STRD circulation


88,318,460 STRD

Total minted coins


49,660,835 STRD

Supply (88,318,460 STRD) Unwithdrawn Validators Commission (24,433 STRD) Unclaimed Staking Rewards (473,673 STRD) Locked Community Tokens (26,762 STRD) Locked Vesting Tokens (38,132,757 STRD)

Stride vesting tokens unlocks


44,714,269 STRD

Locked Vesting Tokens

38,132,757 STRD

43.18% of SUPPLY

Unlocked Vested Tokens

5,194,747 STRD

5.88% of SUPPLY

Unlocking of STRD tokens from vesting pool

Stride community tokens unlocks


28,812 STRD

Locked Community Tokens

26,762 STRD

0.03% of SUPPLY

Unlocked Community Tokens

2,050 STRD

0% of SUPPLY

Unlocking of STRD tokens from community pool

## Stride and Carbon Alliance Proposal: stLUNA as Carbon's Alliance Asset and STRD incentives for STRD collateral ### Summary This proposal seeks to request 2050 STRD tokens from the STRD community pool to provide incentives for the STRD lending pool on Carbon. By doing so, we can boost the utility, buying pressure, and adoption of the STRD token, as well as raise awareness about the Carbon <> Stride Alliance. ### Description Stride is the most popular and largest liquid staking provider on Cosmos, and Carbon had the privilege of being the first money market on Cosmos to support Stride's stTokens by whitelisting stATOM, stOSMO, stJUNO, stEVMOS, and STRD as collateral on Carbon's frontend UI, Demex. Carbon envisions a long-term partnership with Stride, and is listing stLUNA as an Alliance asset on Carbon chain, marking Stride's first alliance asset of another chain, with more to come. Listing stLUNA as an Alliance asset means that stLUNA can be staked on Carbon network to receive Carbon's staking reward on top stLUNA's yield, which further increases stLUNA's yield and demand, which will grow stLUNA's TVL and ultimately provides more fees back to STRD holders. As of this writing, there's about $100k worth of STRD collateral, and $200k worth of stAssets on Carbon's money market, Nitron. As a goodwill gesture, Carbon has proactively provided SWTH token incentives to STRD lending pool to bootstrap liquidity. This forum post is to discuss providing STRD incentives from the Stride community pool to the STRD lending pool on Carbon to further increase the utility, buying pressure, and adoption of the STRD token, as well as a way to help raise more awareness of Stride and Carbon Alliance. More context and benefits to Stride can be found at the Commonwealth forum here: #### Where do the funds go? This proposal, if accepted, will spend 2050 STRD tokens from the community pool, which is worth about $2,500 and 10% of the pool at this point in time, to the dev team address at stride1azgv7znw27cxfs66hj0ak0yv5a4xvtej27zf5m on Stride network in order to fund the external incentive module on Nitron according to the parameters of this proposal. ### The Proposer - CJ @fishmarketacad, BizDev at Carbon Network

Stride Proof of Stake unlocks


20,472,261 STRD

Bonded Tokens

19,839,049 STRD

22.46% of SUPPLY

Not Bonded Tokens

633,212 STRD

0.72% of SUPPLY


498,106 STRD

Unclaimed Staking Rewards

473,673 STRD

0.54% of SUPPLY

Unwithdrawn Validators Commission

24,433 STRD

0.03% of SUPPLY

Stride accounts statistics

Stride accounts structure

Stride accounts number

Stride accounts TPS

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