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TFA X Oraichain Collaboration

Complete proposal can be found here: https://commonwealth.im/oraichain/discussion/12706-texans-for-the-arts-x-oraichain

Twitter Space with Oraichain Community:


  • Texans for the Arts and Oraichain will collaborate on a high quality content series, featuring top leaders from the creative industries in Texas and beyond. This series will explore the intersection of generative AI and intellectual property, discussing concerns and solutions with artists, representatives from arts institutions, advocacy organizations and more. Our goal is to provide rich conversation around these topics and become a go-to resource for thought leadership, solutions incubation, policy development, and a collective voice for creatives all over the world in partnership with Oraichain.


  • We plan to share initial content broadly with stakeholders throughout the Texas arts community, but also use this as an opportunity to join the national conversation on generative AI and IP. Our audience will be artists, educators, administrators, gallerists, museums, performing arts organizations and policymakers. Our goal is to continually broaden our audience for the greatest impact at the highest levels over time.


  • 24 Episodes over 12 Months
  • Oraichain and Texans for the Arts will host long form, bi-weekly video discussions. Each session will be between 30-60 Minutes, hosted by Chris Kiley (TFA) and Tyree Robinson (Oraichain) with periodic special guests.
  • Texans for the Arts will work to bring on trusted voices from the Texas arts community and its institutions, helping to enrich the conversation, reach a broader community of creatives, develop meaningful insight towards solid policy, and expand the organic reach of our program.
  • Each of these conversations will additionally yield meaningful short-form content, which both Texans for the Arts and Oraichain can use for marketing.

Benefits for Oraichain

  • Issues surrounding AI and IP are more important now than ever, especially as unions and individual creators are battling AI companies to protect their intellectual property. Our unique position in both the statewide and national conversation will elevate the seriousness of these issues, firmly placing Oraichain and TFA firmly in the center of the conversation.
  • Throughout these conversations, there is a unique opportunity to share Oraichain's perspective and even develop community-driven solutions with the users who will need them most.


  • $20,000 in ORAI (To be donated to Texans for the Arts non-profit. Oraichain would be officially listed as a top tier contributor)
  • If the program goes well, we'd also love discussing an extension in the future.

On the TFA side, our Board of Directors has fully approved a partnership and we are very excited about the potential to collaborate with Oraichain. After reviewing articles and having many discussions with Tyree, we have deep respect and trust for Oraichain's perspective on these issues. We look forward to hearing feedback from the community and kicking off this collaboration officially!

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5,032,713 ORAI

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4,946,314 ORAI

37.3% of SUPPLY

Not Bonded Tokens

86,399 ORAI

0.65% of SUPPLY


217,843 ORAI

Unclaimed Staking Rewards

212,646 ORAI

1.6% of SUPPLY

Unwithdrawn Validators Commission

5,197 ORAI

0.04% of SUPPLY

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