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1,136,433,386 LUNA

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885,418,466 LUNA

Supply (1,136,433,386 LUNA) Unwithdrawn Validators Commission (1,052,540 LUNA) Unclaimed Staking Rewards (52,654,513 LUNA) Locked Community Tokens (197,307,867 LUNA) Locked Vesting Tokens (0 LUNA)

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0% of SUPPLY

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0% of SUPPLY

For now there were no vesting accounts found in Terra2 network.

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226,521,706 LUNA

Locked Community Tokens

197,307,867 LUNA

17.36% of SUPPLY

Unlocked Community Tokens

29,213,839 LUNA

2.57% of SUPPLY

Unlocking of LUNA tokens from community pool

Following the successful passing of the Text Proposal 880, this Community Spend Proposal is put forth to successfully execute a transfer from the community pool into the designated multi-sig of the Emergency Council (prop 446) - terra1exqfh9ahyzm9g8z3ce57eyuxx72vem63utepjsf6stqtrztyz58spaf8ew, so that the vesting conditions set on Prop 880 are met. This is a procedural motion to implement the already approved governance decision. More Info: After this passes, the 5 multi-sig controllers will transfer 50% of the funds upfront as per the conditions set previously (prop 880) to the team's wallet: terra15w7ntdhcyfce3twyj5s73gm536q7vn8yf5vp6n, and with the remaining 50% distributed based on the approved vesting schedule per Emergency Allocation guidelines.

This community pool spend proposal is to deliver freely available, curated Terra 2.0 data tables - enabling it to be queried by builders and analysts for dashboards, insights, and application development. MetricsDAO will provide basic analytics that show key on-chain metrics. With this data, we will also educate the community on how to level up their SQL skills and onboard more analysts to the Terra 2.0 ecosystem. 90% of this proposal will be allocated to data curation and warehousing costs, and 10% to a pilot of an analytics bounty program. Half of the total grant will go directly into the hands of the community via payments for data curation and participation in the analytics bounty pilot. MetricsDAO has developed partnerships with leading teams across the ecosystem, including NEAR, Uniswap, Harmony, Aave, Messari, OlympusDAO, and many others. A "YES" vote will signal funding support for this team and project, and the amount requested as defined on the Agora post. Read the full proposal here:

This community fund spend proposal is to support the development of, and create a subsidization pool for the Entropy Beacon. The Entropy Beacon is an open-source and community-owned source of secure random number generation on-chain. This funding proposal will establish a subsidization pool to make the beacon easy to use, as well as provide funding for continued development. For more details, see the Agora post:

This Community Pool spend proposal seeks to airdrop LUNA to users who did not receive the correct allocation of LUNA at Genesis due to technical constraints or issues associated with indexing. A vote “YES” will signal support for this token allocation from the Community Pool. Agora:

PFC is asking for 20k Luna to build a social KYC protocol, where protocols (and NFT projects and people) can use their twitter handle to identify themselves. This can also be used as a ENS-type thing, but with your twitter handle. The 20k will go to the tech, operations, and marketing of the product for the first year, and we intend to be self-sufficient after this discussion is available here - If the grant goes through, we commit to not charge #Lunatics for the first year of operation

This community pool spend proposal is to deliver Genie — a platform that allows projects to meaningfully segment wallets based on historic wallet behaviour, and then incentivise them through rewards. Projects can leverage Genie to achieve use cases such as Targeted Marketing, Retargeting, Vampire attacks, Loyalty Programs and more. The community benefits as users get rewarded based on their onchain activities and loyalty. 60% of the funds will be sent upfront upon the passing of the proposal and the remaining 40% will only be distributed after the public beta is launched. A “Yes” vote signals support for the proposal and the team’s scope according to what is defined on the Agora post:

Capapult: an over-collateralized and fully decentralized soft- pegged stablecoin on Terra. This fund proposal to the community aims to support Capapult’s goals. The main objective of Capapult is to create a decentralized stablecoin accessible to anyone and without constraints. To achieve this goal the team has come up with a dual solution: $SOLID, an over-collateralized and fully decentralized softpegged stablecoin currently on Terra and $CAPA, the governance Token for Capapult, used to make and vote proposals. Catapult is a community based project that is based on the pillars of transparency, decentralization and trust. The $190,000 worth of LUNA requested will be divided as follows: - $100,000 to be distributed once the protocol is live on mainnet - $40,000 to be distributed upfront to be audited - $30,000 to be distributed after the releasing of new products - $10,000 to be distributed upfront for marketing campaign - $10,000 to be distributed with a 3-month release schedule to pay gas fees for oracle A 'Yes' vote indicates support for the proposal and Capapult's goals as defined in the Agora post:

This is a proposal to fund the proactive approach to security benefiting the Terra community, leveraging the expertise and position of SCV. Continuously helping all projects and software within Terra's ecosystem by: - proactively identifying risks on Terra’s software stack; - coordinating vulnerability disclosures and remediations; - actively monitoring external surface for vulnerabilities; - providing security awareness, training and guidance. In a nutshell, at SCV, We combine high end security research with a real world attacker mentality approach to reduce risks, fortifying code and implementations for the entire Terra perimeter and software stack for Terra. The funding would be required to sponsor vulnerability research, small hackathons and continuously scaling our proactive security work dedicated for Terra and on-chain projects. The SCV team is asking 550k Lunas or ~ 900k USD worth from the community pool to bootstrap and scale what is described in this proposal. Note that SCV is a registered company and all considerations were based before tax. For more details, please vide to:

TFM builds first-in-class trading and analytics tooling to drive the growth of ecosystem wide liquidity consumption. Through a single interface we deliver a fast growing portfolio of integrated products foundational to Terra and ready to drive new growth through Feather partner integrations. Having partnered with TFL to bring TFM-powered swaps to TerraStation, we look forward to increased collaboration with TFL across Terra and Feather partner chains. This grant is to continue building: LP Management Terminal, NFT Aggregator, Limit order development, LSD/Refraction aggregation & Feather Integrations. As part of this proposal, 15% of fees generated from not only Terra but also any Feather chain will be used to buy back LUNA and allocate back to the community pool. Please visit for more details -

Contro is a highly innovative DEX protocol that enables scalable prediction and futures markets for the first time in the history of blockchains. Responding to increasing demand for safe, fair and accessible betting markets, it has the capacity to generate large amount of fee income, 10% of which will be used to buy LUNA to give back to the community pool in perpetuity. Contro is going to create new opportunities for a large number of inflowing users and visibility beyond the crypto world by providing the most trustworthy source of aggregated collective knowledge on a variety of topics. Only half of the grant (280,000 LUNA) will be given to the team upfront. The vesting of the second half is conditioned on the release of the MVP and controlled by a 4 of 5 multisig with 4 independent and informed members of the community.   Please visit for details.

ERIS is a liquid staking and slow burn arbitrage protocol. We will provide the Terra community with a product suite for a stable LSD economy, a fair delegation and governance framework and a Liquid Staking Derivative Liquidity Hub on Terra. Over the last six months we have built: Amplifier, Amp Extractor, Amp Compounder, Manual Arb We would like to continue building and shipping with our focus on Terra and are requesting 312,500 LUNA (@ $1.60 = $500,000) for finishing the product portfolio around our LSD. The $500,000 will be used as follows: $100,000 for audits $35,000 for marketing $15,000 for infrastructure $350,000 for salaries The funds will be payed out to a 4-out-of-5 community multi-signature wallet and be distributed milestone based. Milestone 0: With passing of the proposal Milestone 1: Launch of Amp Governance Milestone 2: Launch of Arb Repeater Milestone 3: Integration of Warp Protocol With passing of the proposal 50% of the funding will be paid out to cover audits, marketing, infrastructure and a small part of salaries. The remaining 50% will start vesting when all milestones are reached. The vesting will span over 10 months. More information can be found in the agora discussion:

We are proposing to spend 93k$ for auditing the Cavern Protocol platform. We are asking a little more Luna (ratio of 1.94 $/Luna as we write the proposal) to account for Luna price volatility. This amount covers the price of the audit if Luna stays above 1.7$/Luna (-12%). All funds above the 93k$ price mark will be refunded to the Community pool as soon as the audit has been paid in full. Those funds will NEVER go to any of the personal or professional wallets of those people/organizations. They will ONLY be used to pay for the platform audit. The destination is a multisig controlled by the most of the Cavern Protocol Governance team : - Sergio from Hermes Protocol - Rebel Defi (TFM, Orbital Command) - Vini from SCV - Cavern Person from Cavern Protocol More info and discussion :

The proposal aims to incentivize the LUNA-USK pair on Kujira's BOW with 10,000 LUNA until 17/04/2023. The Kujira Operational Fund has already incentivized the pair with 4500 KUJI for the period between 18/01/23 and 17/04/2023 and will match the 10,000 LUNA with KUJI(USD value). Read more here:

As discussed in this proposal is to audit the boneLuna suite of contracts. We believe in good security hygiene, and as such, we believe we should re-audit our codebase on a regular basis, to ensure our systems still up to date with the latest good security practices, and the people using our systems are in good hands. In order to do so we are asking the Terra community for ~35k USD of Luna to fund this. The funds will go directly to the audit provider. We have selected SCV to lead this audit. SCV has conducted previous audits on this codebase, and are quite familiar with liquid staking, and have audited our contracts before. If this proposal is successful, SCV commits to converting the Luna to USDC, and refunding any different back to the community pool

The Lion DAO was created to test, demonstrate & promote - the automated, no-code DAO creation tool recently launched on Terra by TFL. Alongside this, we aim to showcase the various tools & protocols that Terra has to offer through partnerships & integrations. Finally, we want to support the Terra Builders' strategy of showcasing the power of Cosmos & IBC. This proposal requests 50,000 LUNA to be transferred to the Lion DAO treasury in order for the DAO to be able to demonstrate & implement various DeFi strategies using LUNA both on-chain & interchain across the Cosmos. We have an opportunity to continue to promote and bring attention to the Terra blockchain by granting a LUNA allocation to the Lion DAO treasury that can be used to demonstrate both the power of & the utility of LUNA both on-chain and beyond. This can also serve as an example to builders that if they come and build on Terra & generate some activity there’s a path to community pool funding where needed. For full details of the Lion DAO proposal please see here: If this proposal is approved - we will deploy an additional 25Bn (2.5% of total supply, 5% of circulating supply) of the DAO governance token as an airdrop via a Coinhall Genie campaign on top of the 50Bn that was already distributed through that methodology. Full details on the airdrop criteria TBC. is a platform that archives, and makes freely accessible, crypto-focused discussions covering hundreds of DeFi and NFT protocols, projects, and ecosystems. We initially started as an effort to archive Terra Twitter spaces that were being missed, but over the past year have evolved into a multichain, chain agnostic, searchable repository, along with an editing, archiving, and audio show podcast production studio. Find the Agora post here: We are requesting $80,000 USD (63,500 Luna at the time of this writing) in funding from the Terra community pool for a one-year service contract to cover the costs associated with maintaining and improving the platform. The Luna will go directly into the TerraSpaces wallet, and used to pay monthly costs for continued service, upkeep and to help evolve the platform. Thank you all so much for your participation!

Confio is one of the core development teams in the cosmos ecosystem. They build and maintain the smart contract subsection (among other things). This proposal will help them continue this by funding them with ~60,000USD/month. (which is ~20% of their total monthly spend). More information on:

Neptune Finance offers a lending platform that uses a PID controller to reactively adapt to changing markets. The Neptune team is requesting a community fund reimbursement for a security audit conducted by Oak Security to secure the Neptune DeFi Bank smart contracts. The reimbursed funds will be used to further develop the platform. The cost of the audit is $45,000 USD. The team is requesting 63,000 LUNA from the community fund and pledges to return any amount that exceeds the request. The audit is completed and the findings have been addressed. Read the full Agora post for more information and to find a link to the completed security audit. Thank you all for your support

Please disregard the previous submission. There was a typo in the amount requested. This is the official vote. Thank you for your understanding. Attention LUNAtics! Backbone Labs and Eris Protocol present an exciting proposal for the Terra Community, uniting 4 of the most active projects in our space. Join us in injecting 5m $LUNA tokens into ampLUNA-LUNA and bLUNA-LUNA LPs on White Whale and Astroport. TLDR-Proposal: 2.5m LUNA per LST bLUNA-LUNA liquidity deployed to WhiteWhale (100%) ampLUNA-LUNA liquidity deployed to WhiteWhale and Astroport (50:50) This injection of on-chain liquidity, will fuel growth, enhance $LUNA's value, and generate returns for the community pool fund. Today, we have the chance to be part of something extraordinary. Together, we can revitalize the ecosystem and spearhead innovations that empower the Terra community. Let's shape the future of decentralized finance and unleash the full potential of Terra DeFi! For your viewing pleasure If you have benefitted from the work of these projects or identify with our mission of LUNA's resurrection, please consider supporting us during this time. *For a full breakdown and the evolution of this proposal please refer to:

Proposed by Ray Raspberry, Y-Foundry Contributor # Summary Y-Foundry revolutionizes project funding and asset escrow through a trust-less, automated smart contract platform operated by the Y-Foundry community. Approval of this proposal will provide funding to develop an expanded governance framework on the Y-Foundry platform allowing $LUNA to be used for Y-Foundry DAO governance on Terra. $LUNA holders will be able to participate as members of Y-Foundry using their $LUNA tokens. Also included in the proposal is funding is business development support to mentor and on-board 15 projects / proposals through the Y-Foundry Community Support / Funding system on Terra from idea through the development phase. ## Objective To integrate the LUNA token within the Y-Foundry smart contracts and UI to allow $LUNA to be staked for Y-Foundry governance permissions and for participation of funding proposals on the platform. ## Funds Breakdown 31,818 LUNA - 2.5 months Smart Contract Refactoring + Testing ($17,500 USD at $0.55 per 1 LUNA) 15,454 LUNA - 2 Month UI/UX Development ($8,500 USD) 13,500 LUNA - On-boarding and promotion support for 15 project proposals ## Methodology ### Token Whitelisting ### Locked LUNA Funding and Governance Mechanism ### Token Pool Monitoring ## Milestones Milestone details are available on Agora due to limitations of text in on-chain proposal submissions. ## Detailed Summary and Deliverables available on Agora:

Beefy and GOGO Protocol were not included but qualified for the airdrop to former classic asset holders, this proposal seeks to remedy that. Please see for further details on this proposal.

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479,721,869 LUNA

42.21% of SUPPLY

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18,887,140 LUNA

1.66% of SUPPLY


53,707,053 LUNA

Unclaimed Staking Rewards

52,654,513 LUNA

4.63% of SUPPLY

Unwithdrawn Validators Commission

1,052,540 LUNA

0.09% of SUPPLY

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