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1,131,771,491 FET

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1,124,272,941 FET

Supply (1,131,771,491 FET) Unwithdrawn Validators Commission (313,411 FET) Unclaimed Staking Rewards (5,860,681 FET) Locked Community Tokens (1,324,458 FET) Locked Vesting Tokens (0 FET)

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1,477,693 FET

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1,324,458 FET

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153,235 FET

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Unlocking of FET tokens from community pool

**Spend of Community Fund on Grant for stake.tax** Cryptocurrency holdings are liable for tax in most countries, and often held in complex financial instruments such as liquidity pools, loans, stake delegations and derivatives. Blockchains are typically slow and difficult to query using open source tools, which makes the completion of tax returns impossible for many token holders. There are many different third-party applications such as [Koinly](https://koinly.io/) and [Accointing](https://www.accointing.com/) that provide records of transactions from a particular set of query addresses, and that allow users to easily prepare tax returns for the authorities in most jurisdictions. These applications support major centralized exchanges and established crypto ecosystems but do not currently support most Cosmos-SDK chains including the [fetch.ai](https://fetch.ai) mainnet. The developers of the [stake.tax](https://stake.tax) application have addressed this gap in tax services for several Cosmos-SDK chains including Atom and Luna and have offered to extend this service to the fetch.ai mainnet. The stake.tax application can be used to generate reports that can be used to prepare tax returns or act as an additional data source for existing tax accounting software. We propose that 65,000FET from the current [community fund](https://explore.fetch.ai/) (currently standing at around 530,000FET as of 21st of March 2022) should be used to fund the stake.tax dev team to support the fetch.ai mainnet, as this would provide a valuable utility to FET token-holders and increase the adoption of the Fetch.ai ecosystem. If accepted, the funds will be transferred to a Fetch.ai foundation address and paid in installments to the stake.tax team for completing the integration.

### Who we are This proposal is brought to you by the **Azoyalabs** team. We are a trusted partner of the Fetch team and have been collaborating with them on the development of FetchStation, the inclusive Fetch.ai native dashboard as well as the Subquery indexer. We've also built and continue building upon the Fetch Name Service, a fetch native Web3 identity protocol based on non-fungible tokens. ### Fund the development of an AI-focused NFT marketplace The **AzoyaLabs** team is proposing to allocate community funds towards the development of a Fetch native NFT marketplace. This marketplace would be geared toward both AI-generated content and AI models access and distribution using NFTs as a medium. ### Why does this make sense for the Fetch blockchain? The Fetch.ai blockchain has built some significant tooling related to AI, especially with the recent release of agents and microagents. As the recent ChatGPT trend has shown, both the NFT and AI-content markets are set for significant growth over the coming years. We believe the Fetch blockchain is a prime candidate to reap the rewards of this new paradigm. An NFT marketplace is an excellent way to both monetize model usage (generation and access) as well as the necessary prompting skills and expertise necessary from successful usage of said models. What's more, the Cosmos ecosystem has seen a number of projects turning towards selling NFTs as a way to fund their growth without having to resort to a more legally complex Token emission. This would open up a new venue to onboard innovative projects while providing an essential building block for the network as a whole. ### What does this mean for users and holders? We expect that the marketplace will drive up network usage (as a comparison, NFTs are responsible for around 20% of the [gas usage on Ethereum](https://ultrasound.money/)), resulting in an increase in staking rewards. We will also be implementing a fee-sharing scheme with the community where 25% of fees generated by the marketplace will be sent back to the community fund, helping fund other projects in the future. ### This is the first of three proposals and aims to cover the following elements: - Development of smart contracts - Design and implementation of the UI - Design and implementation of the API - Support for IPFS - Implementation of a royalties system - Release on testnet For this initial tranche, we are requesting $30 000 in Fetch Tokens. With a price of USD $0.34 on the [Binance FET/USDT pair](https://www.binance.com/en/trade/FET_USDT?theme=dark&type=spot) at the time of writing, this represents a total of 88 235 FET tokens. The complete details of our proposal are available on [our website](https://www.azoyalabs.com/articles/nft_proposal). Our team is available for discussion on: - [Twitter](https://twitter.com/AzoyaLabs) - [Our Discord](https://discord.gg/3J5g2XzEBu) - [The Fetch.ai discord](https://discord.gg/UPcDpwMUvr)

Fetchhub Proof of Stake unlocks


359,751,864 FET

Bonded Tokens

350,949,682 FET

31.01% of SUPPLY

Not Bonded Tokens

8,802,182 FET

0.78% of SUPPLY


6,174,092 FET

Unclaimed Staking Rewards

5,860,681 FET

0.52% of SUPPLY

Unwithdrawn Validators Commission

313,411 FET

0.03% of SUPPLY

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