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56,640,717 SWTH

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Summary IBC support has been enabled on Carbon with connection to Osmosis now complete. In line with the integration, Switcheo Labs is preparing to deploy ICS-20 SWTH and SWTH/OSMO pool on Osmosis. This proposal elaborates on the decision behind creating a new SWTH/OSMO pool, and seeks to utilize SWTH from the Switcheo Development Fund as pool incentives to bootstrap initial liquidity on the leading AMM DEX on Cosmos. Motivation Cosmos is a booming ecosystem with over $65B in liquidity across its 32 IBC-enabled chains. By connecting with IBC, Carbon will be able to unlock liquidity from these major chains which in turn drive further growth and adoption of the protocol. The first protocol Carbon will connect with is Osmosis, the leading AMM DEX of Cosmos with over 28 supported coins. Connecting to Osmosis is vital in creating accessibility to Carbon’s native SWTH token, which will open up the Carbon protocol to the Cosmos ecosystem. Description In order for SWTH to gain greater discoverability and awareness amongst Layer 1 ecosystems, prior proposals have been made to reserve incentives for pools that pair SWTH with native tokens. This can be seen for the SWTH/ZIL pair on ZilSwap which has since seen robust liquidity and trading volume in large due to the attractive APR for the pool. We propose applying the same SWTH reward system for the coming SWTH/OSMO pool by utilizing SWTH from the Switcheo Development Fund as liquidity rewards. With approximately 48.5M SWTH (~$652,000 at the time of writing) unused in the SDF, we propose allocating a small portion of SWTH to the SWTH/OSMO pool as incentives to encourage initial liquidity and drive user interest in the new pool. The proposed details for utilizing the SDF funds are as follows: Allocate 6M SWTH (~$80,000 at the time of writing) from the Switcheo Development Fund for liquidity incentives Rewards will be distributed over 70 days which provides an attractive APR of ~83% (at approx $500K liquidity) to draw users to the pool and encourage sustained liquidity. We foresee trading volume and liquidity to have reached a sufficient level by 70 days to stop the SWTH incentives Once the pool has been created, the Switcheo Labs team will submit a signalling proposal to Osmosis governance for the SWTH rewards to be matched with OSMO View APR calculation: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ByDFyHteF_W7sGgLhjDOfjOhOh3_YdvmBozDUMEDFSk/edit?usp=sharing With Osmosis’ existing incentive matching programme, SWTH rewards will be matched with equivalent OSMO rewards to liquidity providers under the condition that the signalling proposal to match rewards is passed by the Osmosis community. This proposal will be submitted by the Switcheo Labs team upon creation of the SWTH/OSMO pool. Benefits - Greater SWTH token discoverability and accessibility Listing SWTH on Osmosis creates a new trading venue for SWTH amongst a new user base which will help to drive trading volume and overall SWTH liquidity. SWTH being listed on the top AMM DEX of Cosmos will also help to drive greater awareness and visibility for the token, and draw more users to Carbon. - Matched OSMO rewards The incentive matching programme by Osmosis not only increases the amount of rewards that SWTH/OSMO liquidity providers earn, but also halves the cost of drawing in liquidity to the pool. - Cement Carbon’s position as a mainstay in the Cosmos ecosystem Carbon’s mainnet launch outlined by the Stargate upgrade and IBC support has garnered significant attention from the Cosmos community. We believe this opportunity should be leveraged by swiftly adding the SWTH/OSMO pool to Osmosis to sustain interest and drive adoption from the new Cosmos audience that has been attracted. Timeline and Future Plans This proposal will first be put up as a forum post to invite open discussion with the community. If the majority of the community is agreeable, we will submit the Community Pool Spend proposal for voting on Carbonscan. Upon creation of the pool, the Switcheo Labs team will then submit a signalling proposal on Osmosis requesting matched OSMO incentives. For more information about Osmosis’ incentive matching programme, visit: https://wallet.keplr.app/#/osmosis/governance?detailId=47 Once the Cosmos community has become more acquainted with SWTH and the Carbon protocol, the Switcheo Labs team will turn its focus on listing new Cosmos pairs on Demex for cross-chain trading. This proposal is initiated by the Switcheo Labs team.

Hello guys, I'm Coco "@colino87", (Devel \u0026 Co validator), as most of you already know I recently released the CarbonTipBot to the community, I've spend the past months to Dev it, it's in Python, coded from scratch, specifically for Carbon Chain. The bot has now been running for 15 days, and is being used in several channels, it's still in early dev phase and i had some trouble with functionality at beginning, well, it was expected since it's not a copy of other TipBots available on other chains, however it's now working smoothly (when my internet provider is working too). The bot are actually used in 8+ telegram channels and i expect it to grow over time. Still there is a lot of improvement to make and ideas to implement; the withdrawal part has been coded in an "unconventional way", which I must rework. This will also give me ability to run the bot on external server, and not only on my computer as i have been doing, which will improve reliability. Here are the improvements I'm working on: • Rework of withdrawal part to make it clean typescript API POST request. • Periodical external backups. • Multi-curency management and tips. • Tools and additional features. For the time I have spent coding and to bootstrap the improvements I'm working on, I'm requesting 300 001 SWTH from SDF funds.

[Summary] Carbon’s money market is a decentralized non-custodial lending and borrowing platform where users can participate as depositors (lenders), borrowers or liquidators permissionlessly. Liquidity mining rewards are decided through the support of the community in a proposal. This proposal seeks approval to draw 12,500,000 $SWTH* from the Switcheo Development Fund (SDF) to act as community incentives for specific lending / borrowing pools ($USDC, $ETH, $WBTC, $SWTH, $USC) on Nitron, to grant each pool 2,500,000 (~$15,000 worth of) $SWTH respectively. Passing this proposal will immediately transfer 12,500,000 $SWTH from the SDF to \u003cwallet address: swth164dwck5ntfqrat28c5cjwyyxtqla9u4gg5ka7s\u003e which is managed by Switcheo Labs. *This calculation is based off 1 SWTH = $0.0060, as reflected on Carbonscan, at time of submission. For more information on the detailed motivation, description and risk-benefits analysis, please refer to https://commonwealth.im/carbon-protocol/discussion/7857-cip24-utilize-swth-in-the-sdf-as-community-incentives-on-the-carbon-money-market.

[Summary] This proposal seeks community approval to allocate a total of US$10,000 worth of SWTH from the Switcheo Development Fund (SDF) to the designated wallet address held by StaFi Hub, \u003cswth1j8rs8vx45q6puzy9rpchtkchdxp5h4qcmvn9jy\u003e, for the development of liquid staked SWTH ($rSWTH) following the terms outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Carbon and StaFi. The allocation of the overall funding is set in 3 phases: • On passing of [CIP-32] proposal: First 30% • On delivery of rSWTH: Next 30% • On completion of incentives for rSWTH/SWTH and rATOM/ATOM pools: Final 40% In line with the above, passing of this proposal would instantly transfer 402,164 SWTH* (i.e. US$3,000 worth of SWTH) to StaFi Hub. *This calculation is based on 1 SWTH = $0.00745965, as determined on CoinGecko, at the point of submission. [Agreement Details] To promote transparency and help the community make an informed decision, the details of the MoU between Carbon and StaFi Hub are as follows: 1. Roadmap and Deliverables The schedule for funding is as follows: • Upon approval of the SDF grant: First 30% • Upon delivery of $rSWTH solution: Next 30% • Upon completion of incentives for rSWTH/SWTH and rATOM/ATOM pools: Remaining 40% As agreed with StaFi, the development work for $rSWTH will be completed within 2023Q1. 2. Provision of SWTH Liquidity Over an agreed period of six months, the Switcheo Labs team will provide • 1% of the circulating $SWTH token supply to provide initial issuance for $rSWTH on Demex. • Another 1% of the circulating $SWTH token supply as initial liquidity for rSWTH/SWTH pool. The circulating supply of SWTH tokens, as determined on CoinGecko, is 1,720,665,159. Disclaimer: Should this proposal be passed, the team would require an undelegation and buffering period of 50 days to unbond our staked SWTH. 3. Additional Liquidity Incentives • $rSWTH pool: Together with StaFi Hub, Carbon will launch a dual-token (with $SWTH and $FIS) incentive campaign to incentivize the $rSWTH liquidity pool. The incentives will be split 50-50. • $rATOM pool: Alongside Carbon, StaFi Hub will provide incentives in $FIS tokens, the utility token of StaFi Hub, to bootstrap the adoption and liquidity for $rSWTH and $rATOM. StaFi will provide 10,000 quantity of $FIS incentives (about US$4,700, at the time of writing) for the rATOM/ATOM pool on Demex every week for the initial two weeks. If there is a high demand for rATOM, StaFi may extend the incentives for up to an additional four weeks. 4. Further Integration of Staked Derivatives from StaFi Hub to Carbon • Carbon and StaFi Hub will collaborate to integrate the Liquid Staking Derivatives ($rATOM/rIRIS/rHUAHUA) issued by StaFiHub into Carbon. The order of integration is as follows: $rATOM token, $rIRIS, $rHUAHUA. For more information on benefits and risks, please refer to the Commonwealth proposal here: https://commonwealth.im/carbon-protocol/discussion/9532-cip32-allocation-of-sdf-funds-to-stafi-hub-for-development-of-liquid-staked-swth [Cast your votes!] • Voting ‘Yes’ on this proposal indicates consent to transfer a total US$10,000 worth of SWTH from the SDF to StaFi Hub for the development of liquid staked SWTH ($rSWTH) following the terms outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Carbon and StaFi. In accordance with the agreement, • Should this proposal be passed, 30% of the total amount (US$3,000 worth of SWTH) will be immediately transferred from the SDF to \u003cwallet address: swth1j8rs8vx45q6puzy9rpchtkchdxp5h4qcmvn9jy\u003e, which is managed by Stafi Hub. • At the point of submission, the price of SWTH, as determined on Coingecko, is $0.00745965. US$3,000 translates to 402163.640385 SWTH ≈ 402,164 SWTH. • This means that passing of this proposal will transfer 402,164 SWTH from the SDF to the designated wallet address held by StaFi Hub as indicated above. • The subsequent 70% will be allocated to StaFi when the relevant milestones have been hit. This proposal is initiated by the Switcheo Labs team.

The complete [CIP-41] proposal can be found here: https://commonwealth.im/carbon-protocol/discussion/10007-cip41-allocation-of-community-funds-from-sdf-for-coincentivization-of-activities-with-eris-protocol [Summary] This proposal seeks community approval to allocate $5000 worth of SWTH from the Switcheo Development Fund (SDF) to the designated wallet address managed by Switcheo Labs, \u003cswth1cqu53xzn6k0t5v48g5wydy2r9ppxv7jhrv3x7n\u003e, for the co-incentivization of the $ampLUNA lend pool on Nitron and other activities with Eris Protocol. Passing of this proposal would instantly transfer 612826.20739SWTH* ≈ 612827 SWTH (i.e. ~$5,000 worth of SWTH) to the wallet address indicated above. *This calculation is based on 1 SWTH = $0.00815892, as determined on CoinGecko, at the point of submission. [Description] 1. About Eris Protocol Eris is one of the leading liquid staking providers on Terra, with a substantial Total Value Locked (TVL). $ampLUNA is the liquid staked version of $LUNA, powered by Eris. The $ampLUNA/$LUNA liquidity pool by Eris is ranked 5th on Astroport, Terra’s leading DEX, with a TVL of over 2 million dollars. 2. Co-Incentives Plan The Eris community has agreed to deploy $5000 worth of $LUNA incentives for the co-incentivization of activities with Carbon, and Carbon is expected to match these incentives in $SWTH. As the plans have not been firmly established, this proposal seeks community permission to grant the Switcheo Labs team the flexibility and authority to determine how the funds from the SDF should be utilized. Specifically, this proposal seeks community approval to allocate $5000 worth of $SWTH from the SDF for various activities including but not limited to: - To incentivize $ampLUNA lending on Nitron; - To promote other activities in collaboration with Eris Protocol, such as incentivizing of liquidity pools (e.g. $LUNA/$ampLUNA liquidity pool) and hosting of trading competitions, at the team’s discretion. Co-incentivization of these activities will likely increase the awareness of $SWTH to the $LUNA community, and vice versa. Price differences over the incentive period will be ignored. [Funding Details] - Amount: 612827 SWTH (~$5000) - Wallet Address: swth1cqu53xzn6k0t5v48g5wydy2r9ppxv7jhrv3x7n - Managed by: Switcheo Labs *** Following the cancellation of CIP-35 due to changes in partner proposals, an on-chain vote is being held for Carbon governance to formally approve - Addition of $ampLUNA for lending and as collateral on Nitron - Allocation of SDF funds to co-incentivize activities with Eris Protocol, at the team’s discretion Voting ‘YES’ on this proposal indicates consent to - Enable $ampLUNA for lending and as collateral on Nitron - Allocate the proposed SDF funds for co-incentivization activities with Eris Protocol, at the team’s discretion This proposal is initiated by the Switcheo Labs team, in collaboration with Eris Protocol.

Proposer:@R93ax on Telegram The proposal text is here: https://commonwealth.im/carbon-protocol/discussion/11247-relayer-incentives-updated This is an update on the Thread: https://commonwealth.im/carbon-protocol/discussion/9958-relayer-incentives For reference take a look at the link mentioned above, about: Summary, Background, Description and Benefits, Project Roadmap and Risks. The proposal is submitted onchain with these updated terms: -The proposal is a community pool spend from the SDF, to incentivize the proposer's relayer activity. -The requested budget is $65 equivalent in SWTH per month, for each relayed chain. -The community pool spend requested is 1M SWTH. -The estimated budget is going to incentivize (at current price) 6 months of relaying for 20 chains connected to Carbon. -The initial chains are going to be 10: Osmosis, Cosmoshub, Evmos, Juno, Axelar, Kujira, Sommelier, Stafihub, Stride, Terra2. -Subsequent chains to be added will be decided by Switcheo Labs -The funds requested are going into an escrow wallet owned by Intsol Community Staking: swth1yyepjpjsrve6vy6l77nk88dtts8la9r3kpy3jz -Payments are due at the beginning of each month, accounting for how many chains are going to be relayed in that month. Final considerations: The requested budget is calculated for 20 chains, but currently 10 chains are needed. This means that the budget could last more than 6 months. Another important factor is that the payout is the SWTH equivalent of $65. In the event of an increasing price of SWTH, the budget could last for more than 6 months. (obviously the opposite is also true). Another important consideration mentioned in the initial draft proposal is that this incentive can be canceled for any reason and at any time by Switcheo Labs and the funds returned to the community pool. The text of this proposal has been kept schematic and concise for clarity. For further details see the linked text of the initial proposal. Any suggestion, improvement, feedback of the proposal is welcome, let's discuss about it on telegram: -Carbon SWTH Lounge-

[Summary] Carbon's money market is a decentralized financial platform that allows users to lend, borrow, or liquidate funds without requiring permission. It is non-custodial, meaning that users have control of their own funds. The platform also offers liquidity mining rewards, which are proposed and decided upon by the community. This proposal seeks approval from the community to delegate some of the funds previously granted from the Switcheo Development Fund (SDF) to offer 121,902 of $SWTH in rewards in to the $USDT lending pool on Nitron for a month. The purpose of this is to promote the use and adoption of USDT in Demex and Nitron. [Motivation] $USDT is one of the largest stablecoins in crypto in terms of market cap and number of users. Allowing USDT to be lent out and used as collateral, would attract users who hold USDT to lend them out and use as collateral on Nitron in order to other activities on Demex. Incentivizing such as a popular crypto asset would also attract more users and TVL to flow into Demex to perform activities such as minting USC and swapping into USD to trade on Demex, or directly borrowing USD to trade on Demex. Additionally, USDT will also be enabled for e-mode on Nitron, and this will further encourage users to lend out and use USDT as collateral to borrow other stablecoins such as USC and USD. The increase in activities will in turn generate higher network and trading fees as well, which are distributed to $SWTH stakers as part of protocol rewards. Higher protocol rewards may motivate more users to hold and accumulate $SWTH. [Description] This proposal seeks community approval to delegate a total of 121,902 SWTH (~$500) rewards from the SDF to the $USDT lending pool when the pool is enabled on Nitron for one month. [Risks] • Low eventual traction could result in incentives being under-utilized. If passed, the rewards will be allocated accordingly via admin-key from the backend when the USDT lending pool is supported on Nitron. This proposal is initiated by the Switcheo Labs team.

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