MPWR circulation


226,427,582 MPWR

Total minted coins


179,683,386 MPWR

Supply (226,427,582 MPWR) Unwithdrawn Validators Commission (530,144 MPWR) Unclaimed Staking Rewards (18,163,773 MPWR) Locked Community Tokens (6,613,118 MPWR) Locked Vesting Tokens (21,437,161 MPWR)

Empowerchain vesting tokens unlocks

Empowerchain VESTING POOL

34,425,634 MPWR

Locked Vesting Tokens

21,437,161 MPWR

9.47% of SUPPLY

Unlocked Vested Tokens

2,988,473 MPWR

1.32% of SUPPLY

Unlocking of MPWR tokens from vesting pool

Empowerchain community tokens unlocks


6,613,118 MPWR

Locked Community Tokens

6,613,118 MPWR

2.92% of SUPPLY

Unlocked Community Tokens


0% of SUPPLY

For now there were no unlocks from Empowerchain community pool. Unlocking chart will be shown here as soon spending proposals appears in Empowerchain network.

Empowerchain Proof of Stake unlocks

Empowerchain STAKING POOL

123,463,664 MPWR

Bonded Tokens

118,666,024 MPWR

52.41% of SUPPLY

Not Bonded Tokens

4,797,640 MPWR

2.12% of SUPPLY

Empowerchain REWARDS POOL

18,693,917 MPWR

Unclaimed Staking Rewards

18,163,773 MPWR

8.02% of SUPPLY

Unwithdrawn Validators Commission

530,144 MPWR

0.23% of SUPPLY

Empowerchain accounts statistics

Empowerchain accounts structure

Empowerchain accounts number

Empowerchain accounts TPS

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