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575,877,376 LORE

Total minted coins


484,885,054 LORE

Supply (575,877,376 LORE) Unwithdrawn Validators Commission (538,092 LORE) Unclaimed Staking Rewards (7,656,122 LORE) Locked Community Tokens (45,074,894 LORE) Locked Vesting Tokens (37,723,214 LORE)

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37,723,214 LORE

Locked Vesting Tokens

37,723,214 LORE

6.55% of SUPPLY

Unlocked Vested Tokens


0% of SUPPLY

Unlocking of LORE tokens from vesting pool

Gitopia community tokens unlocks


75,074,894 LORE

Locked Community Tokens

45,074,894 LORE

7.83% of SUPPLY

Unlocked Community Tokens

30,000,000 LORE

5.21% of SUPPLY

Unlocking of LORE tokens from community pool

We are presenting a proposal for the movement of 30,000,000 LORE tokens from the Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool to a multisig wallet. This proposal is centered on catalyzing the liquidity of the LORE token. ## Proposal Overview: The proposed allocation of the 30,000,000 LORE tokens is as follows: 1. **5,000,000 LORE for Stream Creation on StreamSwap:** This allocation will enable the creation of LORE/OSMO stream on StreamSwap. 2. **5,000,000 LORE for LORE/OSMO Liquidity Pool on Osmosis:** This allocation along with the OSMO tokens streamed in the above step will be used to create the LORE/OSMO liquidity pool on Osmosis. 3. **20,000,000 LORE for Liquidity Provider Incentives:** A large portion of this allocation is dedicated to incentivizing liquidity providers across various DEXs. Our objective is to encourage more participation, augmenting the overall liquidity of LORE tokens. The details of the incentive distributions will be shared with the community prior to the distribution and there will be signalling proposals for the same. Importantly, only a fraction of the tokens will be utilized at any one time, ensuring that the entire 20M LORE budget is used judiciously over a period of time for sustainable growth and the long-term health of the LORE ecosystem. ## Usage of proceeds from the StreamSwap stream All proceeds from the StreamSwap stream will be received by the treasury multi-sig account on Osmosis. The entirety of this, 100%, will be used in the creation of LORE/OSMO Liquidity Pool. And the rewards accrued from this Liquidity Pool will only be used to incentivize Liquidity Providers (across multiple DEXs). ## Multisig Wallet Details: Multisig wallet address - gitopia1kx6kaa9tl4eskaset6r2h6dryjt36087me39nj The multisig wallet is managed by: Parth (Gitopia core contributor) Faza (Gitopia core contributor) Ejaaz (Gitopia core contributor) ## Governance Voting Options: Below are the choices available for voting on this proposal and their corresponding implications: - **Vote YES:** By voting YES, you express your support for the transfer of funds from the Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool to the designated address. - **Vote NO:** A NO vote signifies your disagreement with the proposed transfer of funds from the Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool to the designated address. - **Vote NO WITH VETO:** Voting NO WITH VETO indicates that you view the proposal as irrelevant to Gitopia, a potential infringement on minority interests, or as a proposal that either violates or encourages the violation of the rules of engagement as defined by Gitopia. If votes cast under this option exceed a third of the total votes, the proposal will be rejected and all deposits will be burned. - **Vote ABSTAIN:** By voting ABSTAIN, you are participating in achieving quorum while formally choosing not to express an opinion in favor or against the proposal.

Gitopia Proof of Stake unlocks


113,528,690 LORE

Bonded Tokens

112,058,457 LORE

19.46% of SUPPLY

Not Bonded Tokens

1,470,233 LORE

0.26% of SUPPLY


8,194,214 LORE

Unclaimed Staking Rewards

7,656,122 LORE

1.33% of SUPPLY

Unwithdrawn Validators Commission

538,092 LORE

0.09% of SUPPLY

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