IBC and retire NCT on Regen is fully available to the average user through frontend tooling. This spend is being requested early as the cost of a Carbon Credit has recently been lower than usual and so Osmosis will be able to purchase this liquidity at a reduced rate in preparation for a coordinated launch. Benefits to Osmosis The spend would be retained in the community pool as protocol owned liquidity and so no value should be lost from this proposal. Swap fees in this pool, at Osmosis average, would generate around $54,000 in revenue each year for the protocol. Retiring a portion of this revenue each year will ensure that Osmosis remains carbon neutral permanently. Through encouraging use of the Regen Network, the value of Osmosis protocol owned liquidity will increase to cater for projects yet to be connected via IBC. Method These funds will be sent to a multisig address consisting of Cory Levinson (Regen Network) Johnny Wyles (Osmosis Support Lab) Nos Node (Osmosis Validator) The $OSMO will be transferred to a corresponding multisig wallet on the Regen Network over IBC and used to purchase the NCT. The NCT and any remaining $OSMO will then be returned to the multisig address on Osmosis. 200 $OSMO will then be used to establish NCT/REGEN and a OSMO/NCT pool on Osmosis. These costs are paid into the community pool. All of the $NCT will then be paired with $REGEN in a ratio to maintain the purchase price of $NCT. The GAMM tokens for NCT/REGEN will then be returned, unbonded, to the Osmosis Community Pool, along with any remaining $OSMO tokens. Any remaining REGEN will be loaded as external incentives on the OSMO/NCT pool over a 90 day period, start time to be determined when NCT on Regen is fully live. Discussion: https://gov.osmosis.zone/discussion/3936-proposal-osmosis-carbon-market-with-regen-network

By voting **YES**, the OGP will be launched with 1,500,000 OSMO tokens from the community pool. By voting **NO**, OSMO holders voice their dissent against the OGP. **Details** - An Osmosis Grants Program (“OGP”) should be launched to fund new community-built tooling, infrastructure and projects building on top of Osmosis. - We propose an initial budget for the program of up to 1,500,000 OSMO tokens for a 6 month program with quarterly community review. OGP is not obligated to spend this amount; quality always comes first. - Funds will be managed by a 7 person multi-sig consisting of: - Sunny Aggarwal (Osmosis team) - Figment - Eddie Hartmann (Osmosis team) - Cosmostation - Brandon Curtis (Independent) - Coldchain (Independent) - Dan Elitzer (Nascent) - At the end of the initial six month term and then every quarter thereafter, the community can terminate the program via governance and any unspent OSMO tokens will be returned to the community pool. - The program would be run by a Program Lead (Reverie) supported by seven reviewers, who also function as the multi-sig. Reverie has been working closely with the Osmosis team and the committee for the past few months for setup. - Reverie proposes monthly compensation of $70k while it is administering the OGP as well a $100k one time setup grant to permit best in class legal and operational setup. - As part of this proposal, weve included a preliminary version of the website, as well as an initial set of funding RFP ideas. Link to Commonwealth Discussion: https://gov.osmosis.zone/discussion/4001-updated-discussion-osmosis-grants-program-proposal

This proposal is for funding the Osmosis Support Lab for the on-chain funding period of June 2022 to August 2022. \n\n The full proposal can be found here: https://osmosis-dao.gitbook.io/osmosis-support-lab-funding-round-june-aug-2022/ \n\n Discussion on the proposal can be found here: https://commonwealth.im/osmosis/discussion/5039-osmosis-support-lab-funding-round-june-aug-2022 \n\n https://www.reddit.com/r/OsmosisLab/comments/ux27mf/osmosis_support_lab_funding_proposal_june_august/

By voting **Yes**, the Osmosis Grants Program (“OGP”) will receive an additional 7,500,000 OSMO tokens from the community pool. By voting **No**, OSMO holders voice their dissent against the OGP receiving additional funding. **Details** - Osmosis has an opportunity to recruit high-quality teams experienced in CosmWasm that were previously focused on the Terra ecosystem. - Due to OSMO volatility, the USD value of the original OGP budget has decreased from $12M at the time of launch to $2.3M today. - Program funds will be managed by the same 7 person multi-sig used for the existing OGP. Link to the Commonwealth post for more information: https://commonwealth.im/osmosis/discussion/5061-additional-funding-for-the-osmosis-grants-program

This proposal is for funding the Osmosis Ministry of Marketing for the on-chain funding period of June 2022 - November 2022. The full proposal can be found here: https://osmosis-dao.gitbook.io/osmosis-ministry-of-marketing-second-funding-round/ Commonwealth post here: https://commonwealth.im/osmosis/discussion/5033-2nd-funding-round-for-omm Transparency report here: https://commonwealth.im/osmosis/discussion/4710-transparency-report-for-first-6-months-of-omm

This proposal is for funding the Osmosis Support Lab for the on-chain funding period of September 2022 through November 2022. \n\n The full proposal can be found here: https://osmosis-dao.gitbook.io/osmosis-support-lab-funding-round-sept-nov-2022/ \n\n Discussion on the proposal can be found here: https://commonwealth.im/osmosis/discussion/6740-osmosis-support-lab-funding-round-september-november-2022 \n\n https://www.reddit.com/r/OsmosisLab/comments/wvqbjj/osmosis_support_lab_funding_round_september/

This proposal seeks the funding necessary to maintain Flipside's curated Osmosis data and Community Enabled Analytics (CEA) program - enabling it to be accessed by builders and analysts for use in dashboards, insights, and application development. This data will be maintained by Flipside and made available in Flipside Crypto’s platform. Flipside Crypto’s platform provides a SQL query editor, data visualization studio, API, and SDK free for all users. The full proposal and Commonwealth discussion can be found here: https://commonwealth.im/osmosis/discussion/6900-proposal-for-community-enabled-analytics-program-flipside-crypto

AXL/OSMO will be a regular 50/50 pool on Osmosis, with 0.2% swap fee and no exit fee. We are requesting 741,000 OSMO (~$1m at current prices) to be delivered to an address controlled by Axelar Foundation. The loaned OSMO, together with AXL tokens contributed by Axelar Foundation, will be used to bootstrap liquidity in the pool AXL/OSMO for at least 3 months after AXL token launch. The OSMO loan will be repaid in AXL tokens (or USDC), on or before November 2, 2022. Full proposal details here [https://commonwealth.im/osmosis/discussion/6875-proposal-for-loan-swap-of-osmo-to-axelar] VOTE By voting YES on this proposal, OSMO stakers voice their support for a loan swap of OSMO to Axelar. By voting NO on this proposal, OSMO stakers voice their dissent for a loan swap of OSMO to Axelar. About Axelar: Axelar delivers secure cross-chain communication for Web3. Its infrastructure enables dApp users to interact with any asset or application, on any chain, with one click. In April 22nd, in proposal 206, Axelar was voted by the Osmosis community to be the canonical ethereum bridge service provider. Website: https://axelar.network/

This proposal is for funding the Osmosis Support Lab for the on-chain funding period of December 2022 through February 2023. \n\n The full proposal can be found here: https://osmosis-support-lab.gitbook.io/osmosis-support-lab-funding-proposals/ \n\n Discussion on the proposal can be found here: https://commonwealth.im/osmosis/discussion/8373-proposal-allocate-253285-osmo-from-the-community-pool-for-the-continued-funding-of-the-osl-through-february

This proposal would transfer 310,000 OSMO from the community pool, to be used as pool rewards over 90 days in order to bootstrap Mars liquidity on Osmosis. ## Details Mars protocol is a Money Market and Credit protocol initially launched on Terra that will be launching a Cosmos chain as the hub of its operations for the IBC network. Mars' first outpost of operations will be on Osmosis as the home of the deepest liquidity across IBC and enable users to lend, borrow and earn against Mars governance gated credit lines. Mars protocol wishes to quickly build liquidity on Osmosis to provide stability for the governance of their credit module and proposes that it is in Osmosis' interest to assist in funding this stability to ensure the security of and smooth operation of its outpost. At the time of the Terra De-peg (May 7, 2022), the Mars fully diluted market cap was $797 Million, with a contained liquidity of [$263 Million](https://defillama.com/protocol/mars-protocol). The Mars token itself had [~$32 Million](https://forum.astroport.fi/t/arc-6-add-astro-emissions-for-the-mars-ust-pool/308/11) liquidity in the MARS/UST Astroport pair, the dominant Terra exchange. Under current market conditions, and the average trading value in the post-depeg climate, a MARS pool liquidity of around $3.4 million should still be achievable. [Calculations here](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BVVBusqYSVi3VSNvJBGs0QtpkOZamcaC2AB5i_1WzqU/edit?usp=sharing). In order to achieve this rapidly and establish Osmosis as the primary marketplace for the Mars token, as well as ensure that the first outpost is established on solid ground, this proposal asks for a spending of previously redirected incentives to provide bootstrapping rewards for the MARS/OSMO pool. A community pool spend of 310,000 OSMO will be allocated to 14-day bonding within the OSMO/MARS pool over 90 days. This should cause liquidity to quickly reach the post-depeg levels of liquidity based on the current Osmosis value, the average price of the Mars token after the UST depeg, before the pool APR becomes comparable to alternative pools of this size. This spend should be considered to be a deployment of incentives previously redirected from normal OSMO incentives to the community pool. The managing wallet is a 2/3 multisig formed of: * anon intern (Apollo) * Claimens (CryptoCrew Validator) * Waterspinner (Osmosis Support Lab) ## About Mars Lend, borrow and earn with an autonomous credit protocol in the Cosmos universe. Open to all, closed to none. Website: [https://marsprotocol.io/](https://marsprotocol.io/)

This proposal requests a spend of 52,000 OSMO from the Osmosis Community Pool to establish Protocol Liquidity of WYND/OSMO within both community pools. ## Details This proposal is the mirror of the proposal on [WYND DAO](https://app.wynddao.com/vote/B82) to request 170,000 WYND. If only one proposal passes then the community spend shall be returned to the corresponding community pool. If both proposals pass, 26,000 OSMO would be directly swapped for 85,000 WYND from WYND DAO. This is an approximate value of $25,000 of each token. These funds will be managed by a 2/3 multisig composed of: * Claimens (CryptoCrew Validator) * Jasbanza (Osmosis Support Lab) * Luisqa (Zenith Station Validator) Each will then add liquidity to the pools on their respective exchanges. The pools with protocol-owned liquidity will be: * [WYND/OSMO pool on Osmosis](https://frontier.osmosis.zone/pool/902) * [WYND/OSMO pool on WYND DEX](https://dex.wynddao.com/pools/juno1s00g9axpxgmwcrlc6xqcxzcjmaqpxhftkx62xfh64xends8ls5dqyyjnnl) This liquidity will NOT be bonded on either DEX and so will not impact incentives to Liquidity Providers who are bonded. Any excess tokens that are unable to be provided as liquidity due to a price ratio change between this proposal going on-chain and liquidity being added will be returned to the original owner. For Osmosis, the GAMM tokens representing this liquidity shall be returned to the Osmosis Community Pool, these may not be sold or deconstructed for a minimum of 1 year, and a governance proposal will be required to remove or modify the LP position in any way. For WYND, this liquidity shall not be sold or removed from the liquidity pool for a minimum of 1 year and is owned by the WYND DAO, and a governance proposal will be required to remove or modify the LP position in any way. In total, if passed, liquidity will be provided evenly across the WYND/OSMO pair on both Osmosis and WYND DEX for a minimum of 1 year. ## About WYND WYND DAO is an innovative, multi-protocol DAO that harvests the best of DeFi to fund positive real-world environmental impact. WYND DAO will deploy multichain DeFi protocols by using advanced CosmWasm contracts. Twenty-five percent of the fees generated with these protocols will go to an Environmental DAO investing in projects spearheading actions to improve the environment. Delegating WYND tokens will give you a voice in the future of this unique Cosmos project. Osmosis Stakers were among those able to claim the airdrop before the WYND DAO launch and so there is significant crossover between WYND and Osmosis community members. Website: [https://www.wynddao.com](https://www.wynddao.com) Commonwealth Thread: [https://commonwealth.im/osmosis/discussion/9620-osmowynd-token-swap-for-protocol-liquidity](https://commonwealth.im/osmosis/discussion/9620-osmowynd-token-swap-for-protocol-liquidity)

This proposal is for funding the Osmosis Support Lab for the on-chain funding period of March 2023 through August 2023. \n\n The full proposal can be found here: https://osmosis-support-lab.gitbook.io/osmosis-support-lab-funding-proposals/osl-proposals/funding-round-mar23-aug23/ \n\n Discussion on the proposal can be found here: https://commonwealth.im/osmosis/discussion/10202-osmosis-support-lab-funding-proposal-march-august-2023

This is a followup proposal from [Proposal 26](https://www.mintscan.io/osmosis/proposals/26) to acquire and distribute the funds originally promised as a bounty for Shapeshift integration of Osmosis. The original proposal text references in Proposal 26 can be found [here](https://gist.github.com/johnpatten1/d841ae112d8859589945b737a6995079) The Shapeshift Bounty post can be seen [here](https://boardroom.io/shapeshift/proposal/cHJvcG9zYWw6c2hhcGVzaGlmdDpkZWZhdWx0OnFtbnV5Y3NyZXhmZXN5dG9mazZlbWRzYW1vcnVpMXBjdnU0aGpwN2V5ZHZuZ3o=) > Minimum viable product expected by Osmosis: displaying IBC assets on Shapeshift and allowing Shapeshift users to trade IBC assets using the Osmosis AMM. This can be seen on [ShapeShift](https://app.shapeshift.com/#/dashboard) with the availability of ATOM/OSMO trading, OSMO staking as well as liquidity provision in the ATOM/OSMO pool. ## Payment Request 1 > Payment request for Milestone A-D of the Osmosis integration proposal for PM and UX: > Desired date of execution : Thursday, March 16 2023 > Type of transaction to be executed: Transfer > Transfer amount: 20,307.67385 > Transfer asset: OSMO > Recipient: osmo1knkrgu5xt5gvpr0ntkwj2etmelw5dpsa4pahp6 > All objectives as outlined in the Osmosis bounty proposal have been completed, and KeepKey firmware v7.7.0 containing the requested features has been released. Thanks! ## Payment Request 2 > Payment request for Milestone A-D of the Osmosis integration proposal: > Desired date of execution : Tuesday, March 14, 2023 > Type of transaction to be executed: Transfer > Transfer amount: 59,692.29462 > Transfer asset: OSMO > Recipient: osmo1klc09c8jup9rd4xrgqn2mjexje3fgvddeg477e > All development objectives as outlined in the Osmosis bounty proposal have been completed, and KeepKey firmware v7.7.0 containing the requested features has been released. Thank you! > https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1U8w7TBeAPmRr-CUPQM579ZJ0aK8Ov_XUsje62aSqEgw/edit#gid=0 Funds will be sent to a 2/3 Multisig wallet on Osmosis consisting of: * Luisqa (Interbloc Validator) * RoboMcGobo (Independent) * Willyfox (ShapeShift DAO) Address is: osmo1wc9t958w97kcc5gnuqh2x6q5rnxlkmla8vey0l This wallet will then distribute the payments to the two destination wallets, reducing the number of proposals required. **Commonwealth Thread**: [https://commonwealth.im/osmosis/discussion/10479-shapeshift-bounty-completion](https://commonwealth.im/osmosis/discussion/10479-shapeshift-bounty-completion)

This proposal aims to restore the maximum emissions of Osmosis to 1 billion by burning the excess OSMO generated during the delay to the Thirdening event on June 20, 2023. This proposal designates the null address (osmo1qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqmcn030) as the burn address for Osmosis. All supply queries will exclude this address to create an identical function of a traditional burn address on other systems. The amount of excess OSMO generated is 547,945.205479 OSMO, and this proposal would directly send that amount to the null address from the community pool.  # Details ## Excess OSMO The Thirdening event took place on the epoch of the 21st of June, 2023, after the passing of Proposal 539. This delayed implementation resulted in one additional epoch (20th June 2023/Epoch 732) of emissions at the previous rates. As the time to perform the subsequent reduction event increments from the last change, the emissions of epoch 732 were completely surplus. Therefore excess emissions were 200,000,000 / 365 = 547,945.205479 These emissions resulted in a new maximum supply of 1,000,547,945.205479 rather than the intended 1 billion. ## Burn Address Cosmos chains do not have a burn mechanism by default. Other chains, such as Ethereum, use the null address (0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000) as a disposable address. The equivalent on Osmosis is osmo1qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqmcn030 which can be verified on the CLI by using the command  `osmosisd debug addr 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000` To cause the null address to function as a burn address, it must be excluded from supply queries, after which it can be used to dispose of unwanted tokens. While a private key theoretically exists for the null address, it is unknown, and this process is in use by several other chains for the same key. ## Sourcing from Community Pool While the excess OSMO was distributed between all parameter destinations, this proposal only uses the Community Pool as a source of the OSMO for disposal. This far simpler prevents any clawback mechanism from requiring a hard fork. OSMO in the community pool is not circulating and only has actual value once it enters the circulating supply. ## Rejection of Proposal Rejection of this proposal would signal that the new maximum supply is 1,000,547,945.205479 or that the rectification method is unsuitable. # Implementation The implementation of this proposal will require the following steps: ## Execution of Burn Transaction This proposal transfers 547,945.205479 OSMO from the community pool to the null address (osmo1qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqmcn030). ## Supply Update All supply queries will be adjusted to ignore any tokens held in the null address during a future software upgrade. ##Conclusion Restoring the maximum emissions of Osmosis to 1 billion by burning the excess OSMO generated during the Thirdening delay demonstrates the Osmosis community's commitment to maintaining the protocol's integrity. By implementing the proposed burn and designating the null address as the burn address, Osmosis ensures accurate supply figures and establishes a mechanism for future burns if necessary. This proposal aligns with Osmosis's long-term sustainability and growth as a leading decentralized exchange platform. **Commonwealth Thread:** [https://commonwealth.im/osmosis/discussion/11934-restoration-of-osmosis-max-supply-to-1-billion](https://commonwealth.im/osmosis/discussion/11934-restoration-of-osmosis-max-supply-to-1-billion)

This proposal would allocate up to 800,000 OSMO from the Osmosis Community Pool to match Kava Rise Rewards, bootstrap USDT liquidity into the Cosmos, and establish Osmosis as the leading trading location for native USDT liquidity. ## Background Launched in 2014, Tether was the first stablecoin issued and remains the most prevalent stablecoin in use across the crypto ecosystem. USDT is now available natively on IBC chains via Tether’s contract deployment on Kava. With [Proposal 574](https://www.mintscan.io/osmosis/proposals/574), Osmosis governance has recognized USDT via Kava as the canonical version of USDT, and initial pools are being created in [Proposal 579](https://www.mintscan.io/osmosis/proposals/579). This proposal asks for up to 800,000 OSMO from the Osmosis Community Pool to bootstrap liquidity of the first natively issued stablecoin in the Cosmos backed by non-crypto assets. This community spend would match external incentives sourced from Osmosis’ allocation in the Kava Rise initiative over the next three months. ## Kava Rise Kava governance [has voted](https://www.mintscan.io/kava/proposals/148) to extend their [Kava Rise initiative](https://www.kava.io/rise) to incentivize USDT liquidity across the Cosmos by allocating 100k KAVA to Cosmos chains pro-rata to their USDT IBC deposits. The Kava Rise program creates an exciting opportunity for leading Cosmos chains to bootstrap stablecoin liquidity within their ecosystem and earn a share of monthly KAVA rewards. The monthly total allocation may increase to 200k through further Kava governance approval. Kava will carry out a monthly assessment of USDT deposits across eligible chains and allocate a share of the Kava Rise incentives to a wallet on each chain that will then distribute the monthly Kava Rise rewards proportionately. The managing wallet on Osmosis will be the multi-sig DAO referenced in this proposal. Using these Kava Rise rewards as external incentives, high USDT liquidity can be bootstrapped to Osmosis, maintaining a high pro-rata share going forward. For more information about the Kava Rise: Cosmos USDT Incentive program, see the blog post here: [https://kavachain.medium.com/introducing-kava-rise-cosmos-usdt-incentive-program-f68062f6c39f](https://kavachain.medium.com/introducing-kava-rise-cosmos-usdt-incentive-program-f68062f6c39f). ## Funding Request This proposal requests 800,000 OSMO from the previously redirected liquidity incentives in the community pool to match the value of deployments of Kava Rise funding within Osmosis. This quantity of OSMO makes the assumptions that: * Month 1 of Kava Rise will be 100k KAVA. * Months 2 and 3 of Kava Rise will be 200k KAVA each. * Osmosis will gain 80% of this allocation as the liquidity hub of the Cosmos. * The value ratio of OSMO to KAVA will remain approximately constant. Any OSMO remaining in the multi-sig DAO after matching three months of Kava Rise allocations will be returned to the community pool. This may take longer than three months due to layering of incentives. ## Planned deployment of funds Incentives are a way to overcome both the hurdle rate against alternative yield locations and the impermanent loss incurred by participating in a volatile pool to make the location desirable to deploy liquidity. The most efficient deployment method is in highly correlating pairs with minimal inflation. The USDC/USDT pair should highly correlate as both assets are dollar-pegged stablecoins and have the same inflation as the US Dollar. The OSMO/USDT pair will likely correlate less. However, the token's volatility has been relatively low with the recent reductions in OSMO inflation. The multihop discount also allows this pool to facilitate trading between any asset on Osmosis and USDT with a low swap fee until further direct USDT pools are established. While there are two pools for each pairing with different spread factors, these incentives will be provided solely to the lower spread factor pool as these are typically the most efficient at fee generation in alternative concentrated liquidity models. With the upcoming introduction of the Taker Fee proposed in [Proposal 530](https://www.mintscan.io/osmosis/proposals/574), the lower spread factor will also minimize total fees for traders. The multi-sig in this proposal will also be loading any Kava Rise allocation of Kava, allowing the value of the OSMO and Kava incentives to be matched at the time of loading external incentives. The initial weighting of all incentives will be 50% to the USDC/USDT pair and 50% to the OSMO/USDT pair. All external incentives will be composed of equal values of Kava and OSMO. Incentives will not be deployed evenly over time but will be layered to provide consistently attractive incentives as liquidity increases. Escalating incentivization will prevent the first participants from gaining excessive rewards above what would attract liquidity to a desirable pairing. Reasonably attractive rewards should also avoid liquidity draining from other Supercharged pools, minimizing extreme volatility in the newly created pools with no bonding period. Incentives may be spread to any other Major/Stable pairing after the first month of matching once the initial liquidity of USDT has been established. USDT liquidity incentives would then be extended to other major pairings such as ATOM/USDT, ETH/USDT, and WBTC/USDT. Limitations are that at least two-thirds of the incentives will be allocated to the USDC/USDT and OSMO/USDT pairings, pairings must consist of Major/USDT or Stable/USDT, and the pools must be Supercharged with a spread factor of 0.2% or lower. Spreading incentives to new pools will take place via community feedback on the [Osmosis forums](http://forum.osmosis.zone) and will not occur unless the following liquidity targets are met: * USDC/USDT Target TVL: $10,000,000 * OSMO/USDT Target TVL: $5,000,000 Incentives may adjust from the initial 50/50 ratio to attain these goals. ## Proposed Multisig The multi-sig will utilize DAODAO on Osmosis for ease of transparency of actions and can be viewed at: [USDT Rise](https://dao.daodao.zone/osmo190pgmj969xw9qcv3cgj4q72cz9vm7fx8dgetq4v7rldyuu8k23zqlx4x5q/home) The current members are: * AllNodes (Osmosis and Kava Validator) * Johnny Wyles (Osmosis Labs) * WhiteMarlin (Osmosis Validator) **Forum Post**:[https://forum.osmosis.zone/t/community-spend-match-kava-rise-rewards-for-three-months/209](https://forum.osmosis.zone/t/community-spend-match-kava-rise-rewards-for-three-months/209)

This proposal will fund the Osmosis Support Lab for the period of September 2023 through March 2024. The full proposal and discussion can be found here: https://forum.osmosis.zone/t/revised-osmosis-support-lab-funding-round-september-2023-march-2024/255

- This is a joint proposal prepared by representatives of the Osmosis Community (RoboMcGobo 2, Johnny Wyles 1) and MantaDAO (Pragmatic Monkey, Vladimir GG, PostTenebras 2) - We are proposing a $50k OSMO<>MNTA token swap between our two Communities. - MantaDAO will match the received OSMO with another $50k of MNTA in a BOW LP (the AMM built on top of FIN, Kujira’s orderbook DEX). - Osmosis Community Pool will match the received MNTA with another $50k of OSMO in a +/- 5x position in the Supercharged pool on Osmosis, with the option to re-evaluate this when vaults are available. - This will result in $200k of OSMO/MNTA liquidity that will make the two tokens tradable with limited price impact against a wide variety of assets on both Osmosis and Kujira thanks to Osmosis and MantaSwap’s multihop routers. - Half of the LP ($100k on Osmosis) will be owned by Osmosis Community Pool; the other half ($100k on BOW) will be owned by MantaDAO. - This will sustainably deepen liquidity for OSMO on Kujira in the form of Protocol-Owned Liquidity without the need for any incentives. - This will enable the Osmosis Community to diversify its treasury and generate a source of income in the form of trading profits from market-making activities. - This will open up additional arbitrage routes between Osmosis and FIN, resulting in a net increase in trading volumes on both sides. - This will build a bridge between the Osmosis and Kujira communities, promoting net positive-sum cooperation across the Cosmos. The recipient address (osmo1rfcf70z0052zsjp9kz9zgal93exljj3fgka75wve0e3sazq724mqv2vqdm) is the multisig address controlled by the members from the Osmosis community: RoboMcGobo (https://twitter.com/RoboMcGobo 2) Luisqa (https://twitter.com/luisqagt) Golden Ratio Staking (https://twitter.com/GoldenStaking) The requested amount of OSMO and MNTA for exchanging and matching is calculated on a 10d TWAP basis: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/2/d/1u5lbIR9_Vl52munAtjg8S0j3_0v_KqLzOZKhy0pMSjY/edit?pli=1#gid=0 The full text of the proposal and discussion: https://forum.osmosis.zone/t/mutual-token-swap-between-osmosis-and-mantadao/343

# Summary This proposal aims to deploy 20M OSMO to the [stOSMO/OSMO stableswap pool 4](https://app.osmosis.zone/pool/833) (#833). Doing so would eliminate the need to spend internal OSMO incentives for stOSMO liquidity, reducing OSMO emissions. Furthermore, this would create deep stOSMO liquidity, enabling Mars to safely approve stOSMO as collateral. Membrane and Levana would also likely be able to use stOSMO as collateral. The amount of OSMO specified was calculated using Mars' rigorous Risk Framework. This amount would enable Mars to safely add stOSMO as collateral, with decent parameters. The OSMO would be sent to a 4/6 signature scheme DAODAO multisig controlled by trusted community members. The multisig would provide the OSMO as liquidity, and then transfer the resultant LP tokens to the Osmosis community pool. So instead of the 20M OSMO sitting idle in the community pool, it would be sitting in the stOSMO/OSMO pool, facilitating efficient stOSMO trading and generating fee revenue for OSMO stakers. And by holding the LP tokens, Osmosis governance would have complete control of the liquidity position. ## Governance votes The following items describe the voting options and their significance for this proposal: * **YES**: You wish to deploy 20M OSMO to the stOSMO/OSMO stableswap pool, to enhance Osmosis DeFi * **NO**: You do not wish to deploy OSMO protocol owned liquidity * **NO WITH VETO**: You 1) consider this proposal to be spam, 2) believe it infringes on minority interests, or 3) believe it violates the rules of engagement as currently set out by Cosmos Hub governance. If the number of NoWithVeto votes is greater than a third of total votes, the proposal is rejected and the deposits are burned * **ABSTAIN**: You wish to contribute to quorum but you formally decline to vote either for or against the proposal See full details and the community discussion on the forum: https://forum.osmosis.zone/t/deploy-20m-osmo-to-the-stosmo-pool

Requesting 13500 OSMO to facilitate user refunds of 900 osmo for all <15> pools created between the time of the increase and the start of discussion to officialize that change. Funds will go to Support Lab DAO wallet, to be dispersed by multisend. Discussion and details here -- https://forum.osmosis.zone/t/reimburse-900-osmo-to-any-recent-pool-creators/370

This onchain proposal is based on the following offchain proposal: https://forum.osmosis.zone/t/deposit-350-000-osmo-token-into-the-osmo-xlp-pool-on-levana/430 Governance Proposal - Deposit 350K OSMO to the Levana OSMO xLP Liquidity Pool Scheduled to be published on chain October 12th, 2023 Proposal Summary This proposal seeks approval from the Osmosis community to deposit 350,000 OSMO tokens into the Levana xLP pool. The initiative aims to enhance financial profitability of the community pool, support the Levana protocol, signal to other Dapp builders that the Osmosis community supports projects built on Osmosis and enable more active leverage trading on the Osmosis blockchain by providing additional liquidity. What is Levana? Levana is a decentralized leverage trading platform deployed on Osmosis since July of 2023. It allows traders to engage in leverage trading across various crypto assets while ensuring solvency through its uniquely designed perps system. Trade on Levana’s OSMO market here: https://trade.levana.finance/osmosis/trade/OSMO_USD Read more about the Levana design here: https://medium.com/levana-protocol/introduction-to-levana-perps-v2-5cfb3df7a770 Read and watch more about Levana’s growth since launch here: Fee Analysis - https://twitter.com/ario_57_/status/1707023000040575092 User retention - https://twitter.com/Abbas_ra21/status/1707324929501180323 https://x.com/Abbas_ra21/status/1707664235147194400?s=20 https://twitter.com/0xham3d_eth/status/1708226803599302906 Trader Behavior - https://twitter.com/Abbas_ra21/status/1706986083018293693 Scaling Perps - https://x.com/Cryptodreams8/status/1707710200126284255?s=20 Open interest analysis - https://x.com/ario_57_/status/1708173902013194452?s=20 General Performance Overview - https://twitter.com/ario_57_/status/1706355915350217049 Youtube Interview with Jack Zampolin - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8F5fRMBw990 MetaMask Snaps Spaces - https://x.com/Mystic_Labs_/status/1707062448203726895?s=20 Interview with The Interop - https://twitter.com/TheInterop/status/1707748120573219139 Levana’s Metrics on Osmosis to Date -Levana users have deposited over $3.6 million into Levana. https ://defillama.com/protocol/levana-perps -Roughly $150k of which is deposited into $OSMO LP -Over $175 million worth of volume has been traded https://trade.levana.finance/stats -Levana LPs have earned almost $200,000 since its inception of which $14,800 has been earned in the $OSMO LP specifically https://trade.levana.finance/stats?network=osmomainnet1&market=osmo_usd How Does Levana’s LP Pools Work? Levana’s liquidity pools (LP) historically have out performed the risk free rate of staking on validators or into DEX’s. The Levana OSMO LP pool, albeit smaller, has been generating roughly 15-25% APR in real yield. The LP pools, while lucrative, carry risks, including platform risk and potential loss due to trader wins. Additionally, Levana’s Perps system ensures solvency and supports high leverage trading across numerous crypto assets. Single Sided Deposit The Levana OSMO pool does not use stable coins. It is a single sided deposit and there is no impremenant loss. Read the whitepaper https://docs.levana.finance/whitepaper xLP vs LP The xLP pools earn more yield but have a 45 day linear unbonding period which occurs on a block by block basis. xLP tokens during unbonding earn at the yield of LP tokens. Risks of Being an LP Platform Risk: Possibility of smart contract vulnerabilities or platform failures. Trader Win Risk: LPs may incur losses when traders secure significant wins. Learn more about LP Risks https://docs.levana.finance/position-size-locked-collateral Technical Documents and Security Levana’s smart contracts are open-source, and comprehensive documentation is available, facilitating easy integration via API trading modules or custom front ends. The platform operates permissionlessly, without necessitating centralized, off-chain mechanisms like order books or sequencers. Read the source code https://docs.levana.finance/source-code Read the audit reports from Peckshield and Fyeo https://docs.levana.finance/audits Read the high level overview https://docs.levana.finance/high-level-overview Benefits to the Osmosis Community by Voting Yes: -Financial Profitability Potential: The community pool may profit financially, akin to how depositors have profited to date (note: the pool could also lose money during this time, understanding the risks is important). -Supporting Levana: To affirm the Osmosis community’s commitment to supporting a robust ecosystem of successful DApps and demonstrating solidarity with Levana. -Enhanced Leverage Trading for Osmosis Users: Enabling larger and more active leverage trading on the Osmosis blockchain by mitigating liquidity issues currently hindering users from opening substantial positions on Levana. -Levana will also continue to create blog posts, tweet threads and instructional videos to help educate Osmosis users how to safely and effectively use the features of Levana alone and in collaboration with other services on Osmosis. Levana Airdrops as a reward to Osmosis community members Levana does not currently have a token. However, should this proposal pass, Levana commits to allocating 400,000 LVN [Levana Tokens] during a future token generation event, to be distributed among Osmosis users who have traded on the Levana platform on Osmosis. The distribution of these tokens would be decided based on two variables: 1)The amount of fees you paid to LPs on Levana’s Osmosis dapp 2)How active you have been on Osmosis historically The exact method of calculating the airdrop distribution would not be published until a later date to help prevent airdrop hunters from gaming the system, but general principals would focus on -Creating a minimum amount of tokens distributed to each trader -Creating a smoother distribution system via capping the amount whales can receive -Filtering suspected bot accounts It is worth noting that geofencing will be applied to airdrops and USA persons and potentially other persons will not be eligible for airdrops. Learn more about the Levana Token via a draft (subject to change) of the Levana token primer https://perp-1551-token-primer.levana-docs.pages.dev/lvn-token-primer Note: Due to the risks associated with leverage trading, many countries do not permit their citizens to use perps dex’s. The Levana foundation’s front end is geoblocked from the USA and other nations. You can learn more about eligibility to use Levana in the Terms of Service https://trade.levana.finance/legal/terms-and-conditions.pdf Reasons to Vote Yes -Potential Profit: The community pool stands to gain financially if the pool does well. -Support for Builders: Demonstrate support for developers on Osmosis. -Enable Leverage of OSMO: By increasing the liquidity pool of OSMO on Levana, Osmo holders will have a useful tool to leverage the asset onchain on Osmosis. -Unlock 400K Levana Tokens: For Osmosis traders on Levana, subject to a future token generation event. Steps to take if the proposal passes 1) 350K OSMO would transfer from the community pool to a wallet controlled by a multisig of community Osmosis community members 2) These members would deposit into the Levana pool located at: https://trade.levana.finance/osmosis/earn/OSMO_USD At a future date when another governance vote happens to remove either the principle or rewards (assuming they exist) these multi sig holders will perform whatever action is requested by future governance (ie, withdrawal) Actualizing this proposal if it passes: A multisig account was created at the osmosis address: osmo1qzm2kyesqqpu4d7uaskkf023t4husm6vaan2gkc2xru0xcvzx23qq5f5c7 The multisig is managed by members from the following teams, all public validators of the Osmosis network *Layer Zero X *Levana *Crypto Assassin This multisig will have the authority to -Deposit Osmo tokens into the xLP Osmo pool on Levana -Reinvest any yield earned back into the xLP Osmo pool on Levana Withdrawal, transfer and other actions will be subject to further approval of the Osmosis community. The following actions have been tested with a small amount of funds to ensure that there will be no technical challenges with actualizing this proposal Transferring OSMO out of the DAO DAO multi sig Depositing OSMO to the xLP OSMO pool on Levana Unbonding the OSMO in the xLP Pool Withdrawing OSMO tokens from the LP Pool Reinvesting yield Withdrawing yield back to the multisig Learn more about Levana, Join our Discord and play with the dapp here https://linktr.ee/levanaprotocol Conclusion This proposal not only seeks to enhance the profitability of the community pool but also to fortify the symbiotic relationship between Osmosis and Levana, thereby fostering a more robust and thriving ecosystem for all stakeholders involved.

This proposal requests a bootstrapping incentive spend for the launch of dYdX token liquidity on Osmosis. ## About dYdX dYdX is an established perpetuals exchange running v3 of the [open-source dYdX software](https://github.com/dydxprotocol/) at [dydx.exchange](https://dydx.exchange/). dYdX [voted](https://snapshot.org/#/dydxgov.eth/proposal/0x17026e18317dc29fe745d3130246a83b1485612da9c97e7261e8f659cf33663c) to migrate to a new, IBC-enabled appchain running the v4 dYdX software earlier this year. This includes the launch of a staking token to govern voting power on the dYdX chain. The current dYdX token on Ethereum, now known as ethDYDX, can be locked in a smart contract in return for both a corresponding DYDX token on the new chain governing v4 of the software as well a wethDYDX token on Ethereum, which will continue to govern v3 of the software. ## Incentive spend This proposal requests a community pool spend to incentivize liquidity on Osmosis for the DYDX token from the dYdX chain. The pool will be 0.05% spread factor Supercharged pool paired with USDC. As of [Proposal 638](https://www.mintscan.io/osmosis/proposals/638), Osmosis no longer allocates ongoing internal incentives to most pools. By spending specific quantities of incentives with a fixed end date, initial liquidity can be crowdsourced for a pool to launch new markets on Osmosis. After the market has been established, these external incentives will end, and the market will reach a sustained level of liquidity through trading fees alone. ## Why is dYdX liquidity important to Osmosis? As an established project on Ethereum, dYdX currently has around [4,000 active traders](https://dydx.metabaseapp.com/public/dashboard/b3e36e1f-6860-4ecb-8f8b-96ca727f4609) despite current market conditions. Osmosis becoming the main place to trade the governance token may attract new users who were typically Ethereum natives but have recently installed Cosmos-compatible wallets to interact with the new version of dYdX. As the liquidity hub for the Cosmos, Osmosis will form the primary spot market for dYdX’s perpetual markets. Increased activity and adoption of dYdX v4 over v3, therefore, will attract further volume to Osmosis, and so it is in Osmosis’ interests to incentivize migration by enabling an active dYdX market. dYdX is also the first prominent app to choose to migrate to a dedicated appchain, demonstrating Cosmos’ vision of a multi-chain future connected by IBC. Supporting established apps to move to an appchain grows the usage of the Cosmos as a whole. Osmosis can assist here by increasing liquidity depth outside the original monolithic chain during launches. ## Requested Spend This proposal requests 200,050 OSMO to be spent as follows: * 200,000 OSMO to the DYDX / USDC pool over 50 days to source liquidity for DYDX in the Cosmos. (Approx $1000 per day) * 50 OSMO for the gauge creation fee. Fifty days should give sufficient time for the liquidity market to establish. The recent USDT launch took around 30 days for incentives to develop [reliable volume](https://info.osmosis.zone/token/USDT), so incentives should be around longer than this to ensure the market is well established. The quantity of OSMO has been chosen as a spend equivalent to ten days of the redirected incentives removed in [Proposal 638](https://www.mintscan.io/osmosis/proposals/638). This aims to ensure that the incentives are substantial to attract liquidity primarily to Osmosis while not raising inflation significantly compared to that proposal’s reduction. ## Funding management This proposal spends the requested OSMO into a multisig on DAODAO to be loaded to the specified pool by the members. All incentives will be loaded to the relevant gauge as soon as the pool is freely available for trading on Osmosis. Members of the multisig are: * Chorus One (DYDX and Osmosis Validator) * Johnny Wyles (Osmosis Labs) * RoboMcGobo (Osmosis Community and DYDX Grants Program) Forum Post: [https://forum.osmosis.zone/t/dydx-incentive-spend/445](https://forum.osmosis.zone/t/dydx-incentive-spend/445)

This proposal requests a bootstrapping incentive spend for the launch of Celestia (TIA) token liquidity on Osmosis. ## About Celestia Celestia is a new type of blockchain that aims to launch a new modular paradigm where each chain is minimal in composition and highly specialized to perform specific tasks. This specialization provides breakthroughs in scalability, flexibility, and interoperability, enabling developers to build blockchain applications for mass adoption. Celestia is specialized as a data availability blockchain with the TIA token used to pay for blobspace. This allows new blockchains to be spun up without their own native token, instead using TIA similarly to ETH on Ethereum-based rollups. Developers may opt to bootstrap their chain quickly by using TIA as a gas token and currency, in addition to paying for data availability. In this mode, developers can focus on creating their application or execution layer instead of issuing a token right away. ## Incentive spend This proposal requests a community pool spend to incentivize liquidity on Osmosis for the TIA at the launch of the Celestia chain. This pool will have a 0.05% spread factor Supercharged pool paired with USDC. As of [Proposal 638](https://www.mintscan.io/osmosis/proposals/638), Osmosis no longer allocates ongoing internal incentives to most pools. By spending specific quantities of incentives with a fixed end date, initial liquidity can be crowdsourced for a pool to launch new markets on Osmosis. After the market has been established, these external incentives will end, and the market will reach a sustained level of liquidity through trading fees alone. ## Why is TIA liquidity important to Osmosis? The modular blockchain paradigm is an extension of the appchain thesis, with each blockchain focusing on its own specialty. As a modular blockchain focussed on data availability, Celestia is deliberately unable to run a native exchange, and so the dominant decentralized exchange for TIA must be run on another chain. Osmosis should not only be aiming to be the decentralized exchange of choice for TIA, but also be the connector between all IBC chains, such as Celestia, and all other modular blockchains and rollups that will use the Hyperlane bridge. Building TIA liquidity is the first step towards Osmosis becoming the crossroads of liquidity trading for the emerging modular blockchain ecosystem. See this talk at this year’s Modular conference for more information on Osmosis and Celestia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DVwjwYvPsk ## Requested Spend This proposal requests that a 300,000 OSMO budget be granted to incentivize liquidity of the TIA token with the following restrictions. The incentives program will start when TIA is listed on Osmosis and freely available to trade. The incentives program will last no more than 50 days to give sufficient time for the liquidity market to establish. The quantity of OSMO has been chosen as a spend equivalent to fifteen days of the redirected incentives removed in [Proposal 638](https://www.mintscan.io/osmosis/proposals/638). New Proof of Stake networks can have issues attracting staking security as well as trading liquidity. Some tokenomic designs have a high level of inflation in order to attract community stakers, but the [initial inflation of the Celestia chain is 8%](https://docs.celestia.org/learn/staking-governance-supply/#inflation), and all tokens, including vested, may be staked. This is comparable to the standard across the Cosmos and should result in an expected staking return of 12%-16% at typical bonding levels for proof of stake chains. All incentives may not be spent as they will be loaded according to the following methodology: * Minimum spend of 3000 OSMO per day (150,000 over the period) * Maximum spend of 6000 OSMO per day (300,000 over the period) * Week 1 incentives to be loaded as the maximum * Week 2 onwards then revise within these restrictions as per the formula: Value per day = Celestia Staking rate per day * Pool TVL * 3 This allows Celestia liquidity on Osmosis to be a highly attractive venue for using the token as the pool grows whilst being tempered by both the quantity of Celestia staked and in the event that the pool does not attract the intended liquidity. ## Funding management This proposal spends the requested OSMO into a multisig on DAODAO to be loaded to the specified pool by the members according to the above criteria. Members of the [multisig](https://osmosis.daodao.zone/dao/osmo1g6dsaslf2gyzf6yexgmefsf4c4kc7ddu0jh3jtpg4a7x9xxy6z9qttelz7/proposals) are: * CryptoCrew (Validator) * John Galt (Stride Contributor) * Johnny Wyles (Osmosis Labs)

Osmosis Proof of Stake unlocks


344,007,677 OSMO

Bonded Tokens

336,050,958 OSMO

53.23% of SUPPLY

Not Bonded Tokens

7,956,719 OSMO

1.26% of SUPPLY


7,529,169 OSMO

Unclaimed Staking Rewards

7,047,319 OSMO

1.12% of SUPPLY

Unwithdrawn Validators Commission

481,850 OSMO

0.08% of SUPPLY

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